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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kitten Heels

John Marine | 6:39 PM | |
The alphas and omegas of heels are flats and high heels respectively. Somewhere between flats and high heels are kitten heels. They have elevated heels while not being deceptively high. More people prefer high heels than almost any flat-heel or low-heel shoes, despite the comfort factor associated with flats. Also... I am a cat lover, so I often become pretty happy with these being called as kitten heels. This blog post is a little look at kitten heels. Do you fancy kitten heels, or do you think they are horrible or (dare I say) fake high heels?

--- Kitten Heels ---

Here is one pair of kitten heels to set the mood of this post:

kitten heels
^ from: - Kitten heel pumps.

Kitten heels are a middle ground between flats and high-heels. You could even call these shoes as modest high-heeled shoes. Kitten heels are feminine since they have those deceptive spike heels to them. What kitten heels lack in being high they make up for with offering feminine style. They are still a pair of heeled shoes; just that these shoes don't have appealing and seductive high heels.

Most fashionable types understandably would frown upon kitten heels because they lack the appeal and character of high-heel shoes. However, the same people would probably prefer kitten heels over most flats. When you have a chance to dazzle and captivate with an outfit and to wear some hot shoes, you will have a hard time looking and feeling sexy with such kitten heel shoes to go with a hot outfit.

I always try to be neutral with my topics and my introductions. That said, kitten heels don't appeal to me much. The shape of most kitten heel shoes in proportion to the rest of the shoe don't really add up to something real stylish. Most high-heel pumps have their appeal because they are styled beautifully and exude loads of appeal. If you know me, you know that there are certain touches that look best on certain kinds of shoes. Two of those elements are slingbacks and peep-toes/open-toes. Slingbacks are okay on any shoe of any heel, but I dislike peep-toe designs on flats and low-heel shoes... kitten heels included. You can only do so much with low-heel and flat-heel shoes to make them stylish. The only reason I'd probably go with kitten heels (if I were female, of course) is if I wanted to wear a feminine and stylish pair of shoes that were comfortable but want to avoid wearing flats.

Kitten Heels: Video Insight.

Here is some video insight on kitten heels:


Might I add... those are fabulous kitten heels in the video!

--- Kitten Heels in Pictures ---

All about the kitten heel in these pictures. How do you like your kitten heels?

kitten heel pumps
^ from: - Most kitten heel pumps offer comfort and feminine charm even if they lack the sex appeal of their higher heel counterparts.

kitten heels ballet
^ from: - Think of these kitten heel pumps as ballet flats with a slightly elevated heel.

kitten heel sandals
^ from: - If you dislike kitten heels, does the style of these sandals help make them better to you?

kitten heel thong sandals
^ from: - A simple pair of thong sandals can be glammed up somewhat by adding a kitten heel at the back.

kitten heel short boots
^ from: - These strappy short boots have a somewhat chunky kitten heel.

kitten heel tall boots
^ from: - The kitten heel to these tall boots is a deal breaker to some people.

Those are only a few different kitten heel shoes out there.

--- Kitten Heels: Final Thoughts ---

For reasons other than comfort in feminine shoes, kitten heels just don't do it for me. I am not going to suggest that you wear high heels, but I just don't get turned on (and I know this is a male blogging about kitten heels) with kitten heels as I do with even the foxiest pair of high-heels whether stiletto or wedge. The modesty of kitten heels do make them stylish to mostly wear with a lot of office-type outfits. I'd just avoid more appealing and hot looks with kitten heels. I still stand by saying that kitten heels are for those who want middle ground between wearing flats and wearing high-heels. Kitten heel shoes lack the foxy appeal of high-heel shoes, but they more than make up for the lack of appeal by being modest and classy. Most kitten heels are only TOO appealing. They do have their appeal and their charm... just that the charm isn't as great and as seductive as higher heeled shoes.

Proudly wear your kitten heels if you so love them! Proudly wear them even if you agree or disagree with my views on kitten heels!

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I hope you have a great day. You just made my day by reading (and hopefully enjoying) this blog post.

--- Kitten Heels Online ---

I am always trying to be professional despite the fact I casually discuss elements of fashion. So coming up next are some kitten heels online in case you enjoyed my post. Because even if you agree or disagree with my points, at least I portray things in an honest and professional manner. Help yourself to some kitten heel shoes, sandals, or boots if you want to buy some. Your cooperation is voluntary, but I would appreciate your business if you did buy something you liked from going through the items below. These items feature all available kitten heel shoes from each source:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Other Sources...

Come get your kitten heels from these sources as well:

kitten heels on Amazon
kitten heels on eBay
kitten heels on
kitten heels on

Share your thoughts about kitten heels here! Before you do so, I just want to thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

I like kitten heels. I have such a hard time finding shoes of any sort that fit my feet properly, but lately, I've been on the hunt for lower and mid-heel shoes as well as cute flats. For my lifestyle, I need more lower heeled shoes for comfort.

You're right that it's harder to find cute and stylish lower heeled and flat shoes. I don't think it's necessarily because of the just seems that there's more investment in making cute and stylish high heels vs. other styles of shoes.

I feel like there's almost a cop-out when it comes to mid and low-heel shoes for women. They tend to be plain and basic without a lot of adornment or interesting details that you can find in many heels.

That said, I really like the black knee boots you showed, as well as the gold bow peep-toe heels. Hopefully, I can find some cute lower and mid-heel shoes and boots for this fall!


John Marine said...

These kitten heels are so cute! I wish they have a size 4. They looks so comfy & stylish.


John Marine said...

Kitten heels are cute. I didn't know they were called that but the name of it makes them cute. I think my next pair of heels will be this short.

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