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Monday, October 7, 2013

Yoga Pants

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(UPDATED: September 18, 2014)

Yoga pants are comfy and sporty. They are great for working out, lounging, or just looking sporty cute. The form-fitting nature of yoga pants give them the same notorious quality as gaucho pants- making females' butts look hot. This blog post is all about yoga pants. They are so loved for different reasons among males and females. But no matter how you feel about them, if you have any sort of affinity for yoga pants, this blog post will hopefully give you something to chat about and share with others. Time to get sporty... welcome to another post of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine!"


Even though there are yoga pants for males, this post is about yoga pants for females.

Latest Updates/Revisions

SEP 18 2014 - made a simple edit

--- Yoga Pants ---

Long ago, I blogged about active fashions in a post called "Sporty Cute!" One of the most popular sporty garments are yoga pants. Yoga pants are functional active pants that are form-fitting and ridiculously comfortable to those who wear them. They have become a comfortable pair of pants to wear either for active functions or just for casual fashion. Many people tend to think of the yoga pants from lululemon athletica- a high-end Canadian maker of active fashions- as some of the finest yoga pants money can buy. They can be pretty expensive, though. How would you like to pay about $100 US Dollars for a pair of lululemon yoga pants?

Yoga pants come in two varieties- leggings and the traditional bootcut pants. You will more commonly see the full-leg yoga pants than the legging yoga pants. Adding to the comfort and style of yoga pants are fold-down waistbands. These waists may have all sorts of patterns, embellishments, and more to make them just a touch more fashionable. For example, you may see a pair of yoga pants that have a leopard print waistband. I've seen some yoga pants that have "LOVE" in sequined letters along the waistband on the back of yoga pants. Their comfort makes yoga pants wearable and fun for many occasions.

Styling Yoga Pants.

A lot of yoga pants wearers may actually wear proper active sneakers to go with them. But of course, you may also see yoga pants paired with basic flip-flop/thong sandals, fashion sneakers, ballet flats, and perhaps even some active sandals. Yoga pants have also been known to be paired with sheepskin boots (like UGGs) especially in cool/cold weather. Those who are feeling frisky may try pairing yoga pants with a sexy pair of pumps or sandals. As for tops and other items, they are often paired with a basic T-shirt or some kind of hoodie. At least know that yoga pants are immensely casual. It probably isn't a good idea to try to put together some kind of classy or sexy look with yoga pants. It just won't work.

The Sex Appeal of Yoga Pants.

To some people, yoga pants are essentially sexier leggings. The only difference is that yoga pants are not just in legging form. Some people even believe yoga pants were the precursor to gaucho pants (which remains a popular topic in my blogs). Of course, the main difference between yoga pants and gaucho pants is that yoga pants are proper active pants while gaucho pants are very fashionable pants. Those who find yoga pants to be sexy would mostly argue that these pants offer the sexiest view of one's butt without being naked.

Guilty Pleasures of Yoga Pants.

Yoga pants have had a reputation of being a pair of pants that fabulously shows off how hot the wearer's butt looks. One of the guiltiest pleasures of active fashions is in how sexy and attractive they can make one's body look (let alone the backside). Many think yoga pants are about the closest thing possible to having a sexy backside while still being covered.

There have even been High Schools that have banned students from wearing yoga pants to school because of them being too revealing. One YouTube video I saw mentioned that some girls were in so much protest that as many as 50 High School girls wore their yoga pants to school in protest over them being banned from High Schools.

The aforementioned Lululemon came up with a pair of yoga pants that came under fire. They made a pair of yoga pants that were sheer. Those Lululemon sheer yoga pants were eventually recalled for being too revealing. Considering what you've read so far on yoga pants, you can imagine just what kind of sex appeal sheer yoga pants could offer. What this ended up doing to Lululemon Athletica was cost the company $20M USD in the hole in recalling them all.

