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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


John Marine | 1:27 AM | | |
UPDATED: June 5, 2016)
Who needs shoulders? It seems like off-shoulder designs have trended a lot recently. Are you in or out on shoulders? Whether no shoulders, strappy tops/dresses, or one-shoulder, one's shoulders can be fashionable how you play everything. These garments can equate to fabulous outfits and looks to those who wear such fashionable off-shoulder and asymmetrical tops/dresses. This blog post concerns off-shoulder and one-shoulder designs.


JUN 5 2016 - updated post


Played right, one can provide many touches of elegance and appeal by baring shoulders. I consider off-shoulder looks as touches of elegance. Such a style can provide romantic and elegant charm to those who wear the look best. Garments ranging from proper off-shoulder to certain garments with dipped shoulders can provide such style. The majority of off-shoulder outfits mostly come from elegant dresses and some romantic tops. The off-shoulder look, however, is not exclusively for ladylike garments. For example, a cropped peasant top with an off-shoulder appearance can easily be worn with some cutoff denim shorts and either gladiator sandals or sneakers.

For those who want to bare one shoulder, a host of one-shoulder and asymmetrical garments will make your shoulder baring possible. While the focus of this blog post is mostly about no shoulder looks, a one-shoulder design is just as appealing and elegant. There are those who want to show off their tattoos (if they have any). So when it comes to certain one-shoulder garments, I wonder if one prefers only one shoulder showcasing any tattoo(s). For example, a female with tattoos on her right shoulder that she wants to show would want a one-shoulder garment that doesn't cover her right shoulder. I don't really know if such preferences apply to certain females or not, but I just wanted to make mention of that.

Whether tops, dresses, rompers/playsuits, jumpsuits, or any variation of swimwear... there are no shortage of ways you can enjoy the off-shoulder or one-shoulder look.

Shoulder Play.

There are three ways to play the off-shoulder game:

• No Shoulders, No Straps
off-shoulder no straps or strapless
^ from: - No straps at all can make for the most romantic of garments, such as the case for this strapless lace dress.

• No shoulders, Straps
off-shoulder with straps
^ from: - Squeamish about going strapless? Fortunately for you, the same level of appeal with off-shoulder garments can be enjoyed with straps.

• One-shoulder
^ from: - Okay, so maybe showing off one shoulder is what you want to do. Well, one-shoulder garments allow you to be as hot/flirty as going off-shoulder.

Those are the different methods for which to rock off-shoulder looks. Want more? Check out the next section for insight from other fashion bloggers and fashion personalities.

The Brigitte Bardot Influence.

• Perhaps the best sort of trend to define the recent off-shoulder style are what are bardot tops and dresses, named for Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte Bardot's off-shoulder style has been a tremendous influence in today's off-shoulder trend. Among some of the different inspirations are bardot tops and dresses.

By now, you have some insight on the off-shoulder look. If you want to see the off-shoulder style in action, I invite you to visit the next section of this blog post.

Off-Shoulder Across the Internet

Here are some fashion bloggers trying to show off some off-shoulder detail. Included with each link is a description of each outfit before you click on the link(s). Click on these links to take a look at the different outfits I reference to.

Do you want to be featured in this blog post of mine? I'll update it if I like your relevant post to this topic. Criteria for inclusion for this post:

• any one-shoulder or off-shoulder outfit

(NOTE: Some bloggers may appear more than once to showcase different variations of this look.)

"The Off-Shoulder LBD" (Sensible Stylista) « an off-shoulder "little black dress."
"Classic "Audrey Hepburn" Inspired Outfits" (BellQees) « two different outfits feature off-shoulder tops.
"12 Days of Holiday: New Year's Cocktail" (Style Cassentials) « a one-shoulder dress.
"The Temptress" (Style Cassentials) « a daring, blue off-shoulder dress.
"Black Off The Shoulder Top" (She Said He Said) « a daringly sexy black off-shoulder top.
"Sophisticated Bohème" (A Walk in the Park) « a floral, strapless, off-shoulder top.
"SPRING OUTFIT: OFF THE SHOULDER PINK DRESS" (Stylish Petite) « a mid-length, light pink, off-shoulder dress with ruffles.
"The Grid..." (Nany's Klozet) « an off-shoulder cropped top.
"ORANGE BOW" (Addict be Iconic) « an orange dress with a one-shoulder design with bow detail.
"Exciting News" (Style Without Limits) « a cropped off-shoulder top with high-waist shorts.
"fringe out" (Pale Division) « an off-shoulder cropped top with bell sleeves paired with a fringe skirt.
"CAMEL OFF SHOULDER" (Shall We Sasa) « an off-shoulder sweater.
"BIRTHDAY WEEK SERIES: OFF-SHOULDER" (Whatever is Lovely) « a bright, bold-colored off-shoulder dress.

"off-shoulder" (LOOKBOOK) « "off-shoulder" outfits on LOOKBOOK.
"one-shoulder" (LOOKBOOK) « "one-shoulder" outfits on LOOKBOOK.

There is enough inspiration for you on this topic. I may add more in the future.

Off-Shoulder: Final Thoughts

Going with any kind of off-shoulder look is one that is confident and appealing. I have few, if any, reservations in regards to going off-shoulder or even with asymmetrical tops or dresses. While off-shoulder looks are elegant, they can also be fairly casual. The most important thing to note is this styling touch is that it can be a very romantic touch. Equally important to making off-shoulder looks attractive is confidence in your body and in your style. If you are not confident enough showcasing your body (including your shoulders), then this look probably isn't for you. Then again, that can apply to ANY daring styling exercise.

The post is over. You are welcome to take part in the next section, or you may skip it entirely. Your call.

Off-Shoulder Online

Did you enjoy this blog post? Do you want to score yourself some off-shoulder garments? This is where I can help you. All of you are welcome to purchase any off-shoulder garments that may interest you. Your participation in this section is voluntary, but would be vastly appreciated. Since I mostly discussed off-shoulder garments, I also made mention to one-shoulder garments. You can shop for both in this section. Take a look at these items:


For all garments off-shoulder:

For all garments one-shoulder:

Other Sources...

More ways to enjoy off-shoulder style. Choose between off-shoulder or one-shoulder from one or the other from these sources depending on which interests you more:

off-shoulder on Amazon or one-shoulder on Amazon
off-shoulder on eBay or one-shoulder on eBay
off-shoulder on Shopbop or one-shoulder on Shopbop
off-shoulder on Neiman Marcus or one-shoulder on Neiman Marcus
off-shoulder on NORDSTROM or one-shoulder on NORDSTROM
off-shoulder on or one-shoulder on

Happy shopping! Now go rock some off-shoulder/one-shoulder already! :)

Well, that's all I have for this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Your commentary is welcome to discussion of this topic such as this question:

What are your thoughts concerning off-shoulder and/or one-shoulder garments?

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