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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Foldable Flats

John Marine | 6:22 PM | |
For the fashionista on the go, foldable flats can be pretty stylish. These are more like comfy shoes to wear aside from your more proper shoes. Maybe a female worn some chic shoes all day and need something more comfy. If she has some foldable flats, she can slip into those for something more comfortable. This blog post is all about foldable flats. There are number of foldable shoes in my research of this topic, but I will mostly focus on foldable ballet flats. Let's start off with a pair of foldable flats to set the mood...

foldable flats
^ from: - A pair of foldable flats will do you well when you want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes aside from your more chic shoes. Some foldable flats even come with their own carrying case for you to easily tote around.

Foldable flats are more like a pair of shoes for someone who wants comfortable shoes but don't want to wear sneakers or flip-flop/thong sandals. Such shoes can also be just as stylish and fitting with outfits. Since these are proper shoes, you get fully enclosed comfort for your feet all around. Maybe foldable flats aren't exactly chic and stylish like any well-designed pair of chic shoes or sandals, but they can be a comfy alternative pair of shoes for the fashionista. You may even work in an office setting and want a pair of shoes still cute and stylish for the office. That's a win for you as well having such shoes. There are times when I've seen more chic shoes are traded for active sneakers, especially those who have to walk around a lot in chic shoes (such as models at shows). So a pair of pumps are traded with a pair of sneakers for comfort. But rather than sneakers, some may have foldable flats as a comfortable and cute alternative to sneakers.

There is another advantage to most foldable flats besides their comfort- they don't cost a whole lot! So the frugal fashionista may be able to wear some comfy casual-style shoes with foldable flats without having to spend a lot of money. The only way some of these flats can be expensive is if they are foldable flats from a relatively high-end designer. Otherwise, these shoes can cost anywhere from just under $10 US Dollars to maybe somewhere around $30 US Dollars. Some flats may be more proper ballet flats that can be foldable and cost a lot. About the most expensive foldable flats I found casually looking online was about maybe $110 US Dollars. It all depends on where you look.

For a little more insight on foldable flats, I've provided a link as well as a blog post.
10 Super Chic Foldable Flats For the Girl on-the-Go (POPSUGAR)

Now let me leave you with my final thoughts on these flats. The next section awaits you.

--- Foldable Flats: Final Thoughts ---

There are those who fancy flats for comfort, and one of the biggest reasons why is with foldable flats. Even if one wears flats to begin with, foldable flats are just as fashionable because you can take them anywhere and have a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes to wear with your outfits or to wear something more comfortable. Foldable flats surely are worth wearing for those wanting a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes aside from what someone may be wearing for shoes at present. Their slip-on comfort and style make them more attractive than flip-flop/thong sandals or sneakers. Surely consider foldable flats if seeking a comfortable and portable pair of shoes to wear as a worthy alternative.

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"Ballet Flats" (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ This blog post focuses on ballet flats, which was the focal point of this topic on foldable flats.

Score yourself some foldable flats in the next section. Or, skip it entirely and go to the conclusion. Your involvement is voluntary in the next section, but I would appreciate your business in the next section.

--- Foldable Flats Online ---

Treat yourself to a pair of foldable flats. Use the items and links in this section to find yourself a pair of foldable flats. Your involvement here is voluntary. However, I would appreciate your business if you did buy something from these links.


Other Sources.

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Designer Yosi Samra is somehow told to be the originator of foldable flats. So as a bonus, I am offering this link to you all so you can check out Yosi Samra's foldable flats:
Home of the original foldable travel ballet flat - Yosi Samra

Thanks so much for your support!

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What do you think about foldable flats?

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