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Monday, May 4, 2015

Tribal Prints

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Tribal (or ethnic) prints have trended for the longest. They offer unique colorful prints to compliment a number of different outfits. They provide unique edginess as well as a smattering of color. Everything from intimates to dresses (and even footwear) can be adorned with tribal prints of some kind. For the most part, tribal prints have become a go-to style for warm weather fashion, and many a fashionista have been awed over the styling touch tribal prints provide. When it comes to tribal prints, you will mostly see feminine pieces with wild and intricate tribal prints, mostly with bottoms and dresses. Some tribal tops are worn, and you may even see tribal print rompers/playsuits. Tribal prints even can be found on footwear. I've seen wedge sandals that have tribal prints to them, for example.

The only real problem (if any) in regards to tribal prints is the feeling of certain Indian tribes being disgraced seeing such prints featured. In fact, there was one time in which Coach had a controversial marketing campaign called "A Tribe Called Coach." A number of their wares was considered offensive to certain Native American tribes, including a red skull from one of their bracelets. The outrage led some people to think Coach could give back to Native American communities and tribes instead of trying to financially profit from certain Native American communities.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: You can read more about Coach's controversial "A Tribe Called Coach" line from this article: Native Americans insulted by Coach handbags’ ‘Tribe Called Coach’ collection.

Tribal Prints: Picture Insight.

Here are some pictures of tribal print garments. Have a look and get your inspiration here:

tribal print
^ from: - This is an example of tribal print from a bandana.

tribal print maxi skirt
^ from: - This is a flowing long skirt with tribal prints to it.

tribal print bikini bottom
^ from: - Get your tribal print on- even at the beach or at a resort.

tribal print shoes
^ from: - These espadrilles have tribal prints to them.

As you can see, there are many ways to rock tribal prints. This is only minimal insight on tribal print; let's gain more insight on tribal print. Go to the next section.

Tribal Prints: Online Insight.

Do you want to see fashionistas sport tribal prints? If so, I'd like to direct your attention to these samples of certain fashion bloggers and other fashion personalities wearing some sort of tribal print fashions. Each link features a description to give you an idea of what is relevant to this discussion. Follow these other blogs if you love their work. Anyhow, come get your tribal fashion insight from personalities such as these (NOTE: Some personalities may be featured more than once to feature different pieces):

"Bright Colors and Bold Prints" (imperfect idealist) « a tribal print sweater.
"Style Inspiration from Garner Style" (Style Cassentials) « inspired by another blogger, a tribal-print top is worn.
"Time Flies" (The Party Dress) « a tribal print dress.
"Tribal Print High Low Dress" (Ivonne Stacy Style) « a tribal high-low/mullet dress.
"tribal print shorts & Turquoise OOTD 6-15-2011" (Maytedoll) « tribal print shorts.
"Outfits of the Week" (Maytedoll) « of the various outfits, a tribal print romper/playsuit is worn.
"Tribal and Gucci" (Jersey Girl, Texan Heart) « a tribal print cardigan and a tribal print scarf.
"DIY Tribal Nail Art" (Jersey Girl, Texan Heart) « do-it-yourself nails in tribal prints from the blogger.
"Tre Bon Chic" (She Said He Said) « a tribal print skirt with sequin accents.
"IN PRINT" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a tribal print maxi dress.
"I Got The Tribal Print Blues" (Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman) « a tribal print dress as part of a classy outfit.
"Mellow Yellow" (Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman) « a colorful tribal print clutch handbag.
"Lifeguard Tower..." (Nany's Klozet) « a tribal print bikini.
"Tribal Dreams..." (Nany's Klozet) « a tribal print one-piece swimsuit.
"No look tribal night" (Blog da Lè-Moda e Estilo) « a night-out style outfit with a tribal print skirt.
"TRIBAL PRINT GREY DRESS & COLOUR BLOCK CLUTCH" (Lucky Loves) « a tribal print maxi dress with a cardigan and many accessories.
"Neon Tribal" (.a little princess.) « tribal print wedge sandals.
"Aussie Curves: Tribal" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « tribal print legging-type pants.
"Boho Chick in the City" (Whatever is Lovely) « tribal print leggings.
"MWT + Lotta Stensson | $500 Giveaway Contest" (My White T) « a tribal print poncho is featured among various outfits.

And to all I feature, you're welcome for me featuring you if you find your posts in my blog! :) My job is to try to offer such material for educational purposes. Contact me if you have a relevant post I should look at. If I like your post, I may update these blog posts with a link to your blog! Help me help my audience.

--- Tribal Prints: Final Thoughts ---

As a styling exercise, I haven't any problem with tribal prints. I don't find them as any sort of fashion faux pas. Only thing I would probably discourage is trying to combine more than one set of tribal prints. So for example, go with only one tribal print item to serve as your tribal print piece. Don't try to do any pattern clashing or anything. Tribal prints offer a great base of style. The uniquely edgy style of tribal print makes them wearable and fashionable for any number of applications. Don't think this styling exercise can only be for things like music festivals. If you're daring, try going with any number of tribal print garments and accessories for any number of situations or styles. You will not disappoint as long as you have a great eye for style by trying to style tribal prints.

The main discussion points have been made in this blog post. You may take part in the next section, or skip it entirely. Your call.

--- Tribal Prints Online ---

Go buy yourself some tribal print garments if you enjoyed this blog post! Of course, your involvement in this section is voluntary- you don't have to get involved with the material in this section if you don't want to. However, I would appreciate your business if you did find something interesting from these items and links:

tribal prints on Amazon
tribal prints on eBay
tribal prints on Shopbop
tribal prints on Neiman Marcus
tribal prints on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping! :)

That's it for another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post.

What do you think about tribal prints, and what would you suggest in styling with tribal prints?

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