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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sheer Skirts and Dresses

John Marine | 4:50 PM | |
(UPDATED: July 23, 2017)

In fashion, you may have seen sheer skirts and dresses. Today's crop of sheer skirts and sheer dresses offer elegance and style. What can make or break certain sheer skirts and dresses is their design. Does the sheer fabric compliment or corrupt the garment? Do they enhance the flow and grace of the skirt/dress or destroy it? Sheer isn't always lovely unless it is done beautifully. This blog post is a look at sheer skirts and sheer dresses and my thoughts about them.

This blog post only concerns sheer skirts and sheer dresses. The items featured may consist of items that are all or mostly translucent.


JUL 23 2017 - multiple edits

Sheer Skirts and Dresses

Being able to show off a bit is always an attention-grabbing detail to sheer items. Sheer skirts and sheer dresses are no different. The elegance of skirts and dresses are enhanced when wearing a sheer skirt or dress. The sheer panels add a little extra flair to accentuate these garments.

I think more than anything, what can make them lovely or not as lovely is the opacity of the sheer, not to mention how each skirt or dress is styled with the sheer elements. Some sheer elements of these skirts and dresses can make them not as elegant or not as charming. A skirt or dress with sheer sections still offers its fair share of coverage. An underskirt usually accompanies any kind of sheer skirt or dress. So it isn't as if one isn't fully covered when wearing a sheer skirt or a sheer dress.

As we're discussing something as elegant as sheer and of sheer panels, I would vastly suggest pairing these with other elegant items- such as a chic pair of pumps, sandals, or boots. No sneakers or combat boots or anything like that. I wouldn't recommend wearing sheer skirts and dresses in colder weather unless you're wearing some warm leggings or warm tights.

Sheer Skirts and Dresses: Examples

I mentioned sheer as good examples and bad examples. I will use some clothing examples to prove my point. You will know what I mean about certain good and bad (to me) sheer skirts and sheer dresses after you see some of these items. My thoughts on each item are expressed in the captions. (Visit the image source links below each picture to shop for that item from the source(s) I got the images from.)

Sheer Skirts and Dresses: Good Examples.

As I've said before, the determining factor in good or bad sheer skirts and dresses depend primarily on the opacity of the sheer elements and how the sheer parts are styled. Have a look at these:

sheer chiffon skirt
^ from: - This chiffon maxi skirt is styled elegantly even with the sheer maxi skirt attached to this knee-length underskirt. The sash belt around the waist is a beautiful touch.

high-low mullet chiffon dress
^ from: - This beautiful blue dress is immensely elegant in its design. Part of its design is in the sheer fabric which beautifully accentuates this dress.

sheer cocktail dress
^ from: - This cocktail dress features a lot of sheer material. I chose this picture of it not just because I love blue, but so you can see the sheer details.

I noted these as "good examples" because the sheer COMPLIMENTS the beauty of each item rather than ruin them. They look good too me and are sheer skirts and sheer dresses that are charming. The sheer parts are not overly sheer to where their beauty is ruined.

Sheer Skirts and Dresses: Bad Examples.

These are some sheer skirts and sheer dresses that I think ultimately kills their beauty. Agree or disagree at will:

print sheer skirt
^ from: - Sheer printed skirts and dresses are almost an absolute no-no. Just because this has animal prints doesn't mean it's automatically "cute."

tribal print sheer dress
^ from: - The skirt part of this high-low/mullet dress is TOO sheer for me and not as stylish as a whole. The dress just isn't as lovely to me.

chiffon maxi skirt
^ from: - This is a mini skirt mated to a chiffon maxi skirt. The skirt is too sheer to me and not as stylish to compliment the mini underskirt.

strapless sheer maxi dress
^ from: - This sheer maxi dress is wrong on so many levels. An absolute absence of style exists with this dress. People who usually dislike maxi dresses often call maxi dresses "tent dresses" because you look like a tent if you wear a horrid-looking one. Well... sing your favorite campfire songs and eat down some s'mores to this "tent dress." Just don't eat up all the s'mores- save me some! And if you look closely, yes- those are some lace-up ankle boots worn with this dress. Fail!!!

These are examples I've tabbed as "bad examples" because I don't like these sheer skirts and dresses to much to consider them beautiful or lovely. The overall flow of these garments just don't go well. I am looking for sheer skirts and dresses that are beautiful in their design and in their style. The ones I posted in my "bad examples" just don't do that for me. You want the sheer to compliment a skirt or a dress; not destroy or undermine it.

In Review...

