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Monday, May 4, 2015

Butterfly Heels

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(UPDATED: July 30, 2017)

"Make Me a Butterfly," as Amy Barbera would sing. This blog post is about feminine shoes and sandals adorned with butterfly wing designs at the heels. The trademark to these shoes are the 3D butterfly design at the heels. These style shoes have been popular recently. These can either be shoes with butterfly wings spread out, or they may be closed. Either way, this has been one of the most chic styling exercises of late.


JUL 30 2017 - edited shopping resources

Why don't I show you an example of what I will be talking about in this blog post? Here you go- a picture of some butterfly shoes:

Butterfly heels
^ from: - These are an example of the trendy butterfly style on shoes.

Sophia Webster butterfly heels
^ from: - These are pumps with a butterfly design at the heels from Sophia Webster. These specific pumps are the "Cleo" pumps from Sophia Webster.

As much as floral prints are often a popular styling exercise for Spring and Summer, butterflies are equally a part of the loveliness [especially] Spring provides. After all, what says Spring besides flowers and butterflies? I think these shoes with the butterfly designs on the back are pretty lovely. No matter if you are talking about the butterfly designs from Sophia Webster or from somebody else (or even knockoffs), I find these butterfly designs to be pretty lovely. Such shoes offer the impression of the wearer being able to be as pure and as peaceful as a butterfly. So if you find yourself some of the butterfly heels I've made mention to in this blog post, be proud and be fashionable!

Butterfly Heels Online.

I decided only to focus on offerings from Sophia Webster, since these were the most relevant. So if you want to get yourself some Sophia Webster butterfly heels, this item below will help you. Enjoy!

Find some butterfly heels on Amazon:

If I find some better resources, I'll be sure to update this blog post with more shopping options for my visitors.

Bonus Material!

Since I mentioned Amy Barbera, butterflies, and since I love my wonderful readers and visitors; I figured I'd share some videos. It is likely you probably don't know about Amy Barbera, whom I referenced in the opening paragraph to this blog post, or even any of her music. You are in for a little musical treat. Here is "Make Me a Butterfly" in two varieties: the regular version and a live version. The second video features another one of her songs. Enjoy!

^ Make me a butterfly - Amy Barbera

^ Amy Barbera's Live Performance Of "Make Me A Butterfly" & "Paint Me A Rainbow"

Isn't Amy Barbera wonderful? :) To learn more about Amy Barbera, visit, or read my blog post on her at "Amy Barbera" (John's Blog Space).

Well, those were my thoughts on these butterfly heel shoes. What say you?

Do you like these heeled shoes and sandals with the butterfly designs at the heels?

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