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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Denim Dresses

John Marine | 6:30 PM | |
Almost everyone loves good-fitting denim. Many fashionistas love themselves a fine dress. What if you combined these two loves? You get denim dresses, that's what you get. Just like a good-fitting pair of jeans, a denim dress can be just as fine to wear. The "denim tuxedo" is a fashion crime to many, but recent times shown that denim-on-denim isn't exactly criminal or taboo. This blog post takes a look at denim dresses.

If this is your first time here, welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM!" I am John, and this is my non-traditional fashion blog. Glad you could be here to view my work. Did you know this post was actually worked on back on September 2014 but never released (or at least finished) until now?


I blogged about denim dresses before! I deleted the old post and simply let this new one take form. My most sincere apologies...

Denim Dresses

Let me share a denim dress to set the mood for this blog post...

Denim Dresses in General.

denim dress
^ from: - Here is a simple denim dress.

From baby girls to adult women, denim dresses can be stylish for every female. There is a lovely dress for every female- even denim dresses. Those who enjoy the appeal and charm of dresses can find something to love about denim dresses. More classic dress styles designed with denim can make for some interesting styles.

Unfortunately, denim is not as airy and not as beautiful as any other material. Anyone who sees something like a cotton dress or some kind of tulle dress can find airy and gorgeous appeal. So even if you love denim, denim dresses may not be as charming to you if you prefer more princess-like dresses to wear. Some denim dresses have some attached parts to go with the top portions of dresses. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

denim dress with other materials
^ from: - This is a denim dress that has an attached non-denim part.

Do denim dresses have to be so casual-looking? No. In fact... some can look pretty chic. Take a look at this one:

chic denim dress
^ from: - This is a beautiful long dress with off-shoulder detail and a tiered design.

No matter what style of dress you like, you may find a lovely denim dress in much the same way there may be a lovely dress of any material or materials for you.

Styling Denim Dresses.

Depending on the style of the dress, your styling options vary. I mostly want to focus here on footwear options with denim dresses. For cold weather times, a short denim dress can be paired with black tights and brown knee-high boots for a nice cold weather outfit. A nice casual outfit for a fairly warm day would be a long denim dress paired with some strappy brown sandals. A denim dress with a pattern to it- such as floral prints or any sort of animal prints could be paired with some casual sandals or some kind of athletic sneakers or fashion sneakers. Your styling options depend on the dress and its style.

You now have some basic insight on denim dresses. Why don't we continue on with more denim dress discussion?

Denim Dresses: Final Thoughts

A dress is a staple of feminine fashion. They are beautiful to wear and be seen in. That sort of appeal is granted with any sort of dress. Most denim dresses just aren't as beautiful, however, as almost any more traditional kind of dress. I fancy more traditional and more fitting dresses more than I do almost any denim dresses. I do not hate denim dresses at all- it is just that most denim dresses just aren't as gorgeous and as appealing as non-denim dresses to me.

While I wouldn't recommend any denim dresses if putting together any sort of outfit, I don't hate them. So go ahead and style to your heart's content with denim dresses if you love them or just want to wear a denim dress.

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Denim Dresses Online

If you want to shop online for denim dresses, I can help you with these links and these items. Help yourself to these resources to get yourself (or someone else) a denim dress:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Other Sources...

More options for you if you want to score your own denim dress:

denim dresses on Amazon
denim dresses on eBay
denim dresses on Shopbop
denim dresses on Neiman Marcus
denim dresses on NORDSTROM

I may add more in the future. But for now, thanks for visiting and happy shopping!

Time for you to sound off...

Are you a fan of denim dresses? Do you like them more or less than almost any non-denim dress?

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