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Friday, October 11, 2013


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Halloween may be the most fashionable time of year. It is a time of year where some people ponder hard about what they want to be each year. Some go for the most unique costumes. Some others take it a bit further with makeup and other touches. No matter what, Halloween is very much a time to be as creative as you want. This blog post is not any sort of personal suggestions post. Instead, this is just a general digest on Halloween.

Usually when I do posts on "StyleSpace by JBM," my intent is to avoid costumes and costume items. Most of what I post is about real fashions for real people. Some of my past blog posts mostly involved costume-like garments as I tried to put some of my posts together using various examples from other sources. This is one of those posts where costumes are fair game since Halloween is being discussed.

About the Label: "Costumes"

Blog posts that feature costumes are under this label. I usually don't feature anything of any costume nature on "StyleSpace by JBM" because I mostly focus on real fashion for real people. Topics under the "Costumes" label mostly feature costumes and insight on costumes and costume-like outfits.

--- Halloween ---

Halloween is about more than just candy, tricks and treats, and scaring people. Most people just see Halloween as a day to just have fun and dress up a certain way. Think of just one day out of the year where you can dress up to be almost anything you want. So is the appeal of Halloween. Many people have ideas as to how to dress up themselves or their children. Some people often times struggle trying to find out what they want to dress up as for Halloween. No matter what, Halloween can be a fun time to dress up for any number of people.

Dressing for Halloween, however, can involve much more than just costumes. Some even take things a step further with certain makeup and other beauty touches. Here are two perspectives on Halloween dressing...

Halloween: Costumes.

Do you know what you want to be for Halloween? Do you know what you want your children to be for Halloween (if you have children)? There are a variety of costumes for all walks of life ranging from babies to full-grown adults. What does it take to look cool for Halloween? It depends. What kind of statement do you want to make? People whom have enjoyed dressing up for Halloween many times before often times don't know what they want to dress up as for the upcoming Halloween. If you enjoy this holiday, you're always looking for fun outfits and ways to enjoy dressing up for Halloween.

Halloween: Beauty.

While Halloween is about costumes, it isn't about just costumes. In fact, certain touches to your appearance and to your outfit can add that extra bit of style to your Halloween costume. There are elements such as hair, makeup, accessories, and more that will help add some extra style to your Halloween outfit. It is all about finding and wearing outfits that are going to embrace and exhibit whatever you are going for in Halloween. There are items such as face paints and various other items to help enhance your looks for Halloween.

Once you think about what you want to be and how you want to present yourself, the next thing is to simply put your outfit together and go have fun!

--- Halloween: Final Thoughts ---

I hope all of you have a happy and safe Halloween for when Halloween rolls around. Use this opportunity to have fun dressing up and styling yourself up to look and feel your best. Be sure to have an awesome outfit for whatever you want to be for this Halloween. Remember- you put in the time and effort to think about what kind of outfit or anything to dress up for Halloween as. Go enjoy this experience and be safe. Also, go enjoy that candy that people treat you with! :)

--- In Case You Wonder About Me... (Bonus Section!) ---

In case you ask what I will be for Halloween, I will be... myself. Sort of a personal story is that Halloween has been a time where some of my worst moments and worst memories have happened. These usually bring back some negative memories for me personally. Some of those memories include things like being suspended for fighting, my final day as a student at one university, doing poorly on an assignment for college, and stuff like that. Friends of mine were born on Halloween. So while Halloween is a fun time, I don't usually look forward to Halloween often times with the same sort of happiness most other people do. Also, I just don't really celebrate Halloween in the sense of dressing up. So I am always one thing for Halloween- myself.

Sorry to disappoint any of my readers if you're expecting to see me go out in some sort of way in some kind of Halloween costume. While I may not share the same sort of happiness for Halloween, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying Halloween however you choose.

--- Halloween Resources ---

I have mostly discussed Halloween costumes here. If you are looking for some costume inspirations or whatever, I have these items below for you. I don't know what you want to be or how you parents reading this post want to dress your kids. So because I don't know, I'll leave it up to you to find something to help you out. Use these resources I've compiled for you all. Please note that the quoted material for the YouTube results are search results using the specified terms:

• For all things Halloween, including costumes and candy, please visit: Amazon Halloween Shop - Costumes, Candy (offer runs through November 1, 2013).

• Find costumes for your kids here: Shop Amazon - Kids' Halloween Store (offer runs until October 31, 2013).

"Halloween costumes" YouTube videos « videos about Halloween costumes.
"Halloween makeup" YouTube videos « videos about Halloween makeup.
"21 Easy Hair and Makeup Ideas for Halloween" (BuzzFeed) « some ideas for Halloween outfits.
"Halloween Makeup - Tis on Makeup Application" (Total Beauty) « makeup insights for Halloween outfits. Also includes non-Halloween
"Halloween Make-Up Tips" (KidzWorld) « Halloween makeup tips for kids and teens!
"Halloween Costumes for Girls - Halloween Party Themes and Makeup" (Seventeen) « outfits and makeup for Juniors.
"Cool Halloween Costumes for Men" (AskMen) « costume ideas for men.

Once again- I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween.

Thank you for reading this post of "StyleSpace by JBM!" I hope you will come back for more material from me in this non-traditional fashion blog. Now is your chance to get social with me if you enjoy my work. Look at the material below and have a great day! Also, don't forget to comment about your thoughts regarding Halloween from a fashion and beauty perspective! Anyhow, go have a nice day... but not without showing some love for me and my work, of course:

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