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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sydney's Fashion Diary

John Marine | 10:32 PM | |
@SydneysDiary was one of the first petite bloggers I followed. Before eventually meeting various other petite fashion bloggers, Sydney's blog (then known as "PetiteLittleGirl") has since become "Sydney's Fashion Diary." It is the blogging space of Sydney and her many different fashion and style insights. Meanwhile here in my blogging space, I will share this post with you all to chat about Sydney and her fashion diary.

As with many of my posts regarding individuals, I am careful not to hotlink images or take quotes from the represented blogs. I do this to avoid potential copyright issues.

Sydney's Fashion Diary

TIme to chat about Sydney and her blog. Let's do this!

Sydney's Stylish Diary.

It was probably 2011 or 2012 I first learned of Sydney Nguyen and her blog eventually known as "Sydney's Fashion Diary." It happened some time after I made a post on "John's Blog Space" regarding petite fashion blogging. I then tried to look up various petite fashion blogs to gauge the appeal of petite fashion blogging. So in a way, you can say Sydney has been a pioneer and a platform towards me meeting various other petite fashion bloggers.

What I like most about Sydney Nguyen is her keep-it-real honesty and commentary. Sydney is stylishly cute with her smile and hairstyle. A lot of her outfits are put together very nicely. She offers a little edge to her outfits while not being some biker chick or some rock girl. Sydney doesn't indulge herself much in trends. She has her own style and her own personality that she lends to her many outfits. Sydney is more leader than follower, and it shows with how she styles outfits and how she exhibits her style.

What If Sydney Were Reading This?

Before meeting many other petite fashion bloggers, I am more than pleased to come across you and your blog years ago. You've somewhat been a trail blazer in terms of finding certain other petite fashionistas that adore your work. So I have you to thank really for having certain lovely petite fashion bloggers online. You are as beautiful today as you were back circa 2012 or so when I first learned of your blog. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life, Sydney.

For More Information...

You can read Sydney's Fashion Diary by going to

What I think is most surprising of bloggers I mention is what kind of impact certain individuals have made or what kinds of inspirations people get based on certain other individuals. So I'm sure people can appreciate it when I say that one blogger has gotten me to appreciate various others. Who else may I mention in my fashion blog? If you enjoyed this blog post and my others, be sure to Subscribe and Follow to some capacity to keep up with my posts! Until next time, thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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