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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back Baring

John Marine | 9:25 PM | | |
Dare to bare your back? Go backless? There is a great deal of elegance involved in baring your back. Think of it as making a lasting impression. Here on "StyleSpace by JBM" is a blog post discussing the backless look. What do you think about this look? I'll be sure to offer my own thoughts and provide general insight on this styling touch.

--- Back Baring ---

Most garments with open backs mostly are dresses, but some tops have open backs to them. For a brief time I can recall in the early 2000s, a number of casual tops had a bare back to them. The opportunity to show off your back lends itself to being able to show some elegance from behind or for some to showcase some of their back tattoos (not necessarily those "tramp stamp" tattoos for those who have them).

Because such backless garments offer such bold back detail, the question then becomes if one should go braless when wearing a backless garment. Most backless garments are meant to be worn without bras. Some aren't comfortable going braless, let alone with any backless garments. No touch is more enticing than sporting a hot backless garment without a bra. It is all an issue of comfort and style in regards to backless garments.

Back Baring Examples.

How about we take a look at some examples to get you into the appeal of baring your back? Here are some examples for you all:

backless tank top
^ from: - This casual tank top has a deep backside to it.

backless dress
^ from: - This dress has an open back to it.

Those are just a couple of examples of backless garments. Up next is a look at how others sport backless outfits.

--- Back Baring Across the Internet ---

These babies got back (to paraphrase Sir Mix-a-Lot's hit song). :) Bloggers, fashion community members, and more... this section features many who dare bare some back. Take a look at these bloggers for some inspiration in regards to baring back. I tried to look up "backless" for various bloggers I follow. So I was able to draw only so many posts as of this initial one. (NOTE: Some personalities may appear more than once to exhibit different looks or variations):

• any backless outfit worn by the personality
• any outfit with a backless design or showcases back by the personality

"The Backless LBD" (Sensible Stylista) « a little black dress with a triangular cutout at the back.
"Color and Confidence: Green" (Style Cassentials) « a green maxi dress with a backless design.
"Backless Dress + What Bra..." (Ivonne Stacy Style) « a peplum dress with a criss-cross backless design.
"Miami Fashion Week... Events With Tous!" (Nany's Klozet) « a white backless dress.
"Casablanca" (Addict be Iconic) « a jumpsuit with a deep, backless design.
"Golden Desires" (Addict be Iconic) « a glamourous blue gown with a deep backless design.
"OPEN......BACK" (Dora Fashion) « a button-down shirt with an open back.
"When I'm gone, don't look back." (Dora Fashion) « a plum-colored backless dress.
"Granatowa bandazowa krótka sukienka, pikowana torebka i lakierowane szpilki" (! I have nothing to wear!) « a backless Navy blue bandage dress.
"change of skies" (Pale Division) « some of her outfits are backless garments or have deep backs to them.
"The Sunset Fairy" (Whatever is Lovely) « a peachy backless dress.
"Black + White Outfit!" (Arika Sato) « a backless strapped cropped top.
"PREPPYFASHIONIST FOR DAHLIA WOLF" (Preppy Fashionist) « a dress with a cutout heart design on the back.
"Backless Back Dress." (Anouska Proetta Brandon) « a short black dress with a deep open back.
"What to Wear: Warm Weather" (Thirstythought) « a cute lavender dress with an open back.
"Ease Into It" (Thirstythought) « a lacy one-piece swimsuit with a deep back to it.

"backless" (LOOKBOOK) « "backless" outfits on LOOKBOOK.

Was that enough back for you all? At least you now have some inspiration and insight from those whom have sported the backless look.

--- Back Baring: Final Thoughts ---

From what you have been able to see, baring your back is as daring as baring your shoulders. Offering up a deep back or an open back design is great for making a lasting impression or offering something to remember you by. It is a touch of great elegance. Or in some cases, about as much a casual touch as baring your midriff in a cropped top. The only thing I would warn against is that you probably shouldn't consider this look if you don't feel confident in your own skin and body to go with such a styling touch. Otherwise, the only problem I would have with backless garments would be if there were some horrid designs or something outlining the backs of such garments. So go rock some backless chic! Put your back into it! Bring sexy back! :D

--- Back Baring Online ---

Hey there! Did you like this post? Want to score some backless garments? If so, this is your section. Please take a look around and find something you'll [likely] enjoy:


All things backless, including intimates:

Other Sources...

Here is a post for all things backless. Links featured her may or may not exclusively feature clothes. Take a look around nonetheless and buy whatever may interest you:

backless on Amazon
backless on eBay
backless on Shopbop
backless on Neiman Marcus
backless on NORDSTROM

Happy shopping!

This concludes another "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post. Let me know what you think:

What do you think about backless details and back baring?

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