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Monday, August 18, 2014

Baseball Tees

John Marine | 9:34 PM | | |
A raglan baseball T-shirt can be a nice top to wear for casual days. These are unisex shirts that usually either have cap sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or even long sleeves. They provide a tomboyish touch for females who wear these shirts. If you are into these casual and cool T-shirts, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this blog post. So let's get started with another "StyleSpace by JBM" post!

NOTE: I am referring to these as raglan baseball T-shirts, instead of just raglan tees or baseball tees, even though the shirts I am referring to are often called baseball tees. I am also using "baseball T-shirts" to avoid confusion of baseball tees, as in tees used for baseball.

--- Raglan Baseball Tees ---

raglan baseball tee
^ from: - This picture demonstrates the casual charm of raglan baseball tees.

When it comes to feminine raglan tees, I tend to like cap sleeve and elbow-sleeve baseball tees. What I tend to like is how feminine and fitting baseball tees are on females. These two-tone tee shirts go nicely with any number of casual bottoms. Baseball T-shirts are very casual and offer loads of casual appeal. Even if you don't like sports (let alone baseball- I'm personally not really into baseball), you can at least admire how cool these shirts are to wear. Most of these raglan baseball tees are two-tone T-shirts. More fashionable baseball tees have a variety of patterns and designs to them. They may even have (especially among feminine baseball tees) details such as ruching or ruffles.

Styling options are purely up to you. For me, I've long envisioned for females a white raglan baseball tee with red elbow-length sleeves, a pair of beige or tan short shorts (not denim jean shorts), and some linen/oat boat shoes. Another feminine look would be pairing an elbow-length raglan baseball tee with some cropped cuffed jeans and some metallic sandals. For us guys, a baseball tee with either some cargo shorts or some jeans and some sneakers is a good style. It's purely up to you on how to style these raglan baseball T-shirts.

For the record, I don't own any raglan baseball T-shirts. I am just discussing how I think they look. Next section...

--- Raglan Baseball Tees: Examples ---

Here are some examples of various baseball tees. Check it (hover your mouse over the item to learn its product name as I put this post together):

cap sleeve baseball tee
^ from: - Cap-sleeve baseball tee. This is tomboy style with a girly twist.

elbow sleeve baseball tee female
^ from: - Elbow-sleeve baseball tee. These are often the most common baseball tees you will see.

elbow sleeve baseball tee male
^ from: - Here is another elbow-sleeve baseball tee, worn by a male this time.

long sleeve baseball tee
^ from: - This is an example of a long-sleeve baseball tee.

feminine baseball tee
^ from: - Here is an example of a feminine baseball T-shirt. Note the cutout shoulders in the design of this tee.

Now you know what these raglan baseball tees are like.

--- Raglan Baseball Tees: Final Thoughts ---

Baseball tees are very cool to wear and see be worn. For males, these are some simply cool shirts to wear and pair with any number of casual outfits. For females, they can be boyish but also unworldly cute. Some of the more fitted baseball tees can actually be a bit flirty and even sexy to wear. Explore the possibilities and enjoy the appeal of baseball tees. And remember- you don't even have to love baseball or softball to enjoy the style these T-shirts provide.

--- Raglan Baseball Tees Online ---

Do you like raglan baseball tees? You can get your own online by looking at this widget below. Feel free to look around and find one (or more) that you like! I would appreciate your business if you found something you liked here. And remember- shopping is always voluntary. I am not forcing you to shop around for any material. This is simply for you all to find material for you to enjoy based on relevant material you've read here. So have a look around:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

For females:

For males:

Other Sources...

More ways to get yourself a baseball tee or two. Have a look around. These shirts are mostly unisex. However, I had to divide some of these up to cater to males and females separately:

raglan baseball tees on Amazon

baseball tee shirts on eBay (men) and baseball tee shirts on eBay (women)
baseball tees on Shopbop (women only)
baseball tees on NORDSTROM
baseball tees on

Happy shopping! :)

What do you think? Discussion:

How do you feel about raglan baseball tees?

There isn't much more to discuss here. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found something enjoyable about it. Please take care of yourself and be well. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I like raglan/baseball style tees. I have one I bought in NYC that I really love. It's a comfortable, cute, and casual look for male or females!


John Marine said...

I love baseball style tees, I have many tees in such style and I would love to buy some more because they look cute <3 Nice topic John <3 Have a nice day <3

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