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Friday, August 15, 2014

Maxis With Wedge Sneakers

John Marine | 9:27 PM | | |
I am not in love with wedge sneakers like other fashionistas. However, I do try to at least be somewhat interested. I recently began to think about styling wedge sneakers. One style I thought of long ago was pairing wedge sneakers with maxi dresses. Recently on LOOKBOOK, I saw someone pair a maxi dress with wedge sneakers. That inspired me to discuss this style exercise. Does it work? Can it be stylish? The style exercise of a maxi skirt/dress with wedge sneakers is the focal point of this blog post.

Because I had initially intended this to be about maxi dresses with wedge sneakers, I decided to include both maxi skirts and maxi dresses into the same discussion.

--- Maxis With Wedge Sneakers ---

Let's talk. Here are thoughts of mine on combining these two items.

The Maxi Skirt and/or Maxi Dress.

The long and flowing appeal of maxi skirts and dresses offer comfort and airy appeal to those who wear them. Even us guys know nothing makes a female feel beautiful than by wearing a dress, and maxi dresses are no different. Both maxi skirts and and maxi dresses have their own flowing appeal. They are airy and stylish. Only disadvantage to these would mostly apply to maxis perhaps overwhelming the proportions of petites.

The Wedge Sneakers.

Girly appeal... and even add a little height. These are sneakers that are what most dream of- a pair of girly sneakers with some charm. It's all the appeal of average wedge heel shoes complimented with a sneaker design. I still dislike most wedge sneakers- especially the hidden wedge sneakers that are so trendy these days. However, fashionistas still love them.

Really, there are certain wedge sneakers that I just don't like all that much in how they are styled and how they look. I try to keep myself open. Sadly, there aren't too many I really like.

Maxis + Wedge Sneakers = ???

Quintessential girliness. You get the combination of something airy and feminine like a maxi skirt or maxi dress paired with the appeal of wearing comfortable heels that wedges provide.

Now let's combine the two- the loveliness of maxi skirts and dresses with the casual and girly appeal wedge sneakers provide. Will you be the most stylish girl in the area? It depends on both items. Are you going to pair

Maxi + Wedge Sneakers Demonstration.

Here is a LOOKBOOK example of pairing a maxi skirt or a maxi dress with wedge sneakers. In this case, this is a maxi dress with wedge sneakers:

"Looking Bright Hot" (LOOKBOOK)

And here is a Polyvore set I created a LONG time ago:

Maxi Dress With Wedge Sneakers

Topshop dress
$30 -

Rock & Candy black shoes
$75 -

You now have a little perspective on maxis with wedge sneakers.

Now that I've unpacked both items, it's time to think about the look of maxis with wedge sneakers.

--- Maxi with Wedge Sneakers: Final Thoughts ---

There is no denying the beauty of a maxi skirt or (especially) a maxi dress. But when you want to be casual or sporty with a maxi, what else can't be denied is the girly appeal wedge footwear provides- especially wedge sneakers. I am just not really a sneakers person in regards to feminine fashion. In the sense of wedge sneakers, a lot of the wedge sneakers most females are fond of just don't look all that appealing to me or just aren't appealing enough for me to like them. If there were more stylish and cute wedge sneakers, I'd like them more. I do try to open myself up to other styles and seek exceptions to styles I dislike rather than viciously discriminate against certain styles. I still prefer a maxi with wedge shoes or sandals (or even boots) a lot more than I would wedge sneakers. Despite this, there are some exceptions to the wedge sneaker rule for me.

If you're going to try to pair a maxi skirt/dress with wedge sneakers, be sure to find items to compliment your style. Put your own unique personality and spin on the maxi skirt/dress and the wedge sneakers.

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That concludes this blog post.

--- Maxis and Wedge Sneakers Online ---

Want a maxi skirt or maxi dress? Want to score some wedge sneakers? This section is for you! Your involvement here is voluntary, of course meaning you don't have to take part in this section if you don't want to. I would, however, appreciate your business if you did find something you like here. I appreciate my loyal audience who help support me and my work in any way possible.

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Only one source here- ShopStyle by POPSUGAR:

For Maxi Dresses:

For Maxi Skirts:

For Wedge Sneakers:

Other Sources...

More ways to get your fix of maxis and wedge sneakers...

maxi skirts on Amazon, maxi dresses on Amazon, and wedge sneakers on Amazon

maxi skirts on eBay, maxi dresses on eBay, and wedge sneakers on eBay

maxi skirts on Shopbop, maxi dresses on Shopbop, and wedge sneakers on Shopbop

maxi dresses on, maxi skirts on, and wedge sneakers on

maxi dresses on, maxi skirts on, and wedge sneakers on

Or for just the wedge sneakers, peep these footwear specialists:
wedge sneakers on DSW
wedge sneakers on

Happy shopping to all of you!

Discussion time! What I want to know is...

Would you wear wedge sneakers to go with a maxi skirt or a maxi dress? If you have, what do you think about this style combination?

Rock your style! Be proud with it! I hope you enjoyed this post and my blog(s). Feel free to Subscribe and Follow if you haven't already. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

It's a great style, I would love to wear maxi with sneaker! It can give a different style. Nice post John as always! Have a nice weekend <3

John Marine said...

I'm personally not a huge fan of wedge sneakers, ,but I do understand the appeal of some of them. You get the comfort of a sneaker with the extra height of a wedge. It gives a sportier/funkier vibe to looks rather than girly/feminine.

I don't have any shoes of this style and am not likely to purchase any (never say never); however, I would be very inclined to wear wedge sneakers with a maxi dress or skirt. I have worn wedge booties with maxi dresses, and I really liked the look (and feel).


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