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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Filipino Fashion

John Marine | 12:17 AM |
Filipino fashion blogging love is what this post is all about. As part of my "Locations" labeled posts on "StyleSpace by JBM," I salute the Philippines and Filipino fashion bloggers with this post. Online, I have been pleased coming across many Filipino folk whom read my blog posts and view a lot of my other material. So this is a chance to salute [at least] the fashion bloggers representing the Philippines in some capacity.

This is a digest of fashion regarding the Philippines. To all of my Filipino readers and those from the Philippines, thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM!" I hope I can do your nation proud with this blog post!

--- Filipino Fashion ---

My own experience with a lot of Filipino bloggers mostly pertains to a lot whom I've encountered visiting certain blogs and even encountering many more through LOOKBOOK. There is no shortage of fashionable Filipinos when I look around on LOOKBOOK and in other blogs. On the LOOKBOOK circuit, the Philippines is a hotbed of fashionable folk. Three of the most popular Filipinos on LOOKBOOK are Kryz Uy, Camille Co, and Tricia Gosingtian.

The Philippines does have its own Fashion Week held in the capital city of Manila called Philippine Fashion Week. There is also a Fashion Week devoted to Filipino fashion in Canada called Canada Philippine Fashion Week. It is held every two years. The Philippines does not have any true world-renowned designer or some sort of world-renowned brand. One such Filipino designer who has made an impact is a designer named Oliver Tolentino, who set up his boutique in Los Angeles. I also learned of a woman named Lenora Cabili, creator and founder of the distinctively-named brand Filip+Inna, which is a boutique in New York City offering traditional style Filipino fashions. So while the Philippines may lack any high-level appeal, the country still has its fair share of fashion flair and fashionable folk.

This video is a small sampling of Filipino fashion. It feature Filipino designers at Fashion Forward in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in a video uploaded in 2013. Take a look (or click on the link to view on YouTube):

^ "Filipino Designers at Fashion Forward"

I am hopeful you have a little bit of insight on Filipino fashion after viewing this section. Please feel free to visit the next section.

--- Filipino Fashion Bloggers ---

Time to take a look at some of the many Filipino fashion bloggers. These range from those who post regularly on fashion and those who from time-to-time discuss fashion. They may be full Filipino or part Filipino. Either way, this is a showcase of Filipino fashion that I hope you can enjoy and appreciate.

Lynne, of "Whatever is Lovely."

Lynne Gabriel was not the first Filipino blogger I encountered, but she is certainly someone who showcases a great deal of fine outfits. Lynne is both a fashionista and an entrepreneur. The blog she runs used to be self-titled, simply called "Lynne Gabriel." It has in recent times been renamed to "Whatever is Lovely" based on a verse in The Bible. Her own fashion line is called Posh Society, featuring many lovely skirts she designed. I give her extra credit since she showcases her blogging goodness here in the Houston/Galveston area.

Joanna of "Only the marvelous."

I always considered Joanna Larido to be both lovely and fierce. Never giving into trends, she defines her own style in her own way. A visit to her blog will let you in on her style. Joanna, along with Dominique Tiu, are the co-creators of the fashion line Glitterati.

Blair, of "For Urban Women."

Blair Villanueva runs a blog I've long known as "Legzapi Fab Moda." It is now known as "For Urban Women." I sort of encountered Blair when I recall her responding to my blog post long ago about cheerleading. Feel free to visit this blogger's lifestyle and fashion blog.

Dina, of "Voguely Van."

The blog known as Voguely Van is run by Dina Vanessa Mercado. This fashionable Filipino offers her style insights and her unique outfits in her blog.

Gillian, of "By Details."

Filipino fashionista and interior designer Gillian Uang showcases her insights in her blog. She is just as stylish with her outfits as she is with her insights on interior design.

Kryz, of "Thirstythought."

Krystle Gail Uy- better known as Kryz Uy- regularly makes the list of top outfits on LOOKBOOK. She is a LOOKBOOK heavyweight who showcases many unique and charming outfits ranging from casual to classy. I didn't know her real first name is Krystle until I researched this topic. Visit her blog for more fashion and lifestyle insights.