So the key factors in what makes a sheer skirt or dress depends in large part to the opacity of the sheer combined with whatever is worn with it. To me, certain sheer skirts and dresses can be purely lovely or purely... not as lovely. I look at these more along the lines of if certain skirts and dresses are beautiful with both the sheer skirt parts and the underskirt part.

Sheer Skirts and Dresses: Internet

How about I show you some blogging examples and picture examples of sheer skirts and sheer dresses? Have a look at these for some inspiration. Some bloggers are featured more than once to showcase different sheer outfits:

"Happy Spring! Still Cold Here...and Snow!" (Principessa Gabriella) « Red skirt with black sheer skirt.
"Princess Dress: Pinky Peach Chiffon & a Corset Top (Unique Vintage Mini Review)" (Principessa Gabriella) « a peach chiffon dress.
"CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE PART FOUR" (Shall We Sasa) « a beautiful sheer high-low/mullet skirt.
"High-low minty dress" (Little Petite) « a semi-sheer printed high-low/mullet dress.
"Willow Tree Whispers" « a lacy, sheer long skirt (name of blog not listed because the name of it changes).
"Artistic Soul" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a patterned sheer dress.
"Shine like Gold" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a white sheer skirt.
"Beautiful Day" (Fashion by Ania and Klaudia) « an Aqua Blue formal-type high-low/mullet dress with sheer elements.
"REMIX: coral slit maxi skirt" (Nany's Klozet) « a semi-sheer coral maxi skirt worn in different ways.
"Sheer lengths!" (Nany's Klozet) « a long teal dress with sheer elements.
"Skirt-Shorts" (Aibina's Blog) « a long sheer skirt worn over shorts.
"Fatshion Faceoff: Green shirt" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « a very sheer skirt worn over a shorter skirt.
"Fatshion Faceoff: Patent Heels" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « a high-low/mullet dress with some sheer detail on the lower half.
"Collection Is Here!" (Camille Tries to Blog) « a gown with sheer portions especially on the lower half of the gown.

sheer skirt outfits on LOOKBOOK
sheer dress outfits on LOOKBOOK

These are among a variety of different sheer dress and sheer skirt outfits.

Sheer Skirts and Dresses: Final Thoughts

The real deal breaker in regards to sheer skirts and sheer dresses is the amount of opacity of the sheer elements of the skirt/dress. Sheer is surely a touch of elegance; and in the case of the sheer items I've featured here, they are too elegant for me to be paired with just any sort of shoes or sandals. Sheer skirts and sheer dresses are best when worn with stylish shoes and complimented with any number of garments or accessories that play them up. I don't really like any sheer skirts or dresses that are too sheer.

A lot of sheer skirts and sheer dresses are lovely in their appearance to be charming to wear and be seen in. However, some sheer skirts and dresses just aren't lovely enough to be beautiful. I do like a lot of sheer skirts and dresses to be purely stylish to be paired with some chic and stylish shoes. I did see one sheer long skirt look in pulling up the blogger references in which the wearer sported some wedge sneakers with the sheer skirt. I would prefer more chic footwear and nothing seriously casual to pair with sheer skirts and dresses. It's your call how to style sheer skirts and dresses, but I think them are just too elegant to be worn with anything very casual. So skip the flip-flop/thong sandals, almost any kind of sneakers, and other such shoes. Ballet flats are probably the minimum style of shoe I'd pair a sheer dress or sheer skirt with.

Proudly wear your sheer skirts and sheer dresses! Take advantage of the elegance and charm they provide.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post. You may either advance to the next section, or you can skip ahead to go to the conclusion.

Sheer Skirts and Dresses Online

I would appreciate your business if you found any items in this section. After I've done all I could to discuss sheer skirts and sheer dresses, I figure you may be interested in shopping for some of these items online. Please use the following items and help support my work while also scoring some sweet style. Shopping is, of course, voluntary and optional; but much appreciated.

POPSUGAR Shopping.


Sheer skirts and dresses coming up. Shop around:

Other Sources.

These were the best I could find for you all to give you only so many options:

sheer skirts on Amazon and sheer dresses on Amazon
sheer skirts on eBay and sheer dresses on eBay

Feel free to share what you think about sheer skirts and sheer dresses. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

Well, since you just saw me sporting this look, you know that I'm a fan! I do agree that how the item is done makes a difference about whether the sheer "works" or not. For example, the peach chiffon skirt you showed - in my opinion, the miniskirt is too short underneath, and the over skirt just seems silly at that point. Sometimes, it's a subtle difference that makes this look work or not work, but I think you hit on the head some of those differences!

Great post!


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