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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lip Prints and Designs

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(UPDATED: July 28, 2017)

Time for a little lip service. Lip prints and designs in fashion are quite common. These can range from artistic to flirty/sexy depending on what has lip prints on them. How the design is done also plays a role in their appeal. For some, they can be cute. For some others, they can be deal-breakers. The appearance of lips and lip designs are featured in this blog post for me to offer my own views on them.

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Lip Prints and Designs

Lip prints are surely girly-girl material. Or for guys, lover boy material- especially you guys who have something that has lip prints on them- like lip-print boxers or briefs.

There are two kinds of lip prints and designs I will make mention to in this blog post. (1) The first one is simply about garments that have multiple lip marks on them. (2) The lip designs I make mention to are big graphic designs featuring a big kiss or a big lip print. These lip designs may or may not have teeth as part of the design.

The application of these lip print and lip design garments either signify girly charm or flirty/sexy charm. Let's face it- there are a lot of folks out there who have a flirty or kinky side and want to express it with kisses. Despite the fact kisses and lip prints can be flirty or sexy, they can also be rebellious and tough. One could easily make some kind of rock-style outfit featuring a big lip graphic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing this kind of thing in fashion. These lip designs and kiss graphics make for some impactful statements style-wise. How do you choose to sport such garments with lips or kisses on them? Do you even like them to begin with?

Lip Prints and Designs in Pictures.

Here are some garments to provide picture proof of what lip prints and lip designs can do for an outfit or a garment. Take a look:

lip prints
^ from: - This sweater is lovable- just look at all the kiss marks on it!

lip design
^ from: - Big sequin lips and teeth adorn the front of this sweater.

lip print dress
^ from: - This long dress features a big lip print dominating the lower half of the upper body.

lip print rainbow leopard
^ from: - This T-shirt is extra girly- a big kiss in rainbow-colored leopard print.

lip design print
^ from: - On some lip-adorned garments, there are some variations, such as this lip design top with a skull and crossbones detail. You could say this is a kiss of death based on this design.

lip print bottoms
^ from: - Even bottoms, ranging from shorts to leggings can be adorned with lip prints.

lip print computer bag
^ from: - Computer bags need loving too! This is a way to carry around your laptop while also showing your flirty side.

lip print sleep set
^ from: - This intimate shorts set can be easily approved by girly and flirty types.

lip print panties
^ from: - These panties have multiple lip prints on them. It's the perfect thing to wear to tell haters to kiss your backside. :)

Some bloggers show off some of their lip-adorned garments. I'll feature them in the next section.

Lip Prints and Designs: Blogger Showcase

These ladies have adorned some items featuring some lip prints. These are bloggers I follow, so feel free to follow theirs as well if you enjoy their work:

"REMIX: GRAPHIC TANK..." (Nany's Klozet) « a graphic tank top with digitized lip design with teeth dominating it. Three featured outfits.
"Free Glasses" (The Haute Blonde) « a big design with lips and teeth as part of a casual look.
Valentine's Day Outfit (The Haute Blonde) « the same top from the previous link, only with a skirt and booties.
"Kiss and Tell" (Style Cassentials) « blue blouse with red lip prints.
"Fun Valentine's Day Prints: Kisses and Hearts" (Style Cassentials) « one outfit features a black blouse with light pink lip prints.
"Sealed With a Kiss" (Style by Alina) « a white blouse with many red lip prints on it.

You now have a little insight on this whole deal.

Lip Prints and Designs: Final Thoughts

If not done right or styled right, these lip designs can be truly horrid to look at as part of an outfit or a garment. They can also be tacky on some garments as well. I am not in any such way fond of such designs unless done tastefully. And sometimes, such lip designs and lip prints can be fairly tacky and not stylish. I don't entirely hate lip prints; I'm just not as fond of most of them. I especially dislike most of the lip designs with the teeth. It all depends on the style of the lip designs and how they are used on the garment or on the accessory. If you like these prints, don't let my post stop you from wearing them. I'm just here to share my own thoughts on trends and looks in my own way.


What do you think about lip prints and lip designs?

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Lip Prints Online

For various lip print garments online, please help yourself to these items. I will only share this ShopStyle item for this post:


Here are a handful of lip print items I found for you on Shopstyle:


And for your Amazon shopping- clothing and acceessories with lip prints:

Remember- your cooperation with items like the thing above are voluntary. I would, however, appreciate your business if you did find something you like based on my posts and my material.

That is the end of this blog post. Thank you so much for visiting and reading! Let me know what you think about this topic now that you've read my material thoroughly. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

I love lip prints! I just bought another blouse just like this navy and red one in black and pink!!! They're just fun and a little cheeky! ;-)

Thanks for including me in your post!


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