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Friday, May 2, 2014

Caged Footwear

John Marine | 2:40 PM | | |
The fierceness of caged footwear makes them every bit as wearable and fun for fashionistas. The many straps and bold details make such shoes powerful in delivering fashion statements. Some caged shoes can be cute. Some of them can be chic. Some surely are sexy. Regardless, a lot of caged shoes, sandals, and boots will appeal to even the most discriminating fashionista. Time to introduce these shoes to my wonderful "StyleSpace by JBM" readers.

This blog post was initially intended to be about just caged heels. After researching the topic beforehand, I decided to discuss caged footwear in general.

--- Caged Footwear ---

Let's look at some examples of caged footwear, now that I've introduced you to them:

Caged Footwear: Examples.

(Hover over each image to learn the name of each featured item)

caged booties
^ from: - Caged booties, as I was first introduced to caged shoes.

Prabal Gurung caged sandals
^ from: - Sandals like these lace-ups are as fierce as caged footwear can get.

caged boots
^ from: - These are caged gladiator sandal-like boots.

Hope these pictures got you excited for caged footwear.

Caged Footwear: Inspirations.

Here are a number of examples featuring various caged shoes, sandals, and boots. I picked out these posts to demonstrate the appeal of such caged footwear. These range from caged shoes to various lace-up sandals. Get some ideas on how to style these caged shoes, sandals, and boots. You are also welcome to follow these blogs if you enjoy their work. Some bloggers may appear more than once with multiple posts:

"It's My Birthday, and I Can Wear What I Want To!!" (Style Cassentials) « caged high-heel sandals to compliment a black and blue outfit.
"Purple Peacock" (Sara's Sweet Style) « caged sandals paired with a colorful dress.
"Spring Outfit: Striped Blue Blouse REMIX" (Ivonne Stacy Style) « brown high-heel sandals with a lace-up like design.
"Crop top & Lace up Sandals" (Maytedoll) « fierce lace-up sandals to compliment a white jeans look.
"Leopard scarf!" (Nanys Klozet) « caged booties with leather pants.
"ROXY SURF PARTY..... EVENT, OUTFIT & HAIR by TRESemmé" (Nanys Klozet) « caged sandals with a leather skirt.
"How to Wear Denim Overalls" (Camilascloset) « caged sandals with denim overalls.
"summer layers" (Curvy Girl Chic) « lace-up wedge sandals.
"HELLO 2014" (Shall we Sasa) « leopard-print caged booties.
"Snap Back at Me." (The Electric Heart Girl) « caged sandals with a casual T-shirt and jeans outfit.
"Yoyogi Park" (There Is NO Secret Here!) « popular caged pumps with a cute outfit.

I actually didn't intend to feature so many petites who wear these caged shoes. Then again, I'm sure my petite audience would appreciate featuring multiple petites wearing these shoes. Most of my "inspirations" are mostly based on certain outfits online semi-randomly. I usually go by the ones who come to mind the most.

Petites do it better, right? :) Anyhow, moving on!

--- Caged Footwear: Final Thoughts ---

To be honest, I don't really like caged heels all that much- especially not some of the strappy lace-up kinds. For what these caged shoes offer, you can't fault how much different and fierce these shoes, sandals, and boots can be as opposed to any basic pair of shoes, sandals, or boots. This is some hot footwear to wear to compliment your style. So go ahead and proudly sport these shoes, sandals, and boots with your outfits, depending on your sense of style and how you choose to style them.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

Here are some other topics that might interest you that I picked out:

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^ This is one of the most popular caged shoes in fashion today. Find out about my thoughts on these pumps by reading this post.

I hope you enjoyed your time here. Visit the next section or skip ahead to the conclusion of this post.

--- Caged Footwear Online ---

If you love caged shoes, sandals, and boots; I can help you find some online in case they interest you. Go help yourself to these items:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR

All caged footwear, all for you to purchase online. Pick one or multiple ones depending on what interests you:

Other Sources...

More ways to enjoy caged footwear. All items selected are mostly for Women's sizes:

caged footwear on Amazon
caged footwear on eBay
caged footwear on Neiman Marcus
caged footwear on Nordstrom
caged footwear on (Women)
caged footwear on DSW

That will do it. Happy shopping (if doing any)! :)

Let's chat!

Are you fond of caged shoes/sandals/boots? What do you think about these?

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John Marine said...

I've loved caged shoes for quite a long time. I've gone through several different pairs, and I'm glad that this trend has lasted for quite some time. I just ordered a pair of Grecian style sandals that go up the leg - I'm hoping they fit!

Thanks for including me! I'll have to check out some of the other petite bloggers you featured! :-)


John Marine said...

I love caged heels!! If you know to wear them, they can look super sexy and chic!! And John- it's useless to say that I adore the selection you showcased here!;)
Happy Sunday!

John Marine said...

For me, it really depends on the fashion item. Some of it is cool, but some of it just makes people look like they are trying WAY too hard, which is never cool. It also depends on how the pieces are styled.

I tend to agree with you on this one. Unfortunately, once something becomes trendy, it gets oversaturated very quickly due to the overabundance of media in our world today.


John Marine said...

Some of the pieces that have a food item on them are not so bad, but the prints with burgers or fries all over them are just heinous, in my opinion. I agree that they look very cheap and tacky. Obviously, that said, style is in the eye of the beholder. I know that I'm always on the search for cool and funky prints, but these aren't the ones for me!!


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