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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pointed Toes

John Marine | 1:35 AM | |
Shoes with pointed toes offer a bold touch. Such shoes provide unique elegance with sharp style. The pointed toe design usually compliments pumps and flats. Friends of mine and fellow bloggers have worn pointed-toe pumps. Pointed toes can offer a little personality to flats. You know, I've never hated pointed-toe shoes. You can't really go wrong with pointed-toe shoes. Only kind of pointed toe shoes I don't really like are mostly some cap-toe shoes (such as some leather pumps with metallic pointed cap toes). Other than that, feel free to proudly wear your pointed toe shoes!

Pointed Toe Shoes: Example.

Here are some examples of some pointed toe shoes. This is so you know what it is I am talking about in this blog post. Take a look:

pointed toe heels
^ from: - Pointed toe shoes have a unique elegance to them.

pointed toe flats
^ from: - If you don't like high-heels but still prefer the pointed toe look, try pointed toe flats like the ones above.

Blogging Inspirations.

Here are some examples of pointed toe shoes by various bloggers. Of course, follow their blogs if you enjoy their work. Some bloggers may appear more than once:

"LABOR DAY WEEKEND SALES, INSTAGRAM ROUNDUP (PLUS $500 GIVEAWAY)" (Stylish Petite) « multiple outfits, many of which, featuring pointed-toe shoes.
"NYFW Day Two" (Southern Curls and Pearls) « ankle bow pointed-toe pumps.
"Look - Vestido fofo" (Blog da Lè-Moda e Estilo) « magenta satin pointed-toe pumps.
"Plaid Again" (REINVENT YOURSELF) « cutout lace-up ankle booties with pointed toes.
"Inspired from the 70s- OOTD | How to style Dungarees" (Chamber of Beauty....) « fiery red pointed-toe pumps.

This should be some good inspiration. Always remember- contact me if you have any outfits relevant to my blog posts if you want to be featured in my blog posts. Please be sure to direct me towards whatever outfit you've put together that is relevant to the topic.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

One of the most popular pointed-toe shoes is the Rockstud shoes from Valentino. That is really the only post I can present to you all if you love pointed toe shoes. So take a look at my past blog post if you haven't seen it before:

Valentino "Rockstud" Shoe Series (StyleSpace by JBM)
^ Read more about my thoughts on the Valentino "Rockstud" series of shoes.

Check out the next section if you are wanting to buy some pointed toe shoes, or bypass it completely. Your call.

--- Pointed Toe Online ---

Maybe you were reading through my post and enjoyed the notion of pointed-toe shoes. Also, you were imagining if you could score your own pointed-toe shoes. Well, look no further because I can help you! Take a look at these items and find something you like. Please help support my work any way you can. Your involvement in this section is voluntary, but it would be greatly appreciated if you find something you like and buy.


Other Sources...

Want more? Try these links:

pointed toe on Amazon
pointed toe on eBay
pointed toe on Neiman Marcus
pointed toe on NORDSTROM
pointed toe on
pointed toe on DSW
pointed toe on

Happy shopping! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post on pointed toe shoes. This has been a mostly brief and somewhat casual post on pointed toe shoes. I am sure you've found some value and entertainment on this topic. Proudly wear your pointed toe shoes if you love them. Speaking of which...

Do you fancy pointed toe shoes? What do you like or dislike the most about them?

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