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Ash "Thelma" Wedge Sneakers

The wedge sneaker trend has one superstar among many others- the "Thelma" sneaker from Ash. This is a pair of sneakers that merge classic style with chic charm. These may be a pair of wedge sneakers to care about if you aren't fond of any real sporty sneakers. Even if you don't particularly care about wedge sneakers, they are a pair of sneakers that have some sort of value. I'll do my best to introduce these popular shoes to my audience here.

--- Ash "Thelma" Sneakers ---

Can't get enough of wedge sneakers? If your response is "yes," then here's some wedge sneaker loving for you:

Ash Thelma wedge sneaker
^ from: www.amazon.com - The "Thelma" sneakers from Ash are among one of the most popular wedge sneakers today.

Ash's "Thelma" sneakers are one of the most popular wedge sneakers besides any of the hidden wedge sneakers. I long wanted to blog about these sneakers, but never got around to making a post on them (until now, obviously). Ash has made a number of strides to come up with stylish shoes, including stylish takes on various traditional sneakers.

The "Thelma" sneakers have a Chuck Taylor Converse-like appearance, only secured by buckles instead of the usual shoe laces. These sneakers are refreshing in the sense these aren't some early '90s-type sporty sneakers. I would probably argue that any fashionista seeking a chic pair of sneakers without wearing some traditional-looking sneakers would be hard-pressed to find any better pair of sneakers than these. These are true fashion sneakers for true fashionable types.

What kind of fashionista would want the Ash "Thelma" sneakers? To me, it is the girl who wants to combine casual appeal with some chic appeal. It is the girl who puts together a girly casual outfit and wants to top them off with a pair of sneakers... while not wearing any average pair of sneakers.

Details of "Thelma" Sneakers.

So what are the stats on the "Thelma" sneakers by Ash? Take a look below:

• 4-inch (100mm) heel
• 4-inch (10cm) shaft
• side-zip closure
• secured with buckles

Here is a video piece on the "Thelma" sneakers:

^ "ASH Thelma SKU:#8298036"

So this gives you some insight on these wedge sneakers.

--- Ash "Thelma" Sneakers: Final Thoughts ---

I can understand why various fashionistas adore wedge sneakers. Even more so in regards to the "Thelma" sneakers by Ash. I normally just don't really care about sneakers as much as many other people do. I'm not as addicted to them or willing to recommend them for certain outfits. As for these Ash "Thelma" wedge sneakers, they are very much understandable as far as their appeal and their charm. In no way am I (no pun intended) head-over-heels in love with the "Thelma" sneakers, but these are wedge sneakers I wouldn't mind if I were to recommend any wedge sneakers for an outfit.

If these wedge sneakers tickle your fancy, or if any Ash "Thelma" knockoffs tickle your fancy, then proudly rock these sneakers. Style them with any sort of outfits of yours. Most of all- look fabulous! :)

LOVE OR LOATHE? MY CALL: (Moderate) Love

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--- Ash "Thelma" Wedge Sneakers Online ---

Want to buy your own "Thelma" wedge sneakers? I've put together this section for you. Your involvement here is voluntary- meaning you don't have to participate in this section if you don't want to. However, it would be appreciated if you do take part in these offers. Your call...

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Come get your "Thelma" sneakers here:

Other Sources...

Come get your Ash "Thelma" wedge sneakers from any of these links and items:

Ash "Thelma" on Amazon
Ash "Thelma" on eBay
Ash "Thelma" on NORDSTROM
Ash "Thelma" on Zappos.com
Ash "Thelma" on SOLESTRUCK

Thank you for your participation and happy shopping!

Get ready for my discussion question:

Do you love or loathe the Ash "Thelma" wedge sneakers?

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