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Friday, May 1, 2015

Derby Hats

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With the #KyDerby coming up, I figured I'd discuss derby fashion. More importantly- those flamboyant hats worn by fashionistas. Derby hats are the focal point of this blog post, especially feminine ones. These are big and expressive hats with fancy designs to them. What makes these hats unique are their fancy designs. These are extra girly designs that are almost more suited for pictures or runway models than real people. Some of these eccentric designs on these usually wide-brimmed hats include various frills, flowers, ribbons, and all other kinds of adornments. Sometimes, a derby hat seems like they could overwhelm womens' heads or seem like they are going to eat one's head from the top on down. It is their unique appeal that makes them fashionable.

To be honest, I had intended to be about derby fashion in general, but I decided instead to focus on derby hats worn by women.

Derby Hat Examples.

How do derby hats look? Here are some examples:

derby hat
^ from: - A big hat worn by a female can be cute or stylish. Try one of these flamboyant derby hats for size!

Here is some video insight on derby hats:

^ "I made Kentucky Derby hats"

If you have some wide-brimmed floppy hats, you could make your own derby-style hat. You can look around online for a number of different resources on how to make a derby hat. Here are some resources for you on how to make your own Kentucky Derby hat:
How to Derby Hat - StyleBlueprint
How To Make Kentucky Derby Hats With 5 Tutorials That'll Ensure You Have The Biggest, Baddest, Floral Topper At Your Derby Party
How to Make a Kentucky Derby Hat (with Pictures) | eHow

Have fun and good luck making your own derby hats!

Final Thoughts.

A wide-brimmed hat will nicely shield your head and neck from damaging sun rays. These derby hats are stylishly flamboyant to help you look your best as you watch those horses race their way around the horse racing track. The fact that people will go to crazy lengths to make such intricate hats make derby hats all the more enticing. If you do go ahead and try to make as crazy of a hat as possible, have fun and let your imagination run wild! I don't hate derby hats unless someone just makes a ludicrous looking hat.

Derby Hats Online.

There are actually sections devoted entirely to derby hats. If you want to shop online for derby hats, let me help you! Use these items and visit these links:

derby hats on Amazon
Kentucky Derby Hats on eBay
Kentucky Derby Hats on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping!

I hope you enjoyed this post. So...

What do you think about derby hats? Would you wear one of these flamboyant hats with your wardrobe?

Since this post was created in advance of the 2015 Kentucky Derby, I'd like to wish good luck to all participants in the Kentucky Derby. I love horses, but I'm not really the horse racing type. You probably like them. So if you do, I'm sure you'll enjoy the horse racing at the Kentucky Derby. Anyhow, Subscribe and Follow my blog(s) if you enjoy my work. "Like" my Facebook fan page at to show your love to me on Facebook (and thank you!). Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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