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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Busted Knee Jeans

John Marine | 1:00 AM | | |
The busted knee denim trend has been pretty popular among many fashionable types. While damaged denim is nothing new, jeans only damaged at the knees is a style that has caught on with many rocking these busted knee jeans. How do I feel about the busted knee jean look? This post will tell all.

--- Busted Knee Jeans ---

Before I comment, here is a picture of the "busted knee" look... in case you need a visual definition:

busted knee jeans
^ from: - Can jeans damaged only at the knees be hot? The busted knee look is one of the hottest denim trends today.

The busted knee look is basically a pair of jeans ripped only at the knees. Various damaged denim usually has rips and tears around the thighs or even the lower legs. Some damaged jeans usually are ripped and torn all in the front, including the knees. However, this trend has rips and tears ONLY at the knees. This trend has somehow caught on with many a fashionable type (including some of us males from outfits I've seen).

Let me jump right into my final thoughts on busted knee jeans.

--- Busted Knee Jeans: Final Thoughts ---

Most of you who have read my "Damaged Denim" post may know how I feel about damaged denim of almost any kind. But as for this trend, I don't like it. The busted knee look just doesn't look stylish or "cool" to me at all. I fail to get excited seeing jeans only ripped or damaged at the knees. It can be kind of hot in the sense of showing off your knees, but I just don't like the look of just showing off your knees while sporting a pair of jeans (or any long bottoms that aren't jeans for that matter). It's like all the attempts some fashionistas make to try to make boyfriend jeans stylish or fashionable. I just don't see it. And if you're going to have certain jeans be ripped to extreme levels, you may as well convert jeans into shorts; or if they are vastly destroyed shorts, you may as well find another pair of denim jeans or denim shorts.

If you still fancy damaged jeans, having rips and tears around the thighs or lower legs is better than just having the busted knee look. Sorry, fashionable types... I am NOT sold on the busted knee jeans look. It's an eyesore to me. You can have this trend. Sorry...

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I hope you enjoyed your time here and perhaps even respect my opinion(s) on this topic.

But that's what I think. What say you?

Are you loving or loathing the busted knee jeans look?

Thank you for reading!

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