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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Motel Rocks "Paulette" Romper

John Marine | 9:57 AM | | |
The "Paulette" romper/playsuit from Motel Rocks has become popular among certain fashionistas. This sequined romper offers a deep V-neck, long sleeves, and an overall sexy short appearance. It may be the "it" romper dress if you don't like proper dresses. In this blog post on "StyleSpace by JBM," you'll be introduced to what may be one of the trendiest rompers today from the popular Californian designer Motel Rocks.

--- Motel Rocks "Paulette" Romper ---

Let's take a look at the "Paulette" romper/playsuit:

Motel Rocks Paulette
^ from: - Meet the "Paulette" romper/playsuit from California's Motel Rocks.

Many people still don't think rompers/playsuits can be sexy. If you could make the case, you could certainly make the case for the "Paulette" romper from Motel Rocks. It is about as hot of a romper as one can wear its its combination of glamour and sexy. Almost any girly-girl will immediately let you know that sequins and sparkles don't hurt anybody. For certain, this "Paulette" romper has plenty of sequins for the girl who wants to glam it up with a hot romper.

The "Paulette" romper/playsuit offers a number of items that make it so fashionable. Here are the highlights of this romper (courtesy:

• plunge neckline
• cinched waistband
• long sleeves
• slim-fitting shorts

Simply put, this could be your romper dress if you want a glamourous one-piece pair of shorts to party the night away in. The rompers are offered in burgundy, green, and black. How would you style it? First of all, I would stay FAR away from ANY flat shoes or low-heel shoes. Sneakers are taboo with these rompers. I'd avoid combat-type boots as well. I dislike all or most over-the-knee boots, so I'd avoid them also with the "Paulette" rompers. Rompers like these beg to be worn with a sexy pair of platform pumps or platform boots or booties. Even though I loathe most of them, go ahead and pair these with a pair of tall gladiator sandals.

Platforms, platform wedges, stiletto heels- all fair game to me with these rompers.

Motel Rocks "Paulette" Romper: Examples.

Here a a few online examples of the Motel Rocks "Paulette" romper/playsuit:

"Motel Rocks Takes Chicago: Part Two" (i hate blonde) « the "Paulette" romper in burgundy.
"Hello, I'm a Mermaid." (LOOKBOOK) « the "Paulette" romper in green.

You now have an idea of this romper and how it is styled among some who wear this romper.

--- Motel Rocks "Paulette" Rompers: Final Thoughts ---

Motel Rocks' "Paulette" romper/playsuit is a sexy and glamourous romper. The combination of its deep V-neck design and its super-short (but not cheeky) design makes it a sexy shorts alternative to almost any glamorous little dress. The fact this is a long-sleeve romper makes it a great option to wear on a cool/cold day when heading out for the night or for Girls Night Out. Anyone who says rompers can't be sexy obviously haven't seen the "Paulette" romper from Motel Rocks. This is one of the hottest rompers any girly-girl or any fashionista can wear. I would consider you get this one if you want a glamourous night out romper, or even if you want something glamourous to add to your wardrobe.


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Thanks a lot for your reading! For more fine items from Motel Rocks, including the "Paulette" romper/playsuit, visit

What do you think?

Do you love or loathe the "Paulette" rompers/playsuit?

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LEN K said...

I'm not confident enough to wear this slinky outfit, though it rocks.

John Marine said...

I don't remember any major wardrobe malfunctions, but I certainly have outfits that make me look back and cringe!!! Fun post!


John Marine said...

I think these jumpsuits are really chic and look fab on the ladies you included in your post. I definitely think jumpsuits and rompers can be sexy, and this one definitely is!


John Marine said...

Have you actually worn this romper? I am concerned about the fit.

John Marine said...

I'm not a female, and I probably wouldn't fit into it very well if I tried. I am afraid I can't answer you this question. Thank you for visiting my blog, however.

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