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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Motorcycle Jackets

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(UPDATED: August 21, 2017)

Even if you don't own or ride a motorcycle, you can still embrace moto chic by rocking a fashion motorcycle jacket. Most of these moto jackets are not jackets specifically-engineered for motorcycle riding. What these jackets do provide is stylish toughness. That toughness comes equally for both males and females. The distinctive style of these jackets make them wearable and chic for almost anyone. I'm discussing fashion motorcycle jackets in this blog post.

In the future, I may do a separate post on proper motorcycle wear. I may even come up with a topic more focused on motorcycle-inspired chic. For now, enjoy this blog post regarding moto jackets.

NOTE (SEP 27 2013): This post only or mostly focuses on motorcycle jackets. In preparing and editing this post, I've seen some motorcycle vests. This post may be updated in the future to include a discussion on motorcycle vests.

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AUG 21 2017 - edited overall look of post, multiple edits

Motorcycle Jackets

To say the least, motorcycle jackets are good jackets to consider wearing if you want something distinctive and tough. These jackets are stylish for both males and females, and there are quality moto jacket offerings for both. One can still enjoy motorcycle chic even if one doesn't ride or own a motorcycle. Because we're talking motorcycles, do not automatically assume we're discussing something like biker gang stuff or anything. A lot of motorcycle jackets offer mot-inspired chic. I am not even sure if such jackets are proper leathers for riding. Yet still, they have their style. Since these are mostly leather jackets, they will certainly keep you warm for cool/cold weather times.

Motorcycle Jackets: Males.

A motorcycle jacket for a male is stylishly tough. Their tough style greatly compliments most stylish males who wear them. Many of these moto jackets are black leather ones with a handful of silvery zippers and accents. Besides these basic black ones, there are even moto jackets that come in a vast array of colors and even various patterns.

Motorcycle Jackets: Females.

If you ask me, nothing defines sexy and tough for a jacket or a coat quite like a motorcycle jacket. The way a motorcycle jacket fits and is styled for a female makes them look hot. A hot-looking moto jacket can either be a jacket to cover the full lower body, or they may be a cropped moto jacket which still makes a female look hot. I am not sure if I am more attracted to the fitted nature of moto jackets or the design of moto jackets that make me like them so much on females. They are very fashionable even for petites and plus size women.

Styling Moto Jackets.

A moto jacket can be easily styled with any number of jean and pant looks for both males and females. For females, certain feminine and girly tops and dresses can easily be toughened up with a great-looking moto jacket. A hot pair of riding boots or some chic tall boots are nice footwear options. I would avoid any sort of casual shoes- like flip-flop/thong sandals, certain sneakers, boat/deck shoes, and the like while wearing a moto jacket. They take away from the appeal of a moto jacket in my view.

So with this insight on motorcycle jackets, how about I give you a little more insight with pictures?

Motorcycle Jackets in Pictures

This section features some pictures of motorcycle jackets. Since I adore motorcycle jackets for females, I will start off with my female audience in sharing pictures.

Motorcycle Jackets for Females.

I am not going to lie to you- I love motorcycle jackets for females. Motorcycle jackets for females can be VERY sexy and chic, and those who can rock them are going to look and feel hot even when temperatures get cool or cold. How hot can moto jackets be on females? Here are some motorcycle jackets that may draw your interest:

motorcycle jacket women
^ from: - Motorcycle jackets can be hot and chic for females.

asymmetrical motorcycle jacket
^ from: - Here is an asymmetrical motorcycle jacket as part of a tough look.

cropped motorcycle jacket
^ from: - Nothing says girly like a cropped jacket. Nothing says girly and tough like a cropped motorcycle jacket.

peplum motorcycle jacket
^ from: - Prefer peplum? This feminine touch even makes moto jackets just a bit more enticing and feminine.

cropped motorcycle jacket
^ from: - This cropped asymmetrical moto jacket showcases what kind of tough touch can be added to various girly outfits.

faux leather motorcycle jacket
^ from: - If you prefer the style of moto jackets but in vegan leather or faux leather, leather moto jackets also come in non-leather styles, such as this faux leather moto jacket.

