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Sunday, May 3, 2015


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YRU (Youth Rise Up) is a famous Japanese company that makes bold and rebellious shoes for men and women. Mostly edgy types wear these, as well as the sort of punk types. I mostly know YRU for platform sneakers worn by males and females. They offer some clothes, but they primarily are best known for their shoes. This post just takes a basic look at YRU and gives you a little insight on them. Don't expect this to be some definitive resource for all things YRU or anything.

--- YRU ---

Let's take a look at YRU and their offerings.

YRU at a Glance.

As I mentioned earlier, Youth Rise Up (or YRU) is a Japanese fashion company mostly known for their shoes. They are popular for their platform shoes. You may see them being worn by people on LOOKBOOK. If you're looking for "cute" shoes, YRU does NOT have your "cute" shoes. Instead, you'll get some wicked shoes to make you the coolest dude or the coolest girl. A vast majority of their offerings are feminine except for their popular Qozmo sneakers. Speaking of which, let's start with those sneakers in my discussion of this brand...

Qozmo Series.

YRU Qozmo sneakers
^ from: - These are the popular YRU Qozmo sneakers in plain white.

YRU Qozmo Sky White
^ from: - These are a pair of YRU's Qozmo sneakers worn by a model. The outfit the model is wearing includes these sneakers, white tights, and a short coral dress.

The Qozmo sneakers are the most popular shoes sold by YRU. Most of these sneakers are three-inch tall platforms that have a four-inch heel. They are commonly seen as either all-black or all-white sneakers. However, there are versions of these sneakers in all kinds of colors and styles. These are high-top sneakers worn by males and females. So these are unisex sneakers.

Other Platforms.

YRU Ballet Bae
^ from: - These are the "Ballet Bae" peep-toe boots from YRU. They feature a ribbon-like lace-up appearance, a chunky heel, and a chunky platform base. I'm sorry if I'm old or not with the cool kids, but for those who don't know what "bae" means, it's almost like "babe," only without the extra "b." Yeah, I know. I'm old.

YRU features a variety of alternative footwear mostly catering the edgy and punk crowds. A lot of their footwear are mostly platform and flatform shoes. Nothing of theirs is "cute" or "sexy." But at the same time, none of their offerings are hardcore edgy. So many of these shoes are perfectly fine for mostly casual wear. A lot of their shoes are as casual as a pair of Chuck Taylor Converses. Bringing up the "Ballet Bae" boots, I first recall a lady by the name of Alexa Ober as to where I first recall and recognize seeing these shoes. A much more popular fashionista who sported these peep-toe booties is Rachel Lynch of "i hate blonde."

While their offerings are few, YRU offers some clothing. And unlike their mostly unisex shoes, their apparel offerings are just about all feminine with T-shirt dresses, dresses, and other offerings.

Not Just Platforms?

YRU Angyl pumps
^ from: - These are the "Angyl" pumps from YRU. Clearly not platforms and clearly not exactly "hardcore."

While Youth Rise Up is known for their platform shoes, YRU actually also makes non-platform shoes. They make some flats and some low-heel shoes aside from their platform offerings. Remember I noted that YRU doesn't really have any shoes that would qualify as "sexy?" Well, their closest two shoes that would be considered "sexy" are their "Angyl" and "Dream" shoes.

YRU: Online Insight.

For outfits worn with YRU, here is some LOOKBOOK insight for you: "YRU" on LOOKBOOK

You now have a little insight on YRU. Thoughts of mine on YRU and their offerings will be featured in the next section.

--- YRU: Final Thoughts ---

Youth Rise up is surely a unique footwear brand who favors people who want to be as FAR away from mainstream or "normal" as possible. It is a brand for people who exemplify themselves with personalities and styles that aren't "cute" or what most people would consider normal. These are people who want to stand out in their own way with an edgy overtone. Individuals who want to distinguish themselves and wear some very cool shoes would be hard-pressed to not at least consider YRU's offerings. If you're the more hardcore, rocker type, especially wanting buckles and skulls and stuff, you may not be fully satisfied with YRU. But for others who want to dress boldly and with a sort of punk style, be sure to give YRU a look-see.

For More Information...

To learn more about Youth Rise Up and their products, please visit

To shop for YRU items, here are a few links that might interest you. The majority of these links feature women's shoes, even though I noted some YRU shoes are mostly unisex shoes:
YRU on Amazon
YRU on eBay (Women's Shoes)
YRU on Dolls Kill
YRU on Solestruck
YRU on Karmaloop

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Are you a fan of YRU and their items? Would you (or have you) paired their footwear with their footwear?

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