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Vibram FiveFingers

The Vibram FiveFingers shoes offer barefoot comfort in active functions while not being barefoot at all. These shoes- commonly referred to as "toe-shoes"- are meant to stimulate the feet. They are noted for their five-toe design up front. These are active-type shoes that are told to replicate being barefoot. Only, of course, you're wearing actual shoes. What do I think about these shoes? Find out in this "StyleSpace by JBM" post!

--- Vibram FiveFingers Shoes ---

Don't know what these shoes look like? Here's a look at the shoes I will be discussing in this blog post:

Vibram FiveFiners
^ from: www.amazon.com - The Vibram FiveFingers shoes come in many styles and are meant to stimulate our feet. This pair, for example, is a pair of FiveFingers running shoes for men.

According to the Wikipedia entry on Vibram FiveFingers:

"The footwear is meant to replicate being barefoot and has thin, flexible soles that are contoured to the shape of the human foot, including visible individual sections for the toes."

The FiveFingers (also nicknamed as "toe-shoes") series from Vibram made these shoes to offer a new level of comfort and style when taking part in a number of active functions. They were not designed to be those shoes you want to pair with your awesome casual outfit. They are instead meant as a pair of more-than-capable active shoes. To someone who would seriously loathe wearing or seeing these, and considering these are supposed to be like being barefoot, some people would rather be barefoot than even wear these shoes. The Vibram FiveFingers shoes are meant for a broad audience- there are versions available for men, women, and children. This is so everyone can enjoy Vibram's FiveFingers shoes for a number of active functions.

Vibram suggests the reasoning behind these FiveFingers shoes is that we all should train our feet. So their shoes are designed to try to keep our feet active rather than just let them be stagnant. Having healthy and active feet is proven to be beneficial in a number of different things to better a number of aspects about our health and our mobility. You can credit Vibram for taking this concept and executing to the best of their ability.

All I can say is, these FiveFingers shoes are the kinds of shoes some people would fear being dead wearing. You have to credit the sort of concept and execution Vibram is showing here. However, there are those who'd rather wear (in terms of loathsome shoes) crocs or something over these FiveFingers shoes from Vibram.

Vibram has been infamous for a lawsuit filed against them in 2012 because of certain claims to their FiveFingers shoes. The lawsuit involved a claim that these shoes can reduce running injuries while strengthening foot muscles.

--- Vibram FiveFingers: Final Thoughts ---

Despite the Vibram FiveFingers shoes being a most unusual pair of shoes to wear, I can see the appeal and the purpose in wearing these shoes. That doesn't mean, however, that I adore them. It's like how kids treat eating vegetables- you know they are good for you, but it didn't mean you have to like eating them. I'd rather see and wear an average pair of active sneakers than even be seen wearing these FiveFingers shoes. On one end, it is good to have such shoes to wear that are like being barefoot... while not being barefoot. On another end, these shoes are grotesquely ugly. You're probably better off going barefoot than wear these things. The FiveFingers shoes are horribly ugly.

The only credit I'll give to Vibram in creating these shoes is that they thought differently in keeping us active. It's just too bad their idea came in the form of these ugly shoes. Beautiful idea; ugly shoes. These shoes are horridly ugly. In terms of looking good and feeling good while getting a workout, these shoes just don't do the trick. I just think they are horrible-looking even if they do provide such stimulation for your feet. There are better-looking (and perhaps better performing) options to give your feet a workout than with these ugly shoes. But again- that's just me. Agree or disagree at will.

For More Information...

To learn more about the Vibram FiveFingers lineup of shoes, please visit www.vibramfivefingers.com.

If you'd like to shop for these shoes and don't mind supporting my work, here are two links you can visit for more Vibram FiveFingers shoes:

Vibram FiveFingers on Amazon
Vibram FiveFingers on eBay

Happy shopping! :)


What do YOU think about the Vibram FiveFingers shoes?

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Wow, those shoes are really gorgeous and look comfy! Great post John. Wish you a great day <3



Ha, ha! This post made me laugh. I used to really love this style of sandal back in my more bohemian days. Also, when I was pregnant with my son, my feet were so swollen that these were literally the ONLY shoe I could get on my foot. My toes were cold a lot that winter!

Nowadays, I can't seem to get back into them. I have seen a few pairs that I like (silver or floral), but I haven't bought a pair. If I did, I would wear them with a sundress or strictly as lounge shoes to replace my flip flops.



I like them, but I also think it depends A LOT on how they fit on the neck and what is worn with them. I think they can be give a funkier edge to a really classic look and that appeals to me.



I don't really know much about these shoes in terms of how effective they are. I'd say if they lived up to their promises, then they'd be great running shoes. Outside of that, they are rather unattractive and, if they are no better than other sneakers, I'd choose something else!




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