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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eco-Friendly Fashion

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Why does fashion have to come at the cost of threatening the environment or animals? Many treehuggers would argue this in regards to fashion. Can you still look good without putting a significant dent on the environment? Well, yes! Eco-friendly fashion allows one to still look and feel good while not attacking the environment in some such way. Environmentally-friendly materials and certain vegan items allow for people to look and feel good on the outside, and feel great on the inside knowing they didn't have to wear things detrimental to the environment to look good. Some fashions were purely designed with making items that doesn't hurt the environment or (more importantly) animals. This blog entry contains a variety of eco-friendly fashions for both males and females You'll see what I have to come up with as this blog entry continues.

The name "eco-friendly" is the umbrella term for green fashions for this blog entry. Other such names used include eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, guilt-free, ethical fashion. Still, you know what this blog entry is about. Most of this blog post comes from my main blog- "John's Blog Space." The material from my original blog post has been edited for featuring here on "StyleSpace by JBM." And one last thing- I am NOT a treehugger, so don't think I created this just to boast about "green" fashion. I am providing this blog post for educational purposes and to expand the range of topics for this blog.

This blog post on "StyleSpace" was taken from my main blog "John's Blog Space" and edited substantially for this blog.

--- Eco-Friendly Clothing at a Glance ---

Making an impact with fashion is always cool. Making a fashion impact while not impacting the environment is equally cool. Making such an impact is good for tree-huggers. To be honest, eco-friendly fashion shows that you can look fashionable while not hurting the environment or at the expense of slain animals.

In today's world, a lot of us are ever conscious of what we are doing to this earth. Environmental issues such as global warming have us taking certain measures to protect this earth (or at least- what we can protect). The fashion community even has taken certain strides to contribute to the cause of helping our earth. For some people, fashion is all about wearing various stylish pieces regardless of where they come from. To some other people, however, they want to feel good knowing that they can look good without wearing anything that was created from damaging the environment or from slain animals. Some people find incentive in knowing that what they wear and carry was created from sustainable materials and in various guilt-free fashions. So to the cause of providing such items, the appeal is eminent regarding various eco-friendly fashions.

Some of the different eco-friendly fashion items and accessories end up being more useful and more helpful than most items that are not eco-friendly. Some clothes may even look better or just as good as any non eco-friendly clothes. You want to look good. You want to feel good. Do you want to do so with environmentally-friendly, guilt-free clothing? If concern for the environment is of interest to you in regards to fashion, then I think this blog post I've created may well interest you completely.

Why Sustainable Fashion?

Here are seven reasons why sustainable fashion is better (source:
1. It's better for the Earth.
2. It's better for people.
3. It's better for animals.
4. It lasts longer.
5. It's more personal.
6. It's easier (and cheaper) to take care of your clothes.
7. It's more than just organic.

You can read more on WHY these were selected by reading Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion from

Does Eco-Friendly Fashion Matter?

Some designers and retailers, such as American Apparel, offer completely eco-friendly fashions. A lot of people don't really care whether or not certain fashions are eco-friendly or not, only as long as the garment(s) in question look good and fit right (myself included). I am not going to buy a certain piece of clothing just because it's environmentally friendly. An added level of confidence can be added knowing that certain garments did not require damage to the environment or to animals in the creation of a certain garment.

So whether or not eco-friendly fashion matters to you depends on your views on fashion and the environment. Is looking good important to you while also knowing you are wearing something that isn't damaging to the environment? Only deterrent would probably be that certain eco-friendly fashions are more expensive than some other garments.

Eco-Friendly Fashion at a Glance.

