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Monday, May 29, 2017

Rompers... for Males?

John Marine | 7:38 PM | | |
Rompers/Playsuits can be cute and even hot for females. Can romper dresses also be chic... por hommes? One group called ACED Design is trying to make one-piece shorts chic for men with their RompHim. Would you guys rock a romper? This blog post will introduce the concept of rompers for men as well as offer some thoughts on them.

It's time I offer some thoughts on what COULD be a thing.

Rompers... for Males?

Allow me to give you some insight. Take a look at this:

Introducing Rompers... for men (CNN)

And here is a picture:
(rompers playsuits males men
^ from: Newser, by way of Kickstarter) (best I could find) - Imagine rompers/playsuits being a trend among males.

Females have sported rompers/playsuits for a good while since they have become quite popular. Perhaps it is their mini-dress like appearance while still being covered that has made rompers so stylish. Rompers sometimes get a bad rap from fashion lovers as being only for babies and children- NOT grown-ups. Some who think of past rompers usually hark back to the longer-leg shorts of the '90s. Since the 2000s, the romper has gotten a sexy makeover. In fact, rompers have come to the point of being as hot as even the hottest mini dresses. Only difference is that you are very much covered with rompers as opposed to mini dresses.

According to CNN, there was a Kickstarter in which some individuals want to provide more style options for men. This one group called ACED Designs is trying to make rompers for males a thing with their RompHim. How would you like to pay about $120 USD for a stylish men's romper? Other designers have had their hand in trying to make male rompers. For this blog post, however, this look at male rompers was inspired by the likes of ACED Designs.

Despite the style rompers and jumpsuits have, there is one major complaint. If you have to use the bathroom, you have to basically take off the entire romper or jumpsuit to use the toilet. You don't have the luxury of simply unzipping a fly or something like you would with most bottoms.

Some Basic Thoughts.

The only way males can get into wearing rompers is if they lose a bet or something. Regardless, it is going to be tough to convince males to wear rompers. There's a better chance of us guys wearing skirts than us males wearing rompers. Even if I had to choose, I'd rather wear a skirt rather than a romper.

People may be wondering- why is somebody foolish enough to even want to make rompers for men? Let's look at a few schools of thought. For one thing, male fashion options are not as vast as female fashion. So seeing rompers is good in a sense in expanding the range of fashion options for males. Males are not as adept with fashion as females are. Some males believe in fashion freedom rather than have feminine fashion items tailored exclusively for males.

On the Other Hand...

There could be an actual comfort factor to this. You see, I am someone who believes in the possibility of skirts and dresses being stylish for males. One of the reasons why rompers are chic among females is mostly for looking hot while being covered. Some females rock mini skirts and mini dresses anyways, but at least it's nice to know you're covered with short rompers. So these male rompers could be as close to wearing a mini dress while still feeling great and stylish.

Also on another hand, there may be some males who would be VERY comfortable wearing feminine rompers (granted they fit males) rather than have these male-specific rompers. So in the minds of such males, the thought of male-specific rompers would be both pointless and unnecessary when you could find a fairly decent feminine romper that you can wear. But you know there are those types who would cringe at the notion of a male wearing something a female could easily look stylish in. Not every male can pull off certain looks or trends, but at least it is nice to know some males dare test these fashion waters.

Now for some Final Thoughts.

Rompers for Men: Final Thoughts

The attempt of groups like RompHim to make rompers/playsuits fashionable for men is an ambitious one. I would not see myself wearing a romper, let alone these "RompHim" rompers. I may only recommend rompers for males for those who either like infusing feminine fashion into their wardrobe or can comfortably wear even the most feminine of rompers. Other than that, this is going to be a fashion fad that will get highly criticized, such as gaucho pants or fanny packs. Even bringing up likes of gender roles will be a factor in male rompers becoming any level of popular or trendy. I just don't see male rompers going to become popular or well-loved among us male fashion lovers.

For More Information:

Here is the Kickstarter to the group trying to make rompers for males stylish: The RompHim™: Your new favorite summer outfit.

This one's over.

What do you think about male rompers? Would you (as a male) wear a romper? Or would you rather wear certain feminine rompers rather than these male-specific ones?

And for you female readers...

Would you buy your boyfriend/fiancé/husband a romper/playsuit?

As today is Memorial Day, I want to thank all of the men and women, active or retired, living or dead, for your service defending the United States of America. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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