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Parkas have become the trendiest jackets and coats of late for cool/cold weather. Many fashionable types are feeling parkas to beat the cold. The go-to outerwear of late has been parkas. While they've loved by females, males also wear parkas. In regards to feminine parkas, they are being worn more like motorcycle jackets in regards to toughening up girly outfits. This blog post takes a look at parkas, mostly feminine ones.

--- Parkas ---

Time to discuss parkas.

parka women
^ from: www.amazon.com - Are you fashionistas feeling parkas?

And for the fellows out there...

parka men
^ from: www.amazon.com - Us guys got to stay warm, too! Males rock parkas as well.

Parkas were not designed to be cute or chic. They were designed to keep wearers warm through the cold. A parka is very warm and is durable enough to withstand cold weather. For some reason or through some sort of influence, parkas have become a trendy piece of outerwear as a number of bloggers and fashionable social media (such as LOOKBOOK) types have worn their parkas proudly.

If you want examples of people wearing parkas, take a look at this search result of parkas on LOOKBOOK:

"parka" search results on LOOKBOOK

Now for some final thoughts on parkas. Read the next section.

--- Parkas: Final Thoughts ---

I actually don't see what makes parkas stylish. Don't get me wrong- they are very much functional and very much great for cool/cold weather. However, I don't see what makes them stylish in regards to them being fashion statements. Maybe it is that sort of androgynous touch in wearing something as boyish as a parka. A trench coat, for example, can be unworldly chic and stylish for cold weather. Parkas, however, are not. You're better off getting a trench coat if you want to stay warm while also looking chic. Or you can opt for a parka for if you're dealing with seriously cold temperatures and if going outdoors or something. But if you're talking about parkas with certain outfits, unless it is for a proper cold weather type outfit, I just don't see the style in parkas.

All I am saying is that I fail to find the appeal of parkas as far as being stylish or trendy. I don't hate them, I just don't really see the style appeal of parkas- even in regards to downplaying girly outfits.

That's my take on parkas. Agree or disagree at will.

--- Parkas Online ---

Since you visited my blog post and saw my views on parkas, maybe you came along seeking your own parka. Or maybe you want to buy a parka for somebody else. This is your section if you want to get your own parka. Your cooperation here is voluntary- you do not have to get involved with items in this section if you do not want to. If you DO get involved, your cooperation will be valued and appreciated. So take a look at these items and use them to score yourself a parka or two.

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

ShopStyle has a parka or two for you! Take a look around:

Other Sources...

Here are sources where you can get yourself some parkas (results designed for males and females):

parkas on Amazon
parkas on eBay (men) and parkas on eBay (women)
parkas on Shopbop (women only)
parkas on Neiman Marcus (women only)
parkas on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping... whether for yourself or for others! :)

It's your turn to speak up. Here you go:

Are you liking parkas? What appeals you the most about parkas if so?

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I love parkas, they're a fashion staple. My favourites are the ones with furry collars!


I like parkas, so warm and comfortable! :) I own a dark blue one, but without the furry collar. Take care!



I'm not personally huge fan of parkas - more casual than my typical style. That said, I think some women pull them off in a fashionable way quite well! And certainly, for colder climates or outdoorsy types, parkas are a great choice!




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