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Monday, December 4, 2017

Cropped Sweaters

John Marine | 2:42 PM | |
Sweaters keep you warm. With cropped tops being hot, cropped sweaters are cold weather hot. They may not be as practical since you want your extremities warm when it's cold. Even if to showcase your midriff, the cropped sweater can be pretty hot for cold weather fashions. This is a fairly brief post about cropped sweaters.

Cropped Sweaters

There are three ways cropped sweaters can be styled in my view:

cropped sweater bare
^ from: (Amazon) - Cropped sweater with bare midriff.

You could simply wear a cropped sweater as is. You can bare midriff in a cropped sweater- if you are brave enough to wear a cropped sweater as your midriff is exposed on a cold day. There is nothing wrong with this- just be ready to deal with the cold temperatures if you go bare midriff with a cropped sweater. Certain cropped sweaters can be hot to wear while offering a bit of midriff.

cropped sweater high-waist high waist
^ from: (Amazon) - A cropped sweater worn with high-waist bottoms.

Even with a cropped sweater, you could always wear a cropped top while also wearing high-waist bottoms. Hopefully your bottoms are warm enough when it's cold. The inclination most think of is that you have to show off your midriff wearing such a short sweater. That is true... to an extent. Some fashionable types are awed by the look of pairing a cropped top of some kind but with high-waist bottoms. So you get the appeal of wearing a shorter than usual top but without the guilt of belly baring like with the 1970s or the 1990s. In other words, a cropped sweater can be a way of getting away with wearing a cropped top during cold weather!

cropped sweater layer
^ from: (Amazon) - A cropped sweater can easily be layered over a shirt or some other top.

This method is perhaps the most practical of the three. You could throw on a cropped sweater much like you can with a simple jacket, a bolero, or a shrug when it is cold. The cropped sweater can either add to an outfit or be something to wear if it gets cold for your shoulders or arms.

So now you have an idea with cropped sweaters.

Cropped Sweaters: Final Thoughts

Cropped sweaters may not be overly practical in protecting your extremities, but they can be great in showcasing some chic style on cold days. So be sure to give cropped sweaters a chance if you fancy them!

Cropped Sweaters Online.

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I hope you have enjoyed your time here. Come back any time! Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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