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Friday, December 2, 2016

Pale Division

John Marine | 12:20 AM |
The @willamazing Willabelle Ong of "Pale Division" is a stylish lady with a cool fashion style. From casual outfits to very feminine pieces, Willabelle is amazingly beautiful. This stylish Singaporean offers unique style in her many outfit posts and even in some of her older videos. This blog post takes a look at the oh-so-cool lady named Willabelle.

Willabelle at a Glance.

Willabelle Ong is a stylish fashionista from Singapore, by way of Perth, Western Australia, Australia. I learned of her through LOOKBOOK. I later grown to appreciate her fabulous style the more I began to be awed by her fashion style. Willabelle isn't always about the latest trends all the time, but she does provide some unique charm into her many outfits.

Here is fashion insight from Willabelle. She showcases her travel to my personal favorite city in the world- Tokyo, Japan.

^ "A Tokyo Tale"

And yes... hello to all of my Japanese readers who may be reading this post!

I think Willabelle is very cool. Do you think so, too? :)

Willamazing Willabelle.

The stylish journal of Willabelle is her blog called Pale Division. This is where she showcases her style insights with the world. To paraphrase a song from Usher (a native Texan), she got wanderlust and she got it bad. Willabelle features not only fashion insight, but also travel insight as well. She literally travels the world to show off her style and other things. Willabelle has been to places such as Tokyo, Paris, and Venice among many other places. So what you are getting is style along with some travel.

Willabelle has been doing fashion blogging for quite a few years. Needless to say from a lot of her past outfits, her style has mostly evolved to where she has become incredibly chic now compared to a lot of past outfits. Some of her most elegant outfits really showcases how beautiful Willabelle really is. Dramatic dresses complimented with her long hair just makes her beauty come alive. She also is fabulous with various pants outfits. Willabelle has doll-like beauty with many of her outfits, both casual and chic. She is no doubt one of the most stylish ladies in the world.

What If Willabelle is Reading This?

Since learning of you on LOOKBOOK, I have grown to love and appreciate your fabulous fashion style. Besides just fashion, I like to wish you well in everything important to you in life. You are beautiful both in looks and in personality. Keep up the great work with all that you do.

You are (among other things) Willamazing, Willawesome, and Willabeautiful! :D

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