So what eco-friendly fashions exist? What kinds of eco-friendly and sustainable fashions there are? This section features a number of examples. Check these out (click on the source links to these images to shop for these items from the source):

organic cotton dress
^ from: - This comfortable dress was made out of 100% organic cotton.

vegan leather
^ from: - These leather short shorts aren't just any pair of leather short shorts- they are vegan leather short shorts.

vegan dress
^ from: - Can you believe this ombré dress is a vegan dress?

long-sleeve organic T-shirt
^ from: - There are eco-friendly fashions for males as well. Take this organic T-shirt for instance.

eco-friendly jeans
^ from: - Even jeans- such as these jeans for men- can be made of eco-friendly materials.

organic cotton shirt
^ from: - Here is an eco-friendly button-down shirt.

vegan sneakers
^ from: - Slip on some vegan sneakers for a casual pair of shoes to wear for some eco-friendly chic.

vegan heels
^ from: - Is it possible to wear a hot pair of heels that are eco-friendly? Yes! These are vegan dancing sandals made of all man-made materials.

vegan leather boots
^ from: - These are vegan leather boots for women.

reusable tote
^ from: - A reusable tote is made of sustainable materials and is very durable.

eco-friendly beauty product
^ from: - In addition to clothes and accessories, various beauty and health care products are eco-friendly. They may contain chemicals and materials that are not damaging to the environment.

If you would like more insight in eco-friendly fashions, has provided an episode regarding eco-friendly fashions. Please check out this video below:

^ "Earth-Friendly Fashion | Ep 19" from YouTube

--- Eco-Friendly Fashion: American Apparel (Honorable Mention) ---

This section is where I pay Honorable Mention to American Apparel as one of the premier designers. They are sweatshop-free and practice environmentally friendly practices. And of course, who hasn't heard of American Apparel or seen their fashions?

Here's a fun fact for you... American Apparel was founded in Canada before moving to Los Angeles. To learn more about American Apparel, visit

--- Eco-Friendly Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

If you feel guilty for wearing clothing that is damaging to the environment or was made from killed animals, then eco-friendly fashion is certainly the way to go. It is very assuring for eco-friendly types to enjoy wearing fashions that do not damage the environment or are guilt-free and sustainable. Some eco-friendly fashion items are so stylish that it doesn't even matter if it is eco-friendly, though it's nice to know it is eco-friendly.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Do you want more regarding similar topics? Here are a few other posts you might be interested in:

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I hope you enjoyed my blog post regarding eco-friendly fashion.

--- Eco-Friendly Fashions Online ---

Care to be stylish without harming the environment? If your answer is yes, then I can help you right here. Use the following items and links to begin your green shopping experience! I would appreciate your business if you bought from any of the different links or items online I am providing for all of you. Please have a look around and happy shopping:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Please select any items from any category that may interest you.

For all eco-friendly items:

For all eco-friendly bags:

For all vegan clothing:

For all vegan footwear:

For all men's eco-friendly items:

Other Sources.

There are many other ways to enjoy eco-friendly fashion. The links I've posted below are search results to eco-friendly fashions and maybe even some vegan fashions. Some of the many sites you can visit to get your eco-friendly fix can be had with any of these links:

eco-friendly on Amazon, vegan (clothes) on Amazon, and vegan (shoes) on Amazon
all eco-friendly items on eBay and all vegan items on eBay
all vegan items on Shopbop
eco-friendly fashions on Neiman Marcus and all vegan items on Neiman Marcus
eco-friendly items on and vegan items on
eco-friendly items on and vegan items on
vegan shoes and accessories on

Eco-Friendly Fashion Specialists.

American Apparel
Eco Skin Apparel
Trinity Organic Clothing « must register to use

Thank you for reading! If you are into "green" fashion and the "green" lifestyle, feel free to proudly support your love of all things "green." Now can I help you get social with me?

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John Marine said...

Thanks for featuring eco-friendly and vegan fashion. You don't have to be a "tree hugger" to care about sustainability and the environment.

I love eco-friendly fashion, but I admit that I don't usually actively seek it out. For those who are most concerned with sustainable fashion, buying vintage or second-hand and having fashion recycling parties (where people exchange unwanted clothes and accessories) are still better than buying new.

Organic cotton is usually incredibly soft, and it's nice to know that it was made in a way a little less damaging to the environment than traditional processes.

I almost always wear "vegan" fashion as I am a vegetarian and animal rights supporter. I rarely ever wear leather, and generally, I only wear leather if it's second-hand/vintage. Let animals wear their own skin! :-)


John Marine said...

Huh, that's so cool that there is vegan clothing! I never knew! That ombre dress is simply stunning--I love one shoulder pieces! I agree--while I am supportive of eco-friendly clothing, I won't buy it unless it fits well and looks good. Props to American Apparel for leading the way!

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