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Monday, September 8, 2014

Birkenstock-Style Sandals

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The Birkenstock flatbed sandals trend has caught on among many a fashionista. Many people know of Birkenstocks for their flatbed sandals. Flatbed sandals are very likely comfortable sandals to wear and are mostly simplistic in design. The monsters created by Germany's Birkenstocks are taking over the fashion landscape, destroying everything in sight like Godzilla in full rage. Thing is, are they stylish enough that even a fellow like myself can approve of them? What do you think about flatbed sandals? All will be answered and discussed here in this post on "StyleSpace by JBM."

NOTE: This blog is NOT a post about Birkenstock. However, Birkenstock is a big part of what I am trying to discuss in this blog post.

--- Flatbed Sandals ---

Here is an example of the kind of sandals I will be discussing in this blog post:

Birkenstock flatbed sandals
^ from: - Sandals like these from Birkenstock are the topic of discussion here. Do you love or loathe these sandals?

The comfort of sandals lend themselves to open-air comfort. Whether with flat or flatform bases, sandals such as these from Birkenstock (and of knockoffs) offer casual comfort to go with various outfits. The trend these days is on these more manly-looking sandals. Or, which some people nickname as "mandals." The flatbed sandals I mostly had in mind are these sandals with mostly two big straps with buckles securing them. You could say these sandals provide a tomboyish touch if you want to think of flatbed sandals in this sense. Perhaps the one designer most people can refer to with flatbed sandals is Birkenstock. Some would even say Birkenstock is to flatbed sandals as Dr. Martens is to combat boots. These are very popular unisex sandals.

When you have such sandals, the next topic is on how to style them. Since these are very casual sandals, don't even think about sporting these with anything formal or even semi-formal. These are sandals meant mostly for casual or lazy day outfits. Almost any sort of casual outfit you can think of will suit you well with these flatbed sandals. They would look so WRONG paired with chic outfits played down casually. For example, flatbed sandals would look horrible with a chic short dress paired with a denim jean jacket. And for goodness sake... PLEASE do not pair these sandals with socks or tights. Choose your outfits wisely in regards to flatbed sandals.

--- Flatbed Sandals Around the Internet ---

Let's see how certain types have styled flatbed sandals. Here are a few examples:

"TRANSPARENT ELEMENTS" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « metallic flatbed sandals with a white/black outfit.
"RETRO!" (serialKlother) « a retro dress with buckle flatbed sandals.
"Open Slits" (Trop Rouge) « cropped top with a mid-length pencil skirt and Birkenstock sandals.
"IT'S MY 19TH B-DAY!" (Ebbazingmark) « white flatbed sandals to compliment a boyfriend jeans outfit.

I only picked out a few posts because these were some of the ones to come to mind as I was preparing this post.

--- Flatbed Sandals: Final Thoughts ---

I can probably see these sandals as comfortable and even retro. However, they look terrible and so NOT stylish. I'm sorry if this offends some of my readers- I am NOT sold on these sandals. If you just want a simple and stylish pair of sandals, even a basic pair of flip-flop/thong sandals or some kind of gladiator thong sandals are much more pleasing to the eye than these Birkenstock-inspired flatbed sandals. A pair of soccer sandals or whatever also look better than these Birkenstock-style flatbed sandals. Heck... even gladiator sandals are better looking than these flatbed sandals, and I loathe most gladiator sandals! I don't see any style to these sandals whatsoever. Comfort notwithstanding, you can have comfort and style in the same package. You're just not going to find style in these sandals, unfortunately. There is even the term "mandals" for those who dislike these sandals because these are kind of like sandals us guys would wear.

There are people who hate Birkenstock for their flatbed sandals in much the same way most people dislike UGG Australia or EMU for their sheepskin boots. I would absolutely not recommend these flatbed sandals or recommend these for any outfit because they just don't look stylish at all to me. It would be foolish for me to say this, but I don't see what's so special about these sandals and why they are even considered stylish, or even why they've become trendy. I don't see the style. I don't see the charm. I just don't see it. I'm sorry.

But then again, I don't make fashion rules or somehow decide on what the next trend(s) are. I am also not any authority on fashion. So it is all up to you to proudly wear these sandals if you adore them.

For More Information...

Since I mentioned Birkenstock a lot, learn more about Birkenstock by visiting

This post is over. Go to the next section or skip it entirely. The next section is for those of you who want to get your own pair of flatbed sandals.

--- Flatbed Sandals Online ---

Maybe you agreed or disagreed of my thoughts on flatbed sandals. Either way, I still try to remain professional despite my opinions of certain fashions. I'll make it up to you if you disagreed with my thoughts on flatbed sandals. How will I do so? This way- offering you the chance to purchase your own flatbed sandals in case you want to shop online. Your business would be appreciated despite the fact this is all voluntary (meaning you don't have to participate if you don't want to). Take a look around and feel free to support my work:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Other Sources...

This blog post is not about Birkenstock sandals, but they are a strong reference to this post. I am featuring this brand because they provide the most relevant results to my post. That's right- I don't randomly post material. I believe strongly in posting quality material while also providing relevant material to accompany whatever I post. So here are more ways to get your flatbed sandal fix:

Birkenstock sandals on Amazon
Birkenstock sandals on eBay
Birkenstock sandals on

Happy shopping (if doing any)!

I've had my say. Now, it's your turn...

Are you fond of flatbed sandals? Why or why not? What do you think about these trendy Birkenstock sandals?

I'd like to thank all of you for helping push this blog to over 90K views all-time. Perhaps it already surpasses 90K views as I posted it. Anyhow, thank you for reading!

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