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Friday, March 20, 2015

Russian Fashion

John Marine | 12:26 AM |
The Russian Federation is going to get some StyleSpace by JBM love as I discuss fashion in Russia. It is a general look at certain fashion and fashionable folk representing the Russian Federation. I would like to welcome any and all Russians who may be reading this blog post and may be visiting my blog here. Just like the last sort of post I did regarding certain locations in blogging, I welcome you to this post on "StyleSpace by JBM." Enjoy the ride! :)

Please note this is just a general digest of Russia and fashion. It is not meant to be overly detailed. Let me know if there are some things I can change and edit so I can make this post better for my reading audience.

--- Russian Fashion ---

Unless you failed Social Studies or Geography, you are probably aware that Russia is the largest-size nation in the world. The Russian Federation doesn't really have a premier Russian designer or a premier Russian brand/label among the top designers in the world. My main outlet of Russian fashion mostly stems from what I see on LOOKBOOK. Many fashionistas on the popular fashion medium hail from Russia. I have had the honor of coming across a number of different fashionable types on LOOKBOOK who are from Russia. Among one of the usual LOOKBOOK superstars is Olga Choi of "My Blonde Gal." Over time, I would get to come across many more Russian fashionistas. The only other fashionable person I know of from Russia is Kseniya Vorotova, better known as recording artist Doe Deere and founder of the makeup line Lime Crime.

The biggest fashion happening in Russia is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2015. Here is a little look at Fashion Week Russia, with one of my blogging friends as a reporter:


Now that you have a little insight on Russian fashion, let's move a bit further and allow me to introduce you to some Russian fashion bloggers.

--- Russian Fashion: Blogger Showcase ---

Meet some of the many fashionable Russians I've encountered online. Visit their blogs and gauge their style. This is only a handful of bloggers I will introduce in case you are not familiar with their work.

NOTE: To avoid any copyright issues, I will not hotlink any images of any of the featured bloggers.

Olga of "My Blonde Gal".

Olga Choi is a stylish Russian based in South Korea. Her style varies vastly. I learned of Olga through LOOKBOOK. I then eventually began to see more of her style through her blog, "My Blonde Gal." Over time, I grew to appreciate and enjoy her style all the further. Olga boasts many different styles and looks wonderful in almost all of them. She may go cute and classy in one outfit. Then in another outfit, she may look glamourous. All the while, Olga exhibits a certain personality and charm to her outfits and her style that are purely unique. It is worth the time and effort to visit her blog and/or her LOOKBOOK page to gauge her style.

Tanya, of "tini-tani".

The blogger behind "tini-tani" is a beautiful Russian lady named Tanya- better known as tini-tani from Kazan, Russia. This golden-haired blogger has some charming and colorful outfits. A lot of her style is very artistic as well as often times, very cute. She is a real treat to the eyes with her varied styles. Don't take my word for it- see for yourself by visiting her blog.

Lidia of "gvozdiShe".

Lidia is a fashionable Russian with fiery reddish-orange hair going with her outfits. From chic to casual while mixing in some edge, she has a variety of styles expressed in her blog and in her outfits. A lot of her styles usually make some of the top outfits on LOOKBOOK often times.

Marina, of "Moscow blogger by Marina Loyko".

One time on LOOKBOOK, I came across one Russian who wore a very nice dress outfit with some booties. I then got to become fond of her style and would comment every so often about her style. I invite all of my audience to visit her fabulous blog and take a look at her style. She is the only other Marina I know of from Russia besides Marina Orlova (better known as "HotForWords").

Lyosha, of "Inside and Outside".

One of the coolest persons I've come across in the blogosphere is Lyosha of "Inside and Outside." As a fashion blogger, a lot of her looks are casual. Lyosha mostly takes on a boyish fashion style. She does doll things up very well in her own unique way.

Tatiana, of "bonnie_blog."

With her adorable face and cute smile, Tatiana showcases her personal style in her blog. Her outfits are either quite chic or playfully fun. I think what makes her stand out to me are her doll-like cute face and smile. They bring together a lot of her outfits as she just looks very chic.

Oksana A., of "Shopaholic vs. Fashionista".

Oksana is really sweet. I learned of her when she saw some of my many comments to others on LOOKBOOK. I then had a chance to look at her outfits. Oksana is a lovely lady in my view. She's even served as a reporter for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia 2013. Oksana features some very well refined outfits. A lot of her fabulous outfits can be seen in her blog. So go visit and become awed by Oksana's sweet style.

Oksana O., of "Fashion secrets with Oksana".

From one Oksana to another... meet Oksana Orehhova of "Fashion secrets with Oksana." This beautiful blonde mostly showcases her loveliness with various beauty touches, but she also showcases her style with a handful of interesting outfits. There are no limits to her level of expression (and often times, her cuteness) with her outfits. She is pretty popular on LOOKBOOK. I invite you to visit her blog to see her work.

Perventina, of "Perventina".

I learned of Perventina when I was looking around on LOOKBOOK. I became so drawn to her beauty that I quickly Fanned her on LOOKBOOK. Although her blog is almost all in Russian, her beauty translates perfectly in any language. Her hair and face are beautiful. Same goes for her style- ranging from casual outfits to very chic pieces. There is no shortage of awesomeness from this Russian goddess.

Lise, of "NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION" (Honorable Mention!).

Rarely updated these days, Lise Kapris' blog, "NO LIMITS TO PERFECTION" is her style blog mostly in Russian. I learned of Lise when I saw one of her outfits on LOOKBOOK and enjoyed it.

Here are LOOKBOOKers from Russia/Russian Federation:
Russian Girls and Guys on LOOKBOOK
all Russia on LOOKBOOK

Are you a Russian fashion blogger and want to be featured here? If I like your blog or your site, I may feature you along with the other different bloggers! So feel free to contact me.

That's all for this general digest of Russian fashion bloggers.

Is there a favorite blogger or fashionista from Russia that you love?

I haven't done one of these showcase-style blog posts regarding bloggers of a certain country or location in a while. I've been meaning to release this long ago but never had the chance (until now, of course). So I hope you enjoyed this post and appreciate my efforts to showcase so many different personalities. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

hi hi thank you dear!!! and tomorrow you can find the post with only russian designers things! Really!

John Marine said...

Thanks for the salute to curvy and plus-size models. As a curvy girl teetering towards plus-sizes, I have learned to love my body and to find the beauty in it. I think that there can be beauty in all women (and men) if people are willing to look. And certainly, there is no one definition of beautiful. It comes in many packages. :-)


John Marine said...

I don't have a lot to add to this post, but you might want to check out Summer of Hipster Hijabis. She's big on Instagram, and she's from St. Louis. I think there are a lot of women who would prefer to dress modestly, whether for religious or social/cultural reasons, and this is a good introduction to the differences between various coverings worn by some women.


John Marine said...

Nice post. Thanks for introducing to me to some Russian bloggers! :-)

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