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Monday, May 5, 2014

Gladiator Sandals

John Marine | 2:18 PM | | | |
(UPDATED: June 5, 2016)

You either love or loathe gladiator sandals. You probably love them for being fierce and edgy. You probably loathe them for completely lacking style and just looking grotesque. No matter what, gladiator sandals aren't going away any time soon. The toughness of gladiator sandals have been well-loved by many a fashionista. These sandals are not meant to be "cute." This is fierce chic for the girl who dares wear some bold sandals. Many gladiator sandals are as bold as the ones who wear them. Straps aplenty and some bold elements help make gladiator sandals the trendiest of sandals any female can wear. If you fancy gladiator sandals, this is my post devoted to them. Do you love or loathe gladiator sandals? How do I feel about them? All will be answered in this blog post.

I actually thought I blogged about this here on "StyleSpace by JBM" previously. Apparently, not. So welcome to my SS by JBM post on gladiator sandals!

Gladiator Sandals in General

Many love gladiator sandals for a major reason- they are just different from wearing flip-flops/thong sandals. But most of you know how I feel about different. If you don't, then let me introduce you before I talk more about these sandals. Basically, I always say "different doesn't always mean better." It's what I say when people just buy anything just because it's different. Different helps, but it doesn't always mean it's better. For example- someone you know goes from liking hip-hop music to country music, defending that country is different. Yes, it's different to listen to and like country, but rock, top 40, classical, yodeling, zydeco, (insert your favorite non-popular genre here)... are also different from what kind of music you've enjoyed previously. Because something is different doesn't mean it's better. I brought up country because my parents listen to country nowadays and... I just can't get into or like country music or the culture (though I love Taylor Swift and respect Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire). I already can't bring myself into being a rock music fanatic, and getting into the country music culture is even tougher. They've gotten burned out on blues, so they turn to country. Basically requiring me to have my MP3 player with my own choice of music to save me from slowly dying. And let this be a note to my international friends- just because I'm a Texas native doesn't mean I'd rather listen to Toby Keith than Lady Gaga.

But back on topic.

Gladiator sandals are an alternative to the dime-a-dozen flip-flop/thong sandals. They can be a dramatic one for their strappy arrangements. They can be a daring one with all the various straps laid across in a certain fashion. Many of the gladiator sandals I've seen praised have made me sick to my stomach. I can't take the mid-calf, knee-high gladiator sandals personally. I've most liked gladiator sandals with dresses. Doesn't matter if it's a short sundress or a maxi dress, the right pair of gladiator sandals can actually add to your loveliness. A good pair of shorts can also be lovely to wear with gladiator sandals. It all depends on the sandals themselves along with the rest of the outfit. Part of the easing up process for me relates to basically seeing some pairs I like and that I actually don't mind seeing and liking. I'm just not crazy over these like most femmes.

The one thing I hate to have happen to me is to be generalized. One person put me among a list of other guys in saying that (indirect quote) "guys just don't understand gladiator sandals like us girls." I've gone from hating all of them to liking most of them. It all depends on whatever sandals there are and what's being worn with them. I just think if you're going to have strappy shoes, let them all be stylish rather than being a pair of hot mess sandals.

Gladiator Sandals in Pictures

You may either think Athena and Artemis (and other Greek Mythology figures) want their sandals back, or you may swoon over their looks when you see these pictures of gladiator sandals:

gladiator sandals
^ from: - Gladiator sandals, as you may well know them.

heeled gladiator sandals
^ from: - Gladiator sandals don't have to be flat. Here are some heeled gladiator sandals.

gladiator thong sandals
^ from: - Want some less extreme gladiator sandals? Try gladiator thong sandals, like these above. They are often worn as an alternative to any basic flip-flop/thong sandals.

gladiator thong booties
^ from: - Gladiator thong booties offer a bootie-like appearance while also offering the open-air comfort of a basic pair of sandals.

wedge gladiator sandals
^ from: - These are gladiator sandals that actually look chic rather than extreme.

For you kinky, fierce, daring, sexy, flirty females out there... check these out:

high-heel sexy gladiator sandals
^ from: - The right kind of gladiator sandals can be quite sexy to wear. These will surely bring out the sexy vixen.

Here are a few blog examples of gladiator sandals (some bloggers may appear more than once):

"Gladiator Sandals" (Hummingbird Girl) « bold, tall gladiator sandals with a casual denim shorts outfit.
"Casual Weekend Wear: Petite Striped Maxi Skirt + Denim Jacket" (Stylish Petite) « girl-size (as in girl child) gladiator thong sandals worn by a petite woman.
"Dress Week 3: Breezy and Easy" (Style Cassentials) « girls-size metallic gladiator sandals worn by a petite.
"Black for Spring: Peter Pilotto Mixed Prints and Sporty Details" (Style Cassentials) «
"Friday afternoon in the universe!" (Nanys Klozet) « low-heel wedge gladiator sandals.

I'm sure this will set you all straight on gladiator sandals.

Gladiator Sandals: Final Thoughts

Gladiator sandals can either be very cute or horridly ugly. I've seen my fair share of gladiator sandals I've liked and gladiator sandals I've loathed. There are many kinds of these sandals ranging from flats to high-heel sandals. As with any fashion, the only way to look and feel your best is to dress with confidence. Carry a swagger and a style to look and feel your absolute best.

I guess if it's one thing I've learned about the Internet, people know everything about you when you mention things you don't like. More people tend to get attracted to you when you mention things you don't like rather than mention things you do like. As with ANYTHING I do online, I hate to be famous for any wrong reasons. Just remember that we all have opinions on things. My opinions on the shoes I've mentioned may be exactly or opposite of your own opinions. But... opinions are opinions are opinions.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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This post is over. You may go to the next section or advance to the final section.

Gladiator Sandals Online

That concludes the blog post. If you want to buy some gladiator sandals online, I can help you with the items below.

You can find more gladiator sandals on ShopStyle:

Or, you can find gladiator sandals at these sources:

gladiator sandals on Amazon
gladiator sandals on eBay
gladiator sandals on Shopbop
gladiator sandals on
gladiator sandals on
gladiator sandals on DSW
gladiator sandals on Famous Footwear
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gladiator sandals on

Happy shopping, and thank you for supporting my work while also adding to your wardrobe (if doing any shopping)!

Time for discussion. So...

What do you think about gladiator sandals?

Thanks to all of you for viewing and responding to this blog post. Since today is Cinco de Mayo as of the time of this post... ¡feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos! :) Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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John Marine said...

Thanks for including a couple pairs of my gladiator sandals on your post! I'm a big fan of gladiator sandals in pretty much every variety. I just ordered some that go up the leg in a soft gold color. I'm not sure they'll work with my short, muscular calves but I'm hoping they will!

I tend to love Grecian-inspired fashion anyway, so these sandals are just part of that allure.


John Marine said...

Great post John! I love the look of the gladiators but being the shorty girl I am I would have to stick with the lower sandals like the thongs ones. Still cute but wish I can pull off the taller ones. :)

xo - Sheila

John Marine said...


John Marine said...

Love the first and second pairs, I would totally wear them! :) Have a great week!

John Marine said...

for me they fall into a category I would call ugly beautiful:) When I say that I love ugly beautiful shoes, I usually mean pointy rock chic booties, men inspired shoes and these kind of things:) I like them because they're different...and I think my favourite gladiators are the ones with heels (that kind of doesn't make them real gladiators but I think with heels they're cute mix of masculine and feminine)

Lovely article!

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