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Monday, July 24, 2017


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Skechers is very popular for their unique shoes. Their shoes likely won't arouse the most fashion-savvy audiences, but they more than make up for this with many high-quality shoes for a variety of ages and for both males and females. Skechers is therefore one of the most popular and well-liked footwear designers today. In this blog post, I will make mention to Skechers and their many different shoes they have to offer. I'd like to welcome all of you to "StyleSpace by JBM" and another post in my fashion and beauty blog.

A Note About Brands Posts...

All posts under my "Brands" quality are all personal opinion, and I am not paid or sponsored to post about all featured brands in my posts. I was not contacted by Skechers or anything in coming up with this post. It was simply my decision to blog about this company and their offerings.


Founded in 1992 and based in Manhattan Beach, California, USA; Skechers footwear can be found in a variety of stores. Their offerings encompass casual (and some chic) shoes for everyone of all ages ranging from babies to adults. Many of which are mostly affordable. A lot of Skechers shoes offer some fairly unique casual design shoes that have sporty style. Aside from mostly sporty shoes, they also offer workwear shoes. Among some of their non-sporty, non fashion shoes are a variety of work shoes.

I mentioned Skechers as not being something that would appeal to very fashionable folk. And very much so, they aren't going to. Some people would probably think they would be found dead wearing Skechers. At least Skechers is a different kind of footwear company with casual shoes apart from the likes of (for example) Converse. Even still, you see Skechers promoted by celebrities. Some of those whom have worn and promoted Skechers include former football player Howie Long and singer Meghan Trainor.

I've owned a pair of Skechers sneakers before. I found them to be a bit rugged and stylish for my casual wardrobe. They did feel a bit flat for me since these were a mostly flat pair of sneakers. And since I don't really have any heels, I felt a bit weak after extended amounts of walking in them.

Skechers for females can be very cute. Their popular Bikers shoes are a cross between mary janes and sporty sneakers. They were more like sporty mary janes. I even remember a few sneaker-style sandals Skechers offered especially in the 2000s. Skechers even have some laceless sneakers and some backless sneakers I recall.

Famous (or Infamous?) Skechers.

Two of Skechers' shoe lines have been rather notorious. In the 2000s, they revealed their "Shape-Ups" shoes. The Shape-Up shoes could be thought of as workout shoes for those who don't like working out. Their unusual design combines a wedge sort of shoe along with their usual sporty appearance. Many thought these were ugly; some others actually wore these and put them to good use.

The other interesting shoes could be thought of as Skechers' answer to TOMS- BOBS. TOMS is known for offering their espadrilles and other shoes in which proceeds and purchases of their shoes help provide children in need with shoes to wear. BOBS, therefore, is Skechers' initiative to do the same. You probably don't hear much about BOBS as much as you do TOMS, but it is always great to have such benevolence from a company like Skechers.

Skechers in Pictures

Skechers in pictures. Enjoy!

Please note that some of these items or some of these topics may show up in individual blog posts here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

Skechers sneakers
^ from: - Here are a basic pair of Skechers sneakers. This is a pair of women's sneakers.

Skechers sandals
^ from: - Here are some of their sandals.

Now for two different styles of boots.

Skechers fashion boots
^ from: - This is a pair of fashion boots for Juniors.

Skechers work boots
^ from: - These men's work boots are Skechers as well..

Skechers Shape-Ups
^ from: - The Shape-Ups from Skechers gained popularity as being shoes for those who want a workout without actually getting a workout. Note the wedge style of these shoes while not being a proper pair of wedge shoes.

Skechers Shape-Ups sandals
^ from: - Shape-Ups, however, can also take on different forms- such as these feminine sandals.

Skechers BOBS
^ from: - BOBS are the feminine shoes Skechers offers. Most important about these shoes is how Skechers gives back to others upon purchase of these shoes.

So you now have an idea of Skechers and their offerings.

Skechers: Final Thoughts

From babies to adults, males and females, and of many purposes; Skechers has a diverse profile and array of shoes for mostly casual and sporty tastes. It is almost as if to say there is a pair of Skechers for everyone at prices that won't exactly break the bank. They offer a style of footwear that is appealing in the sense of interesting colors and styles. Their shoes are anything but boring. Skechers isn't going to blow you away with chic offerings, and I doubt there are too many A-list celebrities who will be wearing Skechers over any high-fashion brands or labels. For those who just want a stylish pair of casual shoes, Skechers should not be overlooked or undermined. Look elsewhere if you seek elegance. If you just want cool and stylish casual shoes or daytime shoes, give Skechers a try. You probably won't regret it. So go find Skechers footwear at your favorite retail store, or even visit a Skechers store if any are available to you.

Do remember that as a fashion blog, I do not exclusively have to mention high-end brands all the time. Most people usually feel all fashion blogs only mention and promote high-end designers. Perhaps people only care about the major designers. I am not like that. In fact, there haven't been too many times in the history of "StyleSpace by JBM" where I have mentioned elite fashion designers. I am still pleased to do a proper blog post on companies like Skechers.

Skechers Online

Your participation in this section is voluntary (meaning you don't have to take part in it if you don't want to), but would be vastly appreciated. Since you're here, allow me to point you towards Skechers footwear if you are interested in shopping. So take a look around and help yourself to some Skechers if interested.


Skechers' main website features all of the latest footwear from the brand. Visit today/tonight!


Here are some Skechers I found to be pretty cool. If you prefer Shopstyle, here are some finds of mine that may interest you. The majority (or all of them) are mostly for Women's size shoes:


Skechers on Amazon. Check it:

Men's Skechers...

Women's Skechers...

Skechers Kids...

Skechers Shape-Ups (all)...

I may add more material in edits. For now, happy shopping!

This post is over. Thank you coming here, thank you for interacting with my work, and most of all... thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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