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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Evolution of Style

John Marine | 1:02 AM | |
Everyone's fashion style changes over time. Various external factors including differences in style philosophy change the fashion style of others. Since these aspects vary, one's fashion style must also adapt to these changes. An example of evolving fashion style is when a female fashion blogger becomes pregnant or simply has tastes in fashion different from past times. Some fashion bloggers whom have posted many outfits in the past still have up some of their past outfits and some of their older looks. Some fashion bloggers may go from usually wearing casual outfits to wanting more refined and classic pieces. It is also possible some female fashion bloggers want to go from girly outfits to more dark styles (or punk to girly). One thing to keep in mind is that in addition to changes in others' style, many different trends were prevalent and popular then compared to now. There are plenty of "it" fashion items that change over time. Remember when it seemed like many fashionistas were wearing the ever-popular Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" lace-up booties (including knockoff "Lita" booties)? Trends come and go, but one's individual style and sense of style are a continuous work in progress. Those who enjoy fashion are always looking to evolve their style as they get older and as fashion tastes change.

If you want to look at fashion blogging as a basis of lessons learned based on past outfits, then you can say that anyone can learn of one's fashion style over time. Some bloggers sometimes like to look back at their fashion style from the previous month or even the previous year. Here is an example of someone looking back on past outfits from a certain time period... Cassandra of "Style Cassentials" looked back on some of her past outfits from 2014 with this blog post: "Top Ten Posts of 2014 + What's Coming in 2015!!" (Style Cassentials). Even if a fashion blogger doesn't showcase his or her outfits past and present in one post, you can still mostly look back at older blog posts to see what one's style was like then compared to his/her most recent outfits. I do think you should look back at older blog posts of fashion bloggers just to see what one's style was like compared to now. Only thing to be careful of is that some older pictures may no longer be available to be seen. For the most part, a lot of fashion bloggers may still have even their very first pictures posted online.

Final Thoughts.

The one thing to remember in how one's fashion style has evolved is that fashion is not a game or a test. Many people seem to think of fashion as an entertainment showcase. Wearing a bad outfit or wearing certain questionable elements of an outfit equates to not being entertained. Fashion, however, is more about expression than always trying to create the best possible outfits. Even over time, people have made certain fashion choices that either enhanced or ruined outfits. Whether something was enhanced or ruined in an outfit is all based on your fashion tastes as well as what you think would make outfits better. If someone wasn't confident enough to post an outfit, he/she likely wouldn't make a blog post about it or post on something like LOOKBOOK or Instagram about it asking for opinions.

And as always, respectfully agree or disagree with someone's outfit and fashion choices. Don't use such scathing comments in talking about someone's fashion style. How can someone remain confident in his/her fashion style if you talk about someone's fashion style like they have done irreversible damage to your eyes and brain after seeing an outfit you don't like? Someone who doesn't look all that attractive with a certain outfit can always learn from their "mistakes" and try to come up with better fashion choices. Fashion bloggers have many goals; always entertaining you with their style is NOT one of them. And chances are, not every outfit is going to be a masterpiece. Fashion bloggers whom I've followed for a long while have even come up with outfits I didn't like either as a whole or even one element that ruins it for me. You learn to respect one's fashion choices while trying not to put extreme importance in always looking the best.

So do what you can to help make one's evolution of style positive.

So concludes another blog post of "StyleSpace by JBM." Want to chat? Here are some discussion questions for you:

For blog readers...
What do you think is most important in regards to the evolution of one's fashion style when viewing their outfits?

For fashion bloggers...
What do you think is important to learn in looking at how your style has evolved over time? Are there certain lessons you can pass on to others?

I hope you found this post as interesting as my others. Your visit and your involvement mean a lot to me, so thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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