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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Change of Heart

John Marine | 12:43 AM |
You may like things you've hated previously. You may even hate things you've previously loved. These things happen in fashion and certainly in life and society. You will find something to like or find a way to like something after a while. You may have certain exceptions to fashions or looks you've disliked previously. It happens to all of us, and it is completely natural. This blog post is just a commentary piece regarding eventually liking certain fashions and fashion styles.

--- Change of Heart ---

Let me begin with a quote just for fun:

"You... change your mind... like a girl... changes clothes."

-lyrics to "Hot 'n Cold" by Katy Perry

There will be times in fashion where you dislike trends and garments. Then at one point, you begin to think differently and have a change of heart. It is a natural occurance and nothing to be ashamed of.

Change of Heart: Styles I've Disliked Before.

Let me give you an example of having a change of heart about fashion. Did you know that I absolutely hated peep-toe boots and peep-toe booties previously? I thought it was stupid to have boots- indicative of cold weather- to have a peep-toe design or some cutout design. I thought then that boots shouldn't have peep-toe designs unless you want sweaty feet or something. And why would you want to wear such boots in cold weather? Those were all thoughts I previously had in regards to peep-toe boots. I eventually adored peep-toe boots as much as I did any average peep-toe shoes.

Did you also know that I hated the look of tucking jean legs or pant legs into boots? I thought the only people who should tuck legs into boots are those who are in areas where it is tough to walk around in or soldiers. I long debated this look on an online message board until I eventually gotten to love the jeans/pants-in-boots look. Now, I tend to think jeans/pants tucked into boots is actually quite fabulous, especially if the wearer is sporting a fabulous pair of boots.

One more example I'll provide is skinny jeans. I just failed to find any reason to care about skinny jeans, even for curvy types. It was at one point that I loved skinny jeans especially when worn with a hot pair of pumps or boots. I became fond with the look of skinny jeans with a deliciously chic pair of platform pumps. Same applies for skinny jeans with a hot pair of sandals or boots.

You're going to love and hate various styles. At least I shown you examples of styles I've disliked but eventually liked. It goes to show you how honest I am as well as my willingness to be open to finding something positive to anything I dislike.

Don't Know Until You Try.

Some fashionable types try out certain trends and looks every now and then. They may even try certain trends or outfits they normally wouldn't wear. I'll leave the blogger's name undisclosed, but there is one blogger I follow whom disliked rompers/playsuits until she eventually found one she liked and showcased in a blog post. She since have put together a few different outfit posts with rompers/playsuits.

Change of Heart: From Hate to Love.

Much like I try to be a fan of different kinds of music, I feel I have to open myself to all sorts of fashions and fashion trends to qualify myself as "fashionable." I can't always be drawn to girly or glamourous fashions all the time. I even love a good edgy outfit or even something whimsical. Same goes for a nice casual outfit. Sometimes with trends and looks I dislike, I try to find something to enjoy about it or always be open to variations of certain trends or looks just to avoid being so picky and discriminatory regarding trends. For example, while I am not in love with wedge sneakers, I do open myself to certain wedge sneakers so that I can find some exclusions to a trend or style I mostly dislike.

Change of Heart: From Love to Hate.

What about the other way around? You could be someone who loves Bohemian-type fashion, but you may have gone from loving it to being over it because of the trend being all played out. You may like certain dark styles but later hate dark fashion styles because it went mainstream or whatever. For example, you get upset that more mainstream types are wearing rock band T-shirts with combat boots rather than those who actually live and breathe the rock music culture.

No matter what styles or fashions you like or dislike, you are free to have any sort of change of heart eventually regarding trends and outfits.

--- Change of Heart: Final Thoughts ---

It helps to have some kind of open heart when it comes to trends and fashions. Everyone eventually will find something to like about certain items and styles. It shows you are at least open to trying to find something positive and something you love to diversify your interests. You are going to love things you initially hated. You may even hate things you previously loved. Fashions and fashion trends are subject to love and hate as just about anything in any aspect of life. Keep your options open and feel free to feel however you wish about anything in fashion. And regardless of whatever in fashion you like or dislike, it's no big deal- they are just clothes!

Here's your chance to take part in a little discussion.

Were there any fashions or trends you loved/hated previously but eventually hated/loved?

You are more than welcome to respond to this discussion question or even share your thoughts on this topic. Your opinion(s) is/are valuable. Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I change my mind quite often...and often it is the case of loving something when I see someone rocking it...I usually still don't wear that questionable something I was skeptical about (for example wedges) but I love to see it on others. I remember I wasn't too crazy about rompers myself...but I guess I changed my mind....and I didn't use to wear sneakers (or I would only for jogging) but my husband influenced me because he likes the sporty style (and that was before it became fashionable)

as for other way around...Well, there is only one thing that I can think of...when I was in high-school I remember wearing low rise jeans (thought not nearly as low rise as they make them now) with cropped tops...I would never wear that now. I guess when I was younger I felt that if I had abs why not show them? Now I prefer the high rise jeans (and everything else) much comfortable!

John Marine said...

I have had a change of heart about several styles over the years. I used to dislike navy, and now I'm really loving it. I also wasn't a huge fan of skinny jeans/pants, but now I actually wore them more than other pants. There are other styles I've wavered on too, but these are the only ones coming to mind right now.

Fun post! :-)


John Marine said...

great post :)

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