Moto jackets can offer style to your outfit or edge to your girliest looks (if you feel the need to toughen up your cutest looks). In fact, some fashionistas add edge to a girly look by wearing a motorcycle jacket. I especially love seeing asymmetrical moto jackets. Even if you're not a motorcycle mama, you can still rock a moto jacket and look hot. They add the right amount of edge to almost any outfit.

Motorcycle Jackets for Males.

I've only personally know one guy who rides a motorcycle. Guys, here's your moto love:

motorcycle jacket men
^ from: - Guys can show some hardness wearing motorcycle jackets.

^ from: - Here is a stylish non-leather motorcycle jacket for men.

faux leather motorcycle jacket men
^ from: - Motorcycle jackets with vegan or faux leather is also stylish for males as they are for females.

I hope this section gives you some insight and some inspiration on moto jackets.

Motorcycle Jackets Around the Blogosphere

There aren't too many bloggers I know of that have sported motorcycle jackets. However, I'll make a decent effort to find some moto jackets worn by bloggers. So take a look (some bloggers may appear more than once):

"Red Rider Jacket" (Aki no Yuutsu) « a bright red motorcycle-style jacket.
"Fall 2013 Fashion Trends: (Faux) Leather" (Style Cassentials) « a faux leather motorcycle jacket.
"Cayenne Spice" (She Said He Said) « a black moto jacket complimenting a feminine top and skinny pants.
"Petite Review: William Rast (Target) Leather Moto Jacket- XS" (Stylish Petite) « a white motorcycle jacket for a petite and worn by a petite.
"An affair // Giveaway winner" (Brown Platform) « a cropped moto jacket paired with a top and a skirt.
"You must be my lucky star" (keiko lynn) « a black moto jacket paired with a black/turquoise skirt outfit.
"leather and lace and another giveaway!" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a black moto jacket with a dress.
"off the beaten path" (Curvy Girl Chic) « a denim moto jacket.
(ADDED: September 27, 2013) "REMIX: White Moto Jacket" (Nany's Klozet) « a white moto jacket worn multiple ways.
(ADDED: September 29, 2013) "Girly with an edge" (Sara's Sweet Style) « a lacy cropped motorcycle jacket.

If you have a look that is relevant to this topic (or any other), please contact me via E-Mail or through some other online medium with a link to your look. I may edit my posts to include your link if I like your outfit.

Motorcycle Jackets: Final Thoughts

Motorcycle jackets offer stylish toughness for both males and females. Their distinctive style makes them wearable for all. Their form and function make them stylish for males and even sexy for females. Even if you don't ride or own a motorcycle, you can still enjoy moto-inspired chic with one of the most popular pieces for moto chic- motorcycle jackets.

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With all this said, thank you for visiting "StyleSpace by JBM."

Motorcycle Jackets Online

Ready to ride rocking a motorcycle jacket? Let me help you! Here are where you can find some moto jackets online. You can voluntarily support my work by visiting these links and shopping around in case this topic has struck a chord with you and that you liked it.


For females:

For males:

Other Sources...

Here are more places to score your own motorcycle jacket (for males and females). I mostly searched for "moto jacket" when compiling this list:

For Females:

For Males:

moto jackets on Amazon (moto jackets specified)
moto jackets on eBay
motorcycle jackets on Shopbop
motorcycle jackets on Neiman Marcus
motorcycle jackets on NORDSTROM

Remember- online shopping in my posts is voluntary, but would be appreciated.

So let me know what you think...

What do you think about motorcycle jackets?

Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I totally agree! Motorcycle jackets are the perfect edgy touch to a sweet look--like the Nordstrom photo. That boxy blue moto jacket is also pretty cool. While I don't rock the moto jacket often myself, I love its confident vibe!

John Marine said...

I love leather jackets. I'm always jealous of how they're styled on models with the jacket casually open. I find that that look doesn't look as great on diagonal zippers though, which I dislike because that's the kind of moto I own. Great post!



John Marine said...

I love Moto jackets; in fact I just bought one last night and it looks similar to the blue cropped jacket you posted. You have a great eye for style John. Love all your picks!


John Marine said...

I absolutely LOVE moto jackets. I'm always on the hunt for others. I recently bought one in lace, which I love because it has the tough, edgy look of a moto jacket, but the lace makes it totally feminine.

GREAT POST - LOVE all the moto looks you featured, and thanks for including me! :-)


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