If you're one of the ones who find pleasure in seeing butts in yoga pants, you can search online for any number of websites dedicated to them (I'm not sharing any here!) or any YouTube videos showcasing them.

Yoga pants take on two different personalities- comfortable pants for working out or lounging around... and pants that are cute and sexy for those who wear them. No matter which side of the fence you're on with these pants, there is no denying the appeal (both functional and notorious) yoga pants provide.

--- Yoga Pants in Pictures ---

Here are a few pictures to help set the mood of what I am discussing here. All pictures are provided for educational and entertainment purposes.

yoga pants
^ from: - These are the most basic of yoga pants. They have form-fitting appeal along with bootcut legs. Such pants may or may not have certain waistband details.

yoga pants leggings
^ from: - Capris and leggings also make for comfy pants for yoga (or other exercises).

yoga pants front
^ from: - Yoga pants offer flare-leg style and charm. They are very much proper pants to wear and style.

yoga pants rear
^ from: - Because of their style and their comfortable form-fitting nature, yoga pants have been notorious for making butts look great.

yoga pants petite
^ from: - This pair of yoga pants was meant to fit petite women.

yoga pants plus size
^ from: - Even plus-sized females can wear yoga pants.

yoga pants maternity
^ from: - Yoga pants can also be wearable and fun for pregnant women.

yoga pants graphics
^ from: - Details such as colored waistbands, patterned waistbands, sequined accents, and the like make yoga pants fashionable and fun. Some yoga pants even come in various patterns and designs.

yoga pants heels
^ from: - Though yoga pants are meant as active wear or casual wear, some dare pair sporty bottoms with heels and/or platforms. This picture demonstrates trying to dress up yoga pants. What do you think about this look?

You now have a general idea about yoga pants and their incredible amount of comfort and style.

--- Yoga Pants: Final Thoughts ---

Yoga pants are proper pants to wear and are comfortable and stylish. I don't think people will necessarily question yoga pants as being proper to wear, but more about if wearing yoga pants are too revealing or sexually arousing. These are very sporty pants that offer a great deal of appeal whether as casual wear or as active wear. The only reason people would probably dislike these is for the potential of getting some discomforting stares from males or feeling like your butt looks too big. Other than that, there is no reason to dislike yoga pants either as active wear or as casual/lounge fashion. I haven't a problem with yoga pants. None whatsoever. I don't even think of yoga pants as being trashy considering the various pictures online of women in yoga pants. And yes- even I've succumbed to the guilty pleasure of the bootylicious appeal of yoga pants.

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Thank you for reading "StyleSpace by JBM!" You may either go on to the next section to buy some yoga pants (if you like), or you may continue on to the conclusion of this post.

--- Yoga Pants Online ---

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Allow me to continue on by giving you the chance to purchase your own yoga pants (or for someone else) if this blog post was to your liking. I always like for my readers to voluntarily support my work if my readers enjoyed my content. I would appreciate your business if you did a little shopping, but it is all voluntary (meaning you don't have to do so if you don't want to). So here are some items that may interest you based on this blog post:

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Other Sources...

Your yoga pant loving from other sources begin here! Here are more places for you to get yourself (or for a friend) some yoga pants:

These items will start you off. They are either basic active bottoms that can be worn for yoga. Just because they may not have "yoga" in their name doesn't mean they aren't exclusively for yoga. Be warned that some of these links may include items other than yoga pants. So let's start this section with these items (NOTE: Availability of each item may vary. Not all items will be available all the time. All sizes mostly meant for US Women's sizes):

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For yoga leggings and capris:

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marina miouprincess said...

yoga pants are probably the comfiest choice yessss! didn't know males could find them cute, glad to know that! :) my favourites are boot-cut or a bit flared.

John Marine said...

I've never personally thought of yoga pants as overly sexy, but I can understand their appeal in showing off the shape. In any case, yoga pants are certainly comfortable and great for exercise or even running around town with the kids.

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