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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Food for Fashion

John Marine | 5:18 PM | | |
Ever seen food serve as patterns for clothes? For example- leggings with french fry designs? A shirt with hamburger designs all over it? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll know after reading this post. This blog post is about the trend of food-inspired prints on clothes. The title is a play on "Food for Thought." Only that I have my own thoughts on these prints and designs.

Food for Fashion: Inspiration.

I'll keep it light here. Take a look at these pictures for a little more insight on what I have been trying to talk about here:

french fries sweatshirt
^ from: - Would you like fries with your sweatshirt?

french fries and hamburger
^ from: - This women's shirt is its own meal- burger and fries.

french fries and hamburger leggings
^ from: - Those who like McDonald's can rock these leggings adorned with burgers and fries.

Now for some online influences:

(French fries outfits on LOOKBOOK) « fries outfits on LOOKBOOK.
(burger outfits on LOOKBOOK) « burger outfits on LOOKBOOK.
(pizza outfits on LOOKBOOK) « pizza outfits on LOOKBOOK.

See where I'm getting at, folks? Having these food items being adorned on garments is what this whole trend is all about. What do I think about this trend and this styling exercise? The next section will answer those questions. Get ready.

Food for Fashion: Final Thoughts.

I would rather have food in my hands and through my digestive system than on clothes. Many of the food designs and patterns are either tacky or just horrid looking. Not once have I seen anyone look stylish in any sort of clothing with french fries, hamburgers, pizza, or any other food product designs come out to any stylish outfits. People will probably enjoy these patterns and designs simply for the pattern- just like with the skulls on Alexander McQueen scarves for example.

I'm sorry- I just dislike these prints and don't find them even the least bit entertaining. Maybe they are entertaining if you are looking for some sort of funky or interesting pattern or design for some bottoms, but that is about its only saving grace. I think you'd be better off EATING food than WEARING fashions adorned with food items.

Of course... those are just my views. Agree or disagree at will.

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That's all for my post. I hope you liked what you read here. You can always get full off of my blog posts and not gain any weight.

--- Food for Fashion Online ---

Maybe you read my thoughts and disagreed with my views entirely. Let me make it up to you if you're hurt. Have a look at these items and score yourself some food-inspired fashions. Your cooperation would be appreciated, though shopping here is only voluntary. Only ShopStyle material will be included:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

For "fries" related fashion:

For "burger" related fashion:

For "pizza" related fashions:

Happy shopping! :)

Discussion time! Here's the question:

What do you think about food patterns in fashion?

Go ahead and share your thoughts. You may also share my blog and its content with others who like fashion. Remind your friends and subscribers to Subscribe and Follow my content if they enjoyed it. Until next time... thank you for reading!

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