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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

UGG Australia

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Sheepskin boots from UGG Australia are popular. Once, I called sheepskin boots as the flip-flop/thong sandals of cold weather since many a fashionista have worn these ridiculously warm shoes. You either love or loathe UGG Australia and their products. Even some males- such as NFL quarterback Tom Brady- have succumbed to the comfort and appeal of these boots. I want to open the floor to showcase UGG Australia in my fashion blog. So welcome to another post of "StyleSpace by JBM!"

A Note About Brands.

I either choose to blog about a company or post a blog after being contacted by them. Opinions are of my own, and I chose to blog about the following brand myself. I came up with making this blog post on my own and was not contacted by the brand.

UGG Australia

If you don't know what most people call UGGs, and if you never seen the popular shoes, here is a picture to set the mood:

sheepskin boots UGG Australia
^ from: - This is the iconic Classic UGG sheepskin boots.

UGG Australia was founded in 1978 in Southern California by an American founder who has Australian roots. His love of sheepskin helped him to design footwear praising the comfort of sheepskin. This fellow also was deeply involved in the surfing culture. Even though UGG today is the go-to shoes for cold weather, UGG Australia's footwear was meant as a part of the surfing culture. Over the years, UGG Australia has evolved in a wildly popular and wildly successful footwear company. But on top of their footwear offerings, they even offer items such as home decor and some loungewear (such as robes). It was in 2013 that UGG Australia celebrated its 35th anniversary. UGG Australia is proudly made in the United States of America with love and heritage from Australia.

The company is known for their widely popular sheepskin boots which have been imitated and duplicated by many other shoe designers. You may note I have referred to these boots as "sheepskin boots" and not "UGGs." That is because while UGG makes a very popular style of shoe, they are not the only ones who make such shoes; or at least, not the ones most credited. Sheepskin boots from UGG are as recognized much like Converse sneakers or Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes despite various knockoffs and imitators. Their offerings rang from shoes for children and babies up to full adult sizes.

UGG Australia's shoes are mostly popular when it is cold weather time. Their most popular shoes are mostly mid-calf or slightly knee-high boots in amazingly warm and comfortable materials. Even though they are famous for cold weather shoes, they were really meant for warm weather footwear also. I once read a story that some wore UGG sheepskin boots in warm weather when going surfing on cool or cold mornings. I even once seen a video of one woman in a bikini while wearing sheepskin boots. So UGG Australia's sheepskin boots can be all-year boots if you so choose.

Besides sheepskin boots, UGG Australia also offers various other footwear. They make various lace-up boots, rain boots, moccasins, as well as slip-on clogs. Their Classic boots are the most popular style from UGG. Those boots can even have an all sequin detail for you glamour types. There are also some UGG boots that have cute bows to them. Male offerings of UGGs include their popular Classic boots, but also a handful of moccasins, slip-on clogs, and some lace-up shoes and boots.

While some people wear UGG footwear in cold weather, some think UGGs are not as practical in cold weather. So you may not be too keen if you are wading around wet areas or snowy areas. They are still mostly fine footwear for when it is not extremely cold or snowy.

Now that you have insight on UGG Australia, it is time to offer some final thoughts.

UGG Australia: Final Thoughts

UGG Australia has come a long way and has been so revered by many fashionable types. You may loathe the sheepskin boots popularly worn by fashionable types, but don't discredit their overall appeal. I personally wouldn't want a pair of UGG footwear. However, there is potential for some nice casual outfits, especially among females. There are certainly fashionistas who will pair some UGG boots by tucking them into jeans or pants. More "cute" types will wear UGGs with skirts and dresses or even shorts. Such fashionable girls may or may not wear tights or leggings with these shoes. UGGs will not win the hearts of the haute couture crowd or the overly chic crowd. While the company is referred to as UGG Australia, their products are made in America and loved worldwide.

Rock your UGGs if you adore and admire their products! Your participation in the next section is voluntary, but would be appreciated.

UGG Australia Online

The majority of this post is done. I now want to thank you for reading this post by offering you some UGGs online if case you want to get yourself some UGGs after reading this blog post. Let me help you help yourself!


UGG Australia on Amazon:


Here are many of the footwear offerings from UGG Australia. I am uncertain about any unisex items, but this mostly includes women-only UGG items, and I also will mostly focus on UGG footwear:

For More Information...

To learn more about UGG Australia, visit

Happy shopping and thanks for the support! :)

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