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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fabulously Older

John Marine | 12:08 AM | |
If you are 35 or older, many believe you can't look as fabulous as some younger or much younger than you. Looking and feeling beautiful at older ages can be a challenge to some. Many of us celebrate the handsome young male or the beautiful young female and don't think many older types are in the same realm of loveliness. There have been people whom have scoffed at older celebrities trying to either act or dress younger than their age. Likewise, we scoff at a number of young celebrities for exhibiting immature behavior most older celebrities do. I can not try to help my older readers feel as lovely as any young celebrity, but what I CAN do is show that you can be beautiful even if you aren't young. This blog post, then, is more of a commentary piece regarding still looking and feeling fabulous despite being older. The context of "older women" for this blog post will relate to being 35 years old or older.

Before I Begin...

This blog post was actually a topic I was working on for a while but ended up being among many blog posts I worked on a here-and-there basis but never finished (until now, obviously). It was initially a post I had planned back in April 2011. I actually had this as a post for "John's Blog Space" and not "StyleSpace by JBM." Then again, this was before the time I decided to eventually make a proper fashion blog. It expresses thoughts on being fabulous at a mature age. For discussion's sake, the threshold I am using here in describing older women is 35 or older. Initially intended to be more like a "fabulous after 40" blog post, I decided to post this entry to include most mature older women. Also, I was unsure whether to title it "Fabulously Mature" or "Fabulously Older." I obviously chose the latter to name this blog post.

A Special Hello...

I'd like to salute any ladies age 35 or older viewing this blog post. That may even include you mothers and grandmothers out there. Maybe this post will be of interest to you. I do offer this topic in a classy and professional manner. However, I have to be careful that I am not being hurtful in any such way or offer certain views that may offend members of my audience. I am certainly careful here.

--- Fabulously Older ---

Let's set the mood for this post. Here is a picture (I will change it if I am unable to properly be able to use/borrow this image):

fabulously older
^ from: - You can still look fabulous even as you get older.

Beauty is ageless. People would look at others funny if a younger person considers a woman 35 or older to be absolutely beautiful. We all tend to grow up and change our style to a great degree. We age, we develop different habits apart from our younger days, but we still desire to look and feel our best regardless. It is still very possible to look great regardless of whatever age we are. Some women don't seem to feel as beautiful as they used to be after having children or just getting up there in age. Some women even contend with getting wrinkles and aging, and this leads to some older women not looking and feeling as beautiful as in their younger days. You younger readers may obviously have parents and other family members older than you that still look wonderful for their age.

When I think of older whom who still look and feel youthful, two celebrities come to mind. First of them is fashion designer Betsey Johnson, who all of 60+ years old still is youthful and can pull a cartwheel or two. I also think of the beautiful food guru Giada de Laurentiis and her 40+ age. As of the original date of this original post (April 23, 2015), Giada is currently 44 and looks like she is still in her mid-late 20s. You all have your own favorite older celebrities that still look beautiful for their age (or just beautiful period).

Beautiful, Even When Older.

Some believe older women can't look and feel as fabulous as when they were younger. So because of this, many become fixated only on younger females. Women 35 and older can still be and feel very beautiful. Being fabulous when older isn't very easy. Not as many females feel completely confident in themselves to remain and feel beautiful even as they get older. They don't feel as confident to wear a short dress and some sexy high-heel shoes or sandals. Of course, you can still look as attractive as any younger or seductive lady even at an older age.

There are some who just don't feel beautiful anymore just because they've aged or because they don't seem as beautiful as any girl between the age of 13 to 25. There are some who just don't think any mature older woman can look as beautiful as (and I am generalizing) an attractive teenage celebrity. I can tell you that there are a number of women 35 or older (at least as of this blog post's date) who are very beautiful. Not just beautiful for their age, but beautiful PERIOD.

Being beautiful also pertains to various beauty touches. I have no experience or knowledge of beauty products, but I can say that there are various beauty products which can help those with wrinkles look and feel young. Certain techniques in applying certain beauty products can help make older women look and feel as fabulous as younger types. But again- I am no fashion expert, and I am certainly NOT a beauty expert. Look to more qualified sources for help with this topic.

Beauty and Confidence Even When Older.

How can an older person be confident in looks even if older? Fashion itself involves being confident in your own skin and personality at any age. There are some women 35 or older whom have "bikini bodies" that most younger types may have. Such women are as confident and as beautiful in bikinis as their younger counterparts. Some older women can easily wear a look of denim short shorts and a hot pair of high-heel platform pumps or high-heel platform sandals. Some may even have a hot pair of legs to accompany the short shorts and shoes. Also, some older women may be more beautiful than most females 34 or younger.

Not every woman is that confident in their bodies. Some prefer being more classy in their older appearance rather than "show their goods," so to speak. It really depends on who you discuss in regards to being confident in one's appearance. The most important aspect of fashion is comfort. That even includes if you wear certain items meant for younger people. For example, there would be people who would scoff at older women for wearing items from clothing brands mostly meant for younger people- like Victoria's Secret PINK or Torrid. But me, I say to wear what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you happy.

