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Friday, January 1, 2016

Just Add Sneakers?

John Marine | 7:55 PM | | | |
The wrong footwear kills outfits. You may have read this from my past blog posts. Some of those wrong footwear can be sneakers. Especially among some fashionable types, sneakers are as chic as any pumps or sandals. That may be true to some, but not every pair of sneakers will look better with an outfit. To my female audience, do not get the idea that because I am a guy that I prefer every female wear sky high heel footwear. A pair of flats can be just as stylish as any more chic pair of shoes. My only issue is that you can't just add sneakers to any outfit and think it makes for a good look. A certain pair of shoes, sandals, or boots can ruin an entire outfit. Sneakers are no different. Some outfits could possibly look better with a certain pair of sneakers, but not all. For some fashionistas, the solution is simple: just add sneakers.

(BLOG NOTE): Can you believe I haven't posted ANYTHING for December 2015 on "StyleSpace by JBM?" I am sorry to not provide anything for you all in December 2015 for this blog.

Just Add Sneakers?

To provide a little insight in regards to sneakers being just as chic as any fancy pumps or sandals, here is a quote I pulled from a fellow blogger:

"...low sneakers are no longer a sportswear, but a 'city chic' shoes, which work great either on city streets or on the nature."

-Olga, of "My Blonde Gal" (click here for original post)

So maybe you're a fashionable female looking to add a certain touch to your outfits. You think about maybe sporting a certain kind of footwear with some outfits rather than something that would suit the outfit better. Sneakers cross your mind next. You know your more chic outfits would benefit from a sweet pair of shoes or sandals. However, you choose to go with sneakers instead for a chic outfit. Sometimes, the combination works. It may also be surprisingly lovely with such an unexpected pair of shoes. Other times, it is "what were you thinking?" in pairing sneakers with certain outfits- especially chic ones that would have been better with more fashionable shoes.

The only excuse for pairing sneakers with certain outfits is if you need something more comfortable to walk around in aside from some more chic shoes or some fancy sort of shoes. But if you're talking about wearing certain sneakers as part of the main outfit, and the outfit doesn't look that great with those sneakers, now we got some problems. There are even times when "sporty" outfits would probably be better suited with sneakers rather than certain chic shoes. Even still, sneakers aren't exactly the answer to making certain outfits better.

On the other hand, sneakers can be a great pair of footwear to downplay certain outfits. There are some business casual or semi-formal outfits that wouldn't hurt if sneakers are worn. [At least to me] Not many outfits sort of benefit or look good going with sneakers instead of certain more appropriate shoes. It's something you have to experiment if you're willing to go with sneakers for an outfit. I am not questioning the appeal of sneakers here.

Alternatives to Sneakers?

Though sneakers are very much casual, there are some fashionable alternatives to sneakers if you still want some kind of lace-up shoes. Consider the following:

• Boat Shoes (also called deck shoes)
Commonly called "Sperrys," in respect to Sperry Top-Sider, boat shoes are like the preppy middle ground between oxfords and sneakers. Some people even put boat shoes in the same category of sneakers. Boat shoes have that sort of charm that makes them cute to wear for females. I don't really recommend boat shoes for all outfits as an alternative. I tend to like boat shoes when paired with cuffed jeans/pants or (especially) with short shorts. The most common boat shoes you will see are the usual linen/oat colors of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes. Most others look for boat shoes in different colors and color combinations. Sometimes even going with sequin boat shoes. Regardless, these shoes are not a pair of shoes to overlook as a sneakers alternative.

• Oxford Shoes and Brogues
Even more classy than a pair of sneakers are oxford shoes and brogues. A lot of oxford shoes are very classy to wear. Same applies to brogues. Both are more like classy takes on sneakers. I am not really into either kind of shoes much, but they are a nice lace-up alternative to any average pair of sneakers.

• Flat Espadrilles
Some people see simple slip-ons like flat espadrilles like sneakers. Especially if you're the type that likes flat espadrilles like the famous TOMS shoes, these are usually seen as alternatives to sneakers. The difference between flat espadrilles and the other kinds of shoes I've made mention to is that most flat espadrilles aren't lace-up shoes.

Those are some alternatives to sneakers if you prefer more casual shoes that aren't a pair of sneakers.

Where Sneakers Work (Sometimes Surprisingly).

Some outfits would probably look better with some kind of pumps, slip-on flats, sandals, or boots. For one, I would fancy something like a cute sundress or even maybe a cute romper/playsuit paired with some Keds Champion sneakers (think Taylor Swift here).

These are based on my own sort of style preferences. Here are some blogging examples where the choice of sneakers actually doesn't hurt the outfit:

"OOTD: La Fleur de la Passion" (Glam Fab Happy) « a somewhat sporty outfit paired with sequin sneakers.
"Maxi skirt and sneakers - be chic!" (Aga's Suitcase) « metallic high-top sneakers with a skirt.
"Artist" (bonnie_blog) « a preppy-type casual outfit with sneakers. Surprisingly chic sneakers.
"NATURAL MOTIVES" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « a cute sporty outfit with sporty sneakers.
"THE AROMA OF MINT" (AIBINA'S BLOG) « a fashionable dress paired with athletic sneakers.
"Jumpin' Jumpsuits" (To Style With Love) « a wide-leg jumpsuit with metallic-like sneakers.
"Starship Lovers" (STORM CALYSTA) « sneakers with velvet lace-up bell bottom pants (may or may not be sneakers...)

I don't want to give any bad examples because I am not the kind to call somebody out in my work. I do disagree with class, but these are among some of the examples where simply adding a pair of sneakers to certain outfits doesn't hurt it (at least to me).

Just Add Sneakers? - Final Thoughts

In no way would I put any pair of sneakers as any kind of chic shoe. While not every pair of sneakers are casual, some outfits are best left not pairing them with sneakers. I am honestly not really a sneaker person. Therefore with some outfits, I find pairing them with some (not all) sneakers just ruins the outfit. There is also the appeal of making an outfit sporty. That is also understandable in regards to sneakers. However, it doesn't always work. Like to me, pairing sneakers like a pair of Keds or Converses with pencil skirts/dresses or bodycon dresses/skirts is a no-no to me.

Fashion is all about trial and error in addition to expression. So while you may think a combination works or may work, it doesn't always result in great-looking outfits. As I say- the wrong pair of shoes can ruin almost any outfit. Experiment cautiously, especially if deciding to go with sneakers for an outfit.

Always Remember...

It is okay to have certain preferences in style. Just remember to respect the fashion choices made by certain individuals. They dress for themselves, not [specifically] for you. Likewise, certain fashionable people don't need to dress a certain way for you for you to be impressed with them.

That's all from me for this blog post.

Have you seen certain outfits that wouldn't be ruined by wearing sneakers? How do you feel about pairing certain outfits with sneakers?

You are welcome to agree or disagree with any points made in any of my blog posts. Regardless, Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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