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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Curly Afro Hair

John Marine | 4:26 PM | | |
I personally love curly hair. What about curly afros, though? This blog post is a look at curly afro hairstyles- primarily feminine curly afros. This style can be very pretty- even if one's hair is just a frizzy bob that is a curly afro hairstyle. Remember that even messy hair can be chic! Two examples of curly afro hairstyles can be seen on singer Solange Knowles and ESPN's Sage Steele.

What kind of curly afros are being discussed? Take a look (pictures will be replaced if I can't use them for copyright reasons):

curly afro hair
^ from: - Curly afro hairstyles can be lovely.

While this post isn't necessarily about all curly afros, I wanted to throw this in to show that these hairstyles can be cool for males as well as females:

male curly afro hair
^ from: - Some males out there have curly afro hair as well.

To me, I don't really know what I find more attractive about curly afros- the curls with curly afros, or just the appeal of having big hair. Just the notion of having such big hair can be as fun as wearing a big floppy hat. Having such big curly afro hair can sometimes seem like one's head is dominated by big hair. The curly afro can nicely frame one's head. One of the biggest challenges in having such hair is in managing it. If you want a little video insight on curly afros, check this out:

^ "Natural Hair: Perfect Curly Afro Tutorial"

I think this says enough on curly afros.

Curly Afro Hair: Final Thoughts.

This can be a wonderful hairstyle for females. Equally, it can be quite cool for guys who rock curly afros. The real challenge is in trying to manage and style such big hair. It isn't impossible at all to sport such hair. If you have a curly afro, you have a very cool hairstyle. Just be sure to manage the hair as best as you can.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

This is the only relevant post I can share with you from one of my other blogs:

"The Frizzy Curly Afro" (John's Blog Space)
^ This post is similar to this topic from my main blog. It is a look at frizzy curly afro bob hairstyles.

Those are my thoughts on such hair. Feel free to share your own thoughts.

Time for you to let your opinions be recognized:

Do you love or loathe curly afros?

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John Marine said...

Of course I do! And it's not because I have one myself! They're just so cute. My hair is still a bit short since I chopped it back in May but I love the way it's growing out. I actually have a post lined up for Sunday that's similar.

Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

LEN K said...

So envious! I wish I had lovely hair like her.

All that I can do is wearing wigs,,,

John Marine said...

I love the look of curly afros. I naively tried to get my hair to do something similar at one time in my life, simply because I liked the look so much! Unfortunately, my hair is very fine and not super thick, so this was not an option for me.

I love Solange's hair (her whole style actually) and the big curly mane of Tracee Ellis Ross!


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