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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sleeved Basketball Jerseys

John Marine | 2:33 PM | | |
In the 2012-2013 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors debuted new sleeved jerseys. Adidas created these newer jerseys which players and fans either liked or disliked. Some players wear performance T-shirts under their traditional basketball jerseys rather than wear a completely sleeved jersey. That is about as close as some will get to wearing sleeved jerseys. Some players and fans absolutely loathe these sleeved jerseys. Where do you stand on these sleeved basketball jerseys? This blog post is a look at the sleeved basketball jerseys in today's basketball culture.

NOTE: This is a VERY old blog post I worked on but never completed until now. So a lot of the info here will be quite old as of the date of this initial blog post.

--- Sleeved Basketball Jerseys ---

Here is a sample of sleeved basketball jerseys:

sleeved basketball jerseys
^ from: (links to article) - Do you like your basketball jerseys with sleeves?

If you're a basketball fan, you are more used to the traditional sleeveless jerseys than these new sleeved jerseys. Some basketball players wear performance T-shirts underneath their basketball jerseys. The University of Evansville is usually what most people refer to in regards to sleeved basketball jerseys. These new sleeved basketball jerseys from Adidas are the new sort of deal to clothe basketball players. These jerseys supposedly offer a few different advantages when playing; and considering these are sleeved jerseys, it may also be possible they can be used for marketing. Imagine seeing sponsors and such on these jerseys much like WNBA teams have sponsorship on their jerseys.

Let me provide you some video insight on the sleeved jerseys, courtesy of the Golden State Warriors:

^ "Warriors Uniform Innovation "

On Christmas day in 2013, five games were played, and all ten teams playing wore these sleeved jerseys. This was part of the Adidas "Big Logo" deal marketed on Christmas day. The teams that played with those jerseys on that day include the following:

• Chicago Bulls
• Brooklyn Nets
• Oklahoma City Thunder
• New York Knicks
• Miami Heat
• Los Angeles Lakers
• Houston Rockets
• San Antonio Spurs
• Los Angeles Clippers
• Golden State Warriors

Many people dislike these sleeved jerseys. I even saw my beloved Houston Rockets take on San Antonio and win in San Antonio (sorry, Spurs fans :D). So what do other people think about these sleeved jerseys? Here are a few actual comments I found online:

"Truly embarassing for a life long Warriors fan. Nike should of never sold the rights to adidas for jersey production. Making the players look like soccer players. It's not soccer adidas!!!"

"i think adidas played the warriors for a fool. these are the ugliest things i have ever seen from the color to the non-matching tops and bottoms,to the pin stripes, to the fabrics, to the sleeves, and last but not least... those tops are wayyyyyyyyyyy tooooo tight. maybe they are looking to entice the SF citizens for future ticket sales. who knows but adidas is laughing all the way to the bank on this one. heads should be rolling on who ever gave this the green light. "

I'm sure more people would rather see the return of short shorts on basketball players more than seeing these sleeved jerseys. I think the sleeved basketball jerseys are nice, but I am still old fashioned and would prefer the usual sleeveless jerseys. Considering the deal with Adidas, it may be possible Adidas will milk these jerseys in a multitude of ways with the NBA. I am otherwise indifferent on these sleeved basketball jerseys.

Let me ask you sports fans...

What do you think about sleeved basketball jerseys? Would you wear one for fashion and/or for actually playing basketball?

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I like the sleeved jerseys.

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