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Monday, August 18, 2014

Laceless Sneakers

John Marine | 11:09 PM | | |
(UPDATED: July 31, 2017)

Many love sneakers. What's cool about them? They are casual and cool. What may not be so cool? You have to lace them up tight and make sure they're laced up. Or... you can go laceless! Slip-on sneakers can be either slip-on styles or are those fastened with velcro straps. Believe it or not, this was to be a post for "John's Blog Space"- LONG before I came up with my fashion blog you're reading right now. So welcome to yet another exclusive StyleSpace blog post of mine. This one involves laceless sneakers.


JUL 31 2017 - multiple edits

Laceless Sneakers

Let me start you off with many pictures to set the mood of this blog post:

slip on sneakers
^ from: - Vans make some of the most popular slip-on sneakers today. This is one of the pairs from the famous maker.

slip- on sneakers men
^ from: - Here is another pair of Vans slip-on sneakers; this time, for men.

laceless sneakers
^ from: - Even though it appears these sneakers have laces, they actually are laceless.

skimmer sneakers
^ from: - Skimmer sneakers are like a middle ground between ballet flats and sneakers. They are technically sneakers by their design.

Most of this blog post pertains to slip-on sneakers, but it's about laceless sneakers for a reason. So I present this next set of pictures:

velcro sneakers
^ from: - Who needs laces when you can go velcro? They catch on- even for those who adore certain wedge sneakers.

buckle sneakers
^ from: - These sneakers are secured with buckles. Buckles provide a rather tough style.

zipper sneakers
^ from: - These sneakers are secured with a front zipper.

laceless wedge sneakers
^ from: - Wedge sneakers need laceless loving too This picture is simply provided as a diversion from the other sneakers featured in these pictures.

No matter what kind of sneakers tickle your fancy, there are sneakers you'll be pleased to know don't require laces to be fastened. Laceless sneakers simply allow you to enjoy the appeal and character of sneakers without needing laces. They can be easy to get in and out of and don't cause much a fussbudget to walk around in. All you need to do with some of these laceless sneakers is to simply put them on and go. And of course, don't forget going with a good outfit to go with your kicks, but I'm sure you already know that.

In the case of Vans-style slip-on sneakers, the sneakers from the skate lifestyle brand have been immensely popular. Many of those slip-on sneakers have been solid colored or adorned with various patterns and artwork. I especially saw these sneakers be popular mostly in the mid-2000s for both males and females. They are still primarily popular today.

Actual fact about me- I didn't learn to tie my shoes properly until I was about 13. Most of the shoes I was wearing were velcro sneakers! Velcro is so easy to put on and take off. The ease of use is what made me enjoy velcro sneakers for what they were.

Was this enough laceless love for you all? I have just a bit more to discuss on these sneakers in the next section, so please keep reading!

Laceless Sneakers: Final Thoughts

If you enjoy the comfort of sneakers but dislike having to keep tying them up or making sure they're tight, try laceless sneakers. Such sneakers have the same sort of appeal as their laced counterparts, but you won't have to worry about trying to keep them together as much as you would. These sneakers can be just as cool as laced sneakers. If you love sneakers but don't want to keep having to lace them up, go buy yourself some laceless sneakers and rock your style!

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Thank all of you for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. The next section is completely optional for you to participate in.

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Other Sources...

Either laceless sneakers and/or slip-on sneakers are what I attempted to find for all of you. Items featured include sneakers for males and females of various ages and sizes unless otherwise noted. As a small note, I've had better luck searching "slip-on sneakers" than I have with "laceless sneakers." So if you really like slip-on sneakers, I suggest you look up the "slip-on sneakers" I found for you in these links below. Take a look at these links and purchase anything that interests you:

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Happy shopping, and thank you for supporting my work!

I've had my say. Now, it's your turn to sound off. Pertaining to this topic...

Are you fond of laceless sneakers? Do you maybe enjoy them more than proper lace-up sneakers?

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John Marine said...

Cool choice!

John Marine said...

I like some lace-less sneakers. Like everything else, some work well, some less so. I can definitely see their appeal. I like shoes that are easy to take on and off. :-)


John Marine said...

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Love all it..
Thanks for this Post
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