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American Apparel "Disco" Series

American Apparel's Disco bottoms are in vogue for this blog post. If you follow fashion in some capacity, you may have seen these slim and shiny bottoms worn by many a fashionista. This blog post offers a look at these popular bottoms as well as my thoughts on these Disco bottoms from American Apparel.

The post is called "American Apparel Disco Series" to refer to both the American Apparel Disco Pants and Disco Shorts. However, most of my discussion will mostly pertain to the popular Disco Pants rather than a mixed focus on the pants and the shorts.

--- American Apparel Disco Pants and Shorts ---

High-waisted and shiny, the Disco Pants and Disco Shorts from American Apparel are popular among many a fashion blogger. These form-fitting bottoms have high waists and a pair of back pockets. These bottoms are therefore more functional and more proper as pants and shorts than any average pair of leggings or tights. Among the fashion community, many have worn these American Apparel Disco pants and shorts with any number of outfits. I have seen more of the Disco pants more than the Disco shorts.

Here is a look at both the "Disco" pants and the "Disco" shorts...

American Apparel Disco Pants.

Have a look at these pants, fashionable folks:

American Apparel Disco pants
^ from: www.amazon.com - These are the ever-popular Disco pants from American Apparel. These are legging-tight high-waist pants with a shiny appearance.

Popular among many fashionable types worldwide, the slim-fitting, shiny Disco pants from American Apparel are vastly popular. The highlights of these pants are their high waists and legging-like tightness. These pants are also functional with their back pockets. I have often seen these paired with items ranging from them being tucking tops into them to even wearing cropped tops with these pants for the high-waist midriff look. As for footwear, I've seen everything from the fiercest shoes and sandals to boots ranging from lace-up booties to knee-high boots.

American Apparel Disco Shorts.

Meet the shorts cousin of the Disco pants:

American Apparel Disco Shorts
^ from: www.amazon.com - These AA Disco shorts have the same appeal as the AA Disco pants, but you can show LOTS more leg with these bottoms.

The American Apparel Disco Shorts are form-fitting, not to mention a bit cheeky. You can even enjoy the high-waist appeal and the high-waist midriff look by wearing the American Apparel Disco shorts. The Disco shorts are not as popular as its pants counterpart, but these shorts surely are as fashionable as the Disco pants.

American Apparel Disco Series: Online Insight.

I've given you an idea on these pants and shorts. Now, some online insight. Get your inspirations here:

"[Sponsored] Fevrie Fashion Review" (Alexa Ober) « the American Apparel Disco pants in black.

"Excavated" (GrooveBunny) « the Disco Shorts in red.

"Rainbow Disco" (Aki no Yuutsu) « the pants worn with a dark pink blazer and a cropped T-shirt.

"American Apparel Disco" on LOOKBOOK (includes both Disco pants and shorts outfits)

Now for some final thoughts on these bottoms. Get ready.

--- American Apparel Disco: Final Thoughts ---

In no way am I crazy over the Disco pants or Disco shorts. What I will say, though, is that these bottoms are popular for many reasons. I am not as crazy about these bottoms as a lot of other fashionable types are. It isn't as if I will recommend either the Disco pants or shorts for an outfit. That shouldn't stop you from putting outfits together with these Disco bottoms, though. The fact these are more functional and proper bottoms than most leggings should make them an appealing and practical option for any fashionable person.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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American Apparel "Disco" Online.

Want your own pair of Disco pants or Disco shorts? I can help you with these items. Take a look:

And these can help, too:

• For all things American Apparel: www.americanapparel.net
American Apparel "Disco" on eBay

This post was actually a very old post from a few years ago that I wanted to release a long time ago, but I never completed it until now. I'm hopeful you enjoyed this post.

These American Apparel bottoms have been around for quite a few years. Having said this...

What do you think about the American Apparel Disco pants and shorts?

You all take care of yourselves and be well. I am glad you are involved with my posts here on "StyleSpace by JBM." Stay with this blog for more fashion goodness from this non-traditional fashion blog. Thank you for reading!

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I'm not a huge fan of such pieces of clothing, but I think that if I had the right body type, I would be tempted to wear those disco pants! I can totally imagine them with a shirt tucked in :)



I am personally not a big fan of them, but I have a few blogger friends who are, and I think they look great in them. The black ones remind me of Olivia Newton-John in Grease! :-)




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