Laureen Uy "Break My Style."

I am going to be honest with you all. I know NOTHING of Laureen Uy. At first, I thought she was the younger sister of Kryz Uy. Upon researching for this post, though, Laureen Uy's sister is Liz Uy. So there is NO relation between Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy despite having the same last name. They ARE friends, from what I've read.

Camille, of "Camille Tries to Blog."

Just like Abi featured earlier in this section, Camille Co is Filipino-Chinese. Camille is also amazingly beautiful. A number of her outfits even are among the top outfits on LOOKBOOK often times. She has a wide range of styles and expresses her style quite well in her various posts.

Tricia, of "Tricia Will Go Places."

While I am not followed in any manner online to her, I am including Tricia Gosingtian out of respect. I often times try to include certain personalities because I know I'd be remiss or disrespected if I didn't feature such personalities. Anyhow, there is no denying Tricia Gosingtian is a fabulous Filipino fashionista.

Phylicia, of "Stylecentric."

Phylicia Marie Pineda was a blogger I almost randomly came across one time online. I was looking up outfit posts of girls wearing boat shoes and came across Phylicia. I don't follow someone's work unless I am fairly convinced and approving of one's style and one's posts. I eventually became fond of Phylicia's work that I decided to Follow her work. Ever since, I've mostly admired her style and sense of style. Formerly known as "Pretty Ingenious," Phylicia has some very nice outfits complimented by her warm smile and lovely hairstyle.

Jessi Malay, of "My White T."

Jessi Malay is a recording artist who I learned of on... yes- LOOKBOOK. Jessi balances music with fashion blogging. Jessi Malay was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, USA; and her Filipino blood comes from her mother. She is fabulous whether making music or in showcasing her fashion style in her blog posts. Here is a sample of Jessi talking fashion:

^ "Celebrity Looks For Less - mywhiteT Fashion Tutorial"

In case you're interested, I blogged about this lovely lady in my main blog. Take a look if interested in learning more about Jessi Malay: Jessi Malay (John's Blog Space).

Kirk, of "Fashion Fusion."

Now for something a bit different. This is the fashion blog of a fashionable Filipino fellow who is fierce and as stylish as any girl. He is one of the unique fashionable folks out there with his androgynous beauty. I think you should check out his unique fashion style by visiting his blog.

Abi of "The Belated Bloomer (Honorable Mention!)."

Abi is a plus-size Filipino-Chinese fashion blogger. Her blog hasn't been updated in a long while, so that's why I am including her among Honorable Mention.

Abi of "Plumpy's Indulgences (Honorable Mention!)."

Rarely updated, I am including the blog of a Filipino fashionista named Kristine. She is a plus-size Filipino fashion blogger. Since it hasn't been updated in a while and since I want to pay respect to a nice person, I am including Kristine's blog among my Honorable Mentions.

Joana Erica Danielle (or JED), of "Ericaritish" (Honorable Mention!).

I am including a blogger named JED here. JED is short for Joana Erica Danielle. I've long known her as the fabulous Filipino blogger who is also known as "Ericaritish." There is a good bit of fashionista in this lovely lady, so I'm including her here. In addition to her blog, she's also featured in a blog called "Clingy Closet," featuring Joana Erica Danielle as well as three other lovely Filipino ladies.


(Philippines personalities on LOOKBOOK) « a feed of all the latest LOOKBOOK outfits from the Philippines, or at least tagged with Philippines.

I think this is enough to satisfy a lot of you in regards to Filipino fashion. If you want to help me make this post better for my readers and visitors, please offer me some more resources and such that my audience can benefit from. Help me help others. I may add various other personalities in future edits to this blog post.

This concludes another blog post regarding fashion. Remember that all of my posts here somehow are linked to fashion. Topics are otherwise completely random.

Have you a favorite Filipino fashion blogger of the ones I listed here?

Subscribe and Follow for more goodness from me. Have yourself a happy and safe day/night. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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