Let us now discuss a mainstream culture element of appealing older women. Next section...

--- Fabulously Older: The Cougar and MILF Influence ---

As much as common culture tries to fetishize and romanticize things, that... sadly includes attractive older women. This is the case where usually younger males become attracted to certain older women. A romantic bond between a young person and a much older partner is usually called a May-December relationship. Because everything seems to have to involve some sort of romantic connotation in common society, one aspect of being fabulous at an older age is to still be as attractive now as you were as a teenager or as a young adult.

Single mothers 40 or older who actively seek younger (as in adolescent or about 18-25) males are considered cougars in common culture. The ABC comedy "Cougar Town" was an attempt at making this whole cougar thing cool. I wished I saw more episodes because I actually liked Cougar Town.

The MILF influence relates to [usually] older mothers who are so visually appealing that a young male (usually teens to young adults) become attracted to her. MILF stands for "Mom I'd Like to F(censored)." It denotes a mother who is at least 35 years old (remember the threshold for this blog post is 35 and older) and is immensely attractive and appealing. So much so, to where she is considered sexy to a young male.

In the case of cougars and MILFs, these are situations where a woman is so attractive, even at an older age, that a young male is attracted to her as much as the young male would be attracted to girls in his age range. One older woman has to seem as attractive as a female much younger than her to be liked by such males. I guess it also speaks to how the older mother is attractive enough to warrant even having a young male fall for her. Does it speak volumes to how attractive a woman is? Does it speak volumes that a younger person considers a much older woman to be more attractive?

--- Fabulously Older: Influence ---

To set up this section...

"I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet."

-Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), of the "Sex and the City" series

One TV series that has defined being fabulous and living well at older ages was the Sex and the City series. The cast of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha all try to find and establish love in New York City. I watched "Sex and the City" on TV mostly to examine the fashion influence. I have even seen the first "Sex and the City" movie. This would be just another MTV-type show if instead of the 30-something characters, there were high school or college girls. The twist of a show like this to have older women makes this series unique. This story would be all played out if it were with younger people, but the fact of finding love in the Big Apple as a thirty-something makes this series both unique and iconic.

In addition to these older women in the series, these are older women with style. These are women who wear fabulous fashions. I still recall the blue Manolo pumps Carrie wore in the "Sex and the City Movie."

Obviously, the clothes worn and featured by the main characters of Sex and the City likely aren't affordable for many older women. Not many can score high-end style and look fabulous all the while.

For many, the average attractive teenage girl would mostly wear some big sunglasses, a cute T-shirt, a denim mini skirt, and some sandals (either flip-flop/thong sandals or some chic sandals). Maybe she would trade sandals for some ballet flats or some sneakers. It may work for a teen girl, but not so much for older types. There are certainly those who frown upon females who don't dress their age. But because you're not the age of an average teen or college girl doesn't mean you still can't dress any way you choose.

Dress yourself up any way you please and feel confident in your own personal style regardless of your age. Now time for some final thoughts to close this topic.

--- Fabulously Older: Final Thoughts ---

Any lady can look and feel fabulous at any age. Maybe your teenage and young adult years are behind you, but you can still look and feel as fabulous as anyone younger (or much younger). I think it begins with confidence. Confidence manifests itself into feeling great in whatever you wear. I think most of today's pop culture tends to mostly focus on and cater to younger personalities. However, there are still a handful of women 35 or older that are very beautiful or as beautiful as any young celebrity. Just because you may be older doesn't mean you still can't be beautiful. As long as you are confident in your beauty and in your charm, that is all that matters- regardless of what age you are.


Here are a few different resources I'll offer. I will surely look to add more based on how much traffic and attention I get to this blog post. Any resources I provide are based on material involving females 35 years old or older. Your involvement with these items is voluntary (optional):

Fabulous After 40

That's all. I hope you found some useful and interesting content and opinions here. If you'd like to suggest some extra resources, please let me know by contacting me online. Remember- I try to make material that may interest my readers and be of good use. I don't have all the answers, so I need your help to help make this post (and my others) useful to as many people as possible. Help me help others.

That's it for this blog post. You're free to discuss this topic if you please. Or you may also respond to questions like this one related to this post:

Can you still be beautiful even if older than 35 years old? What would you suggest to those inconfident about being beautiful even at older ages? Can older women even be lovelier than their younger counterparts?

I hope you enjoyed your time here. I am also hopeful you were able to get a little different fashion perspective than what I normally would post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

As someone in the older 35 category, I can appreciate this post. I think that as you age, you tend to come more into your own, which I think automatically boosts your attractiveness. I completely agree with you that you should wear whatever you want at any age. I think my style has matured a bit from my 20s due to my lifestyle and own personal preferences, but I wear what I want from any brand/store I want. The only thing that holds me back in my fashion choices is my pocketbook! Ha,ha!


John Marine said...

Hi John!
Fab post! I'm a little over 50 now and feel and dress much younger (I think ). Now you follow me on Lookbook you know what I mean. I think what count is your measurements and self-esteem. Therefore I think I I can still wear mini skirts.
You are doing a great job with your blog, so keep it up!
Love, Francesca

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