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Friday, August 9, 2013

Color Combinations

John Marine | 2:47 PM | | |
(UPDATED: August 18, 2013)

Color combinations in fashion are just as critical to looking good as the individual pieces are. Some are classic combinations or trendy combinations, and some other color combinations are purely experimental. Fashion rewards those who take chances- even with colors. You never know what color blocking or having some kind of pop of color can do for your outfit and your style. It is perfectly fine to experiment with color and colors.

This blog post is all about color combinations in fashion.


AUG 18 2013 - revised post to include a description on one blogging inspiration

--- Color Combinations ---

I just chose any sort of relevant image to set the mood for this post. So here you go:

fashion color combination
^ from: - Sometimes, color combinations can be more impressive and catchy more than individual garments. This is a combination of cobalt blue and black, for example.

Even with colors becoming trendy- such as coral and mint (but not coral and mint together), picking a good color combination can make all the difference. These are some of the more classic color combinations tried and true by fashionable types:

• black and red
• yellow and white
• black, white, and hot pink
• white, navy blue, red
• purple and white
• blue and orange
• brown (some pastel color)

A lot of others are reluctant to experiment with different other colors. Certain color combinations can sometimes be more stylish than any individual garments themselves. What makes certain outfits stand out sometimes involves colors being used rather than just any individual garment or accessory. Some color combinations are classic and timeless. Some other combinations seem more experimental than stylish. Of course, fashion is very much accepting of experimenting. Do so to your heart's content. Just don't experiment to the level of being a hot mess of colors. You should be a rainbow of awesomeness (an expression I like to use) in terms of colors and color combinations. :)

--- Color Combination Examples ---

This is where I will show you some examples in blogging regarding certain color combinations. Don't pay too much attention to the outfits, but just note some of the color combinations used in the outfits. So take a look at these posts to get an idea of colors used in the outfits by the bloggers. Some bloggers may be featured more than once:

(CRITERIA: garments not dominated by certain patterns, color blocked items also accepted)

"Dress Week: Red, White, and Blue" (Style Cassentials) « a red, white, and blue dress outfit.
"New look: Orange and Turquoise" (Glam Fab Happy) « a beachy outfit in orange and turquoise.
"Sixteen" (.a little princess.) « navy blue and white with dark pink accents.
"Coral fit and flare dress" (Kolorowa dusza) « a coral and black dress outfit.
"Crazy mix" (Kolorowa dusza) « teal and blush with various brown accents.
"Caramel" (KARLA'S CLOSET) « caramel brown meets white.
• "Maxi Dress Appropriate" (Aki No Yuutsu) « aqua blue dress with pink sneakers and a denim blue jacket.
"Summer Breeze" (My Silk Fairytale) « coral with white and cream.
"MY PINK DREAM!" (SerialKlother) « muted pink with bright yellow.
"Peplum Princess" (Sara's Sweet Style) « white and coral.
"Bumblebee" (Something Fashion) « lemon yellow with white.
"Electric Ice" (Kesly's Tales) « cobalt blue with black.
"helgafell" (D O U B L E - P I Z Z A Z Z) « a mint green and black active outfit.
"Whoa Neon!" (Always Maylee) « neon pink meets yellow.
"Blue and Green" (Inside and Outside) « two blues meet green.
"Orange You Glad?" (Lynne Gabriel) « a white, orange, and pink casually chic outfit.

Do you now see what a difference color combinations can make?

(NOTE: August 18, 2013) Descriptions to the KARLA'S CLOSET link and to the Lynne Gabriel looks have been edited.

--- Color Combinations: Final Thoughts ---

Sometimes, it is color combinations that make outfits stand out rather than individual pieces. Try experimenting with colors when coming up with outfits. Just be careful not to be a hot mess of color. Don't try to implement every last color just trying to come up with one outfit.

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Color combinations can make a huge difference in fashion. What do you think about color combinations in fashion? Are there any color combinations you're reluctant to try? Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

great tips :)

John Marine said...

Eeee, my favorite topic! I recognize a lot of these looks--you have some great fashion taste (: I totally agree--color combos can make the hugest difference in a look!

John Marine said...

Combining colors is fun - I am always a fan of black and white with just about any color, but mixing colors can elevate a simple outfit into a fashion statement.

Thanks for including me!


John Marine said...

Yes love your posts and thanks for sweet comments!

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