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Monday, December 8, 2014


John Marine | 2:05 PM |
100K views all-time for #SSbyJBM have been reached! This blog post is a celebration of a milestone. I would like to share some love to all of my readers/visitors for making this blog popular. No trends or styles will be discussed in this post. It's all about thanking my readers and visitors for making "StyleSpace by JBM" popular. That is what I intend to do with this post.

NOTE: I did not release this blog post until my Blogger/Blogspot dashboard officially said this blog had 100,000 views or more.


Here is a simple image to honor this milestone:

100000 Views for StyleSpace by JBM
^ Thank all of you for helping "StyleSpace by JBM" reach over 100,000 views!

This isn't the first time in all of my blogging that I've surpassed 100K views. In my history on Blogger/Blogspot, this is my fourth-ever blog to reach 100K views. Anyone who has seen my other blogs may know there are other blogs that picked up 100K or more views to them. "John's Blog Space," "John's Race Space," and a past blog of mine called "John's Shop Space" all surpassed 100K views all-time. Among all of my blogging work, "StyleSpace by JBM" is the fastest to reach 100K views or more all-time considering its establishment on July 7, 2012. I don't try to inflate views by pulling SEO (search engine optimization) tricks or viewing my own content just to try to increase view counts. I always believed in trying to be real and not having things handed to me. With all this said, I am glad my blog picked up so many views and got so much attention.

StyleSpace by JBM Commentary.

The hook to my blog is that this is a non-traditional fashion blog. I am not trained or qualified to discuss fashion on any level. I don't follow fashion shows. I don't really care for trends or what is considered stylish. I certainly have no sense of fashion style, or at least I don't consider myself anything stylish to where I feel like I have to share my fashion style with the world. I've never been to any serious fashion shows. Yes- I haven't done a single "outfit of the day" EVER. Even in my LOOKBOOK profile, I don't have a single outfit post. I also have never done any sponsored posts. While I do want to profit financially with my work, I am careful about almost anything regarding making money. I simply have a love of fashion and think a lot of things help in making fashion what it is. My love of fashion and how I express this love are much different from most blogs and most bloggers.

So if there are a lot of things I don't have in the fashion realm, how do I stay relevant among the fashion community? It's simple- a certain love of fashion and certain level of dedication towards fashion that is either loved or loathed among others. Most of my wanting to start my own fashion discussions mostly stems from feeling constantly disregarded from a certain fashion community. I feel like many of my own thoughts on fashion are opposite of what many others consider fashionable. So rather than continually get shunned by that community, I figured I'd share my own fashion thoughts here in my fashion blog. At least I know I'm responsible for myself rather than feel constantly policed for my thoughts.

Another aspect of fashion is that I mostly share certain views that I am almost totally unapologetic for. Like when I say (for example) that I dislike most over-the-knee boots, when I say I dislike and get freaked out over piercings on areas besides on the ears or navel piercings, or when I've shown dislike for skulls and skull-like designs... I'm honest. I try to be as diverse about what I like about fashion as well. So I try to get into certain looks that are not exactly cute or ladylike. I am not expecting people to disagree with certain points. I moved on to fashion blogging first on "John's Blog Space" when I decided to make JBS about almost any topic that crossed my mind. I later contemplated making a fashion blog when I found most of my fashion blog posts were popular. I initially had "John's Style Space" in mind, but I didn't want two blogs with "JSS" as the acronym ("John's Shop Space" was the "JSS" at the time). I also wanted this blog's name to be consistent with the theme of stars and space. I initially named it "StyleSpace," but another blog here on Blogger/Blogspot (which hasn't been updated in ages) had that name. So I gave this blog the official name of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine." It is also referred to as "StyleSpace by JBM" or "SS by JBM." Since then, it began with me making updated versions of my fashion posts from JBS. My work then moved on to exclusive posts regarding various aspects of fashion. And ever since, I've had a proper blog to discuss fashion and only fashion. It was all done in the spirit of "anything and everything." This concept worked for my main blog. After StyleSpace by JBM picked up 100K+ views, it obviously worked for this blog as well. I try to incorporate as many different aspects of fashion to please all sorts of audiences. Even if I don't agree with certain things, I at least want my readers and visitors to have something to love or loathe regarding fashion.

I mean what I say when I mention "SS by JBM" is an "anything and everything" blog regarding fashion. You can be sure I'll do my best to discuss certain aspects of fashion and beauty in a way only I can with original opinions, even if my opinions seem generic to some people.

Special Thanks.

I won't name any names, but thanks to all whom have visited and got involved with my thoughts and features for "StyleSpace by JBM." I am glad to get as much attention for my work as I did. Thanks also to those who commented on individual posts of mine. Involvement is always appreciated.

My Message to Other Bloggers.

The one thing I will tell my fellow bloggers besides thanks is this... if you believe in your work and do everything possible to acquire a respectful audience, you too will have a blog that reaches and surpasses 100K views. You need quality content and grow an audience. You certainly would feel great if you got your views without having to resort to any underhanded tactics.

Having said all of this, I am honored and thankful to get so many views. I am glad and thankful for all of the support.

I am very happy this blog achieved so many views. Here's to (hopefully) many more in the future. I chose to make this post a celebration of a blogging milestone rather than talk about any trends or styles. I still want to thank all of you for your support. I will continue to make this blog as enjoyable as I can for all of you. Even if you don't care anything about fashion or consider yourself any capacity of "fashionable," I'm sure you'll still enjoy this blog and its content for a long time to come. This post is over. More to come in the future. Thank you for reading, and thank you for giving this blog 100,000+ views!

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John Marine said...

Congrats John, an amazing effort.

John Marine said...

Congratulations John!! I enjoy your blog because you do a great job of discussing both trends and specific styles from an everyday observer perspective. You aren't trying to impress anyone with your knowledge of fashion, but you do your research on pieces and offer informative posts. Keep up the good work!


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