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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is There a Such Thing as a "Blogger Look?"

John Marine | 9:52 PM |
Some people who criticize fashion bloggers think there is some sort of look that best defines most fashion bloggers- or at least certain garments and shoes only bloggers would wear. For example, a majority of bloggers usually wear the same kind of garment or a certain kind of shoes. Almost as if only bloggers would wear these items rather than real people with real style. Are you willing to discuss and debate for/against people who criticize fashion bloggers in this manner? This post is more like a debate on what some people think about most fashion bloggers in regards to the clothes they wear and feature in posts. Is there a such thing as a "blogger look" that some people equate as far as what bloggers wear? Or maybe do such critics have a point regarding most fashion bloggers? Do you agree or disagree with fashion blog critics who think most bloggers have a certain look that is highly common among most fashion bloggers? These questions and more will be debated in this blog post. Welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM!"

Think About This Before Beginning...

Here is the question I want you to ponder as I go along:

Is there a "blogger look?"

Let's begin!

--- The "Blogger Look" and General Thoughts ---

Before I begin, this blog post here on "StyleSpace by JBM" was inspired by a post in another blog. If you are interested in reading a post that inspired this blog post, you are free to click on this link below:

SHIT BLOGGERS WEAR (I apologize for the bad language)

When you visit a lot of fashion blogs, you sometimes see trends in action among various bloggers. Some bloggers seem to love wearing a certain popular piece of clothing, a popular pair of shoes, certain hairstyles, and things like that. It leaves the impression some people make that various bloggers dress alike and always seem to wear the same kind of clothes. It is tough to be original when everyone else has seemingly done everything.

In the case of fashion blogging, it becomes redundant to see certain fashion blogs feature the same style clothes. What kinds of clothes am I talking about? Some of the clothes and shoes I've featured in their own posts were because they were trendy among bloggers and on fashion communities like LOOKBOOK and Chictopia. One such example I will provide is when I blogged about the Valentino "Rockstud" series of shoes. Even if a popular pair of shoes are knockoffs of a very popular shoe, at least the same-style shoes are popular among various fashionable types. These items make up the hottest of-the-moment fashions that various fashionable types have or want to have in their wardrobe.

Using the Valentino "Rockstud" shoes as my example, I have seen various bloggers wear the popular studded pumps (as well as knockoff versions) with their outfits. Does it mean that there is a lack of originality? Does it mean that people aren't willing to try any more unique outfits? If you think various fashion bloggers seem to wear the same clothes, then you probably could assume there is not much originality among fashion bloggers; but you can't assume such items are what any fashion blogger would wear. Speaking of assuming things...

The Assumption of a "Blogger Look."

Assuming there is a such thing as a "blogger look" gives the impression that all fashion bloggers dress alike or similarly, and they wear some of the same clothes most other fashion bloggers would wear. One of the most common criticisms some people make about fashion bloggers is that they seem to post about fashions they normally wouldn't wear out in public. Some bloggers even personally mention they actually wear what they feature. Many fashion bloggers who lovingly post outfits do so because they love fashion. Some do wear certain outfits just to showcase their own unique style, and some others show what they would actually wear.

Saying that there is a "blogger look" means that an anonymous person who starts up his/her own blog and shows off his/her outfits is somehow going to dress similarly to what is seen in most other fashion blogs. At least, that is what is assumed when people feel there is a certain style shared by fashion bloggers alike.

I have some resources to share with you in regards to those who criticize that certain bloggers have a certain code or a certain fixated style to their posts and their outfits. Please advance to the next section.

--- The "Blogger Look" Resources ---

Do you want more insight into people who think bloggers wear the same clothes or look the same? Here are a few links to sites where some people think all bloggers dress alike and lack originality (I recommend you read the second link I posted):

"20 sarcastic tips to become a popular fashion blogger" (Dressful)
"Fashion Bloggers Posts the Same Stuff" (Style Vanity)

These are just two sites that basically talk about how most fashion bloggers dress, and they are mostly portrayed in a way that makes it seem like every fashion blogger (according to the respective authors) dresses a certain, annoying way. Do you agree or disagree with their comments?

--- The "Blogger Look": Final Thoughts ---

Like any industry, like any culture, like any society; there will be a fair share of lovers and haters. The fashion blogging industry is no different. Every fashion blogger has his/her/their own style expressed in a way only the blogger(s) see fit. While it may seem like various bloggers seem to wear the same sort of clothing or shoes, it doesn't mean the look is somehow indigenous to bloggers.

You can't assume there is a such thing as a "blogger look" even if it seems like some bloggers wear certain things you'd easily find in a blog post or some online picture. Not every fashion blogger dresses the same way even though there may be some items commonly and popularly featured more than others. If fashionable types didn't care much about being and feeling fashionable, then the effort to put together various outfits and such would mean nothing. Some people make the notion of bloggers dressing alike or similarly as if it is effortless to look like "just another fashion blogger" rather than defining your own unique style. And so be it if certain bloggers wear certain clothes that seems like many other bloggers seem to wear. Either it is a very popular and trendy garment or that maybe someone is trying to wear the most popular and trendy looks and garments in different ways in different outfits for identity and individuality.

Think about it this way- how would you celebrate and honor certain fashion bloggers if it seems like each one dresses the same way or similarly? If all fashion bloggers were alike in the clothing they wear and the way they wear them, how would we be able to tell others apart? How would one tell the difference between a girly fashion blogger and some edgy fashion blogger? Some bloggers may always seem to wear Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" booties in most of their posts and maybe some popular Forever 21 clothes. Does it mean every blogger dresses similarly?

Even if it seems like various bloggers dress alike or seem to wear common garments from certain designers (including knockoffs of designer items), there is no "blogger look" no matter who wears what. If you want to think there is a way to combat looking like "just another fashion blogger," then do so by dressing in a more original way than how most people criticize most fashion bloggers. Good luck.

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How do you feel about this sort of criticism regarding fashion bloggers? Is there a such thing as a "blogger look," as if all or almost all fashion bloggers tend to look a certain way and tend to wear only certain clothes mostly? Let me know what you think about this issue. Just remember that I will almost never do any outfit posts because I have nothing real special to share. Thank you for reading my non-traditional fashion blog- StyleSpace by JBM!

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John Marine said...

I think that fashion bloggers do get inspired by each other and sometimes follow the trend but so do most people so...I will have to take a moment to think about. Maybe there is really such a thing as a blogger look.

John Marine said...

It is sometimes annoying although I do love seeing similar styles on diffent people because often they have different vision of this item.

by the way thanks for dropping on my blog and you awesome comment! I really appreciate it!

John Marine said...

I do think there are some similarities in blogger looks, especially among bloggers who feature higher-end fashion. That said, many fashion bloggers, myself included, like to have fun with trends, so it makes sense that many fashion bloggers would pick pick up on the same trends or even serve as inspiration for each other.

Great post!!


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