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Exposed Pocket Shorts

Shorts with exposed pockets are either very cute or very trashy depending on who you ask. One would say they are functional since they have pockets at the front. Some others would say they are trashy (and even ugly) with those pockets up front hanging down. But what do YOU think about these shorts? Maybe members of my female audience have at least one pair of these shorts I am about to make mention to. Whatever the case, it's time to go to work offering some commentary on these shorts. "StyleSpace by JBM" is the blog you've landed on. Welcome!

--- Exposed Pocket Shorts ---

Here is a picture of the kind of shorts I am talking about:

exposed pocket shorts
^ from: www.shopbop.com - Notice the exposed pockets at the front of these shorts. What do you think about shorts with exposed pockets?

exposed crochet pocket shorts
^ from: www.wetseal.com - These exposed pocket shorts have crocheted pockets.

Cutoff shorts are a favorite among most casual dressing types. Some find them cute and comfy, but some others may think they are trashy. Cutoff shorts with exposed pockets may be even more trashy to some people. There seems to be a certain quality for some to see visible pocket bags hanging down at the front of short shorts. On some pairs of these shorts, the exposed pockets themselves are either solid-colored or may have some kind of pattern to them, only adding to their appeal. You might even say there is some functionality to these short-shorts since you have some useful pockets.

I am not usually excited all that much for any sort of damaged denim. Even more so in regards to damaged denim short-shorts with exposed, hanging front pockets. Some people will just see something like exposed pocket shorts to be even more trashy than some cutoff denim jean shorts. Regardless, there is certainly room for these shorts to be stylish among fashionistas.

My Thoughts.

Normally on "StyleSpace by JBM," I always say that I am responsible for myself and that I am in no way qualified to discuss fashion on a professional level. That said, I actually somewhat gotten around to liking exposed pocket shorts. Part of me still find them just a bit trashy. Does that make it a bad thing to have such trashy looks? No. As I've said before in fashion- part of fashion is expression. You can take the cleanest (so to speak) looks or some of the trashiest or dirtiest looks and be your own version of fashionable. Part of "StyleSpace by JBM" is just a look at fashion from perspectives I follow.

I personally would not recommend any shorts that have such hanging pockets, but then again, I am not anyone's stylist. So if you enjoy and proudly wear these kinds of shorts, I am not hating. My only recommendation- do NOT pair these with tights. There are those who can't wait to wear their denim jean shorts with tights or leggings when it's cold. I just don't like the look of denim shorts with full tights or leggings. They can wait until when the weather warms up again. I've seen these exposed pocket shorts paired with tights or leggings before, and the look is horrid (to me)! So that's my style tip to share.

Other than that, I'm okay with exposed pocked shorts; I just don't love them to where I'd recommend them or prefer outfits be paired with them.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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I hope you had an enjoyable read of my content.

Let me know what you think about shorts with exposed pockets by posting your comments. Make sure you're subscribed to my blog(s) so you keep up with my latest posts. Get social with me if you want to. Most of all... thank you for reading!

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it all depends on the shorts and the person wearing them. personally I like the look if the shorts are a looser cut and 100% cotton - think vintage levi cut-offs. anything that has spandex tends to look a little off when the pockets are exposed.

Emmett - Hippie Lace



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