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Monday, July 29, 2013

Ear Cuffs

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(UPDATED: September 20, 2013)

Ear cuffs offer a much more statement-making piece for the ears than what most earrings offer. They are one of the latest trends to surface and take off. Ear cuffs can be as bold as false eyelashes. Some of the different ear cuff designs can range from mild to wild. Almost every ear cuff offers their own powerful statement. How you choose to express yourself with them is your call. This blog post is all about ear cuffs.


SEP 20 2013 - added another blogging inspiration

--- Ear Cuffs ---

These pictures will set the mood here:

ear cuff
^ from: - Here is a bold ear cuff not being worn by someone.

ear cuffs worn
^ from: - This is a flame ear cuff worn on one's ear.

leaf ear cuffs
^ from: - Here is an expressive ear cuff shaped like leaves from a tree.

simple ear cuffs
^ from: - Not all ear cuffs are massive. Some make modest statements, such as these wire ear cuffs.

Ear cuffs are statement-making pieces for your ears. They can be expressive as statement earrings or any number of large earrings. Many of these ear cuffs are artistic and expressive, often times more expressive than even the boldest of earrings. I mentioned earlier that these ear cuffs can be as expressive to the ears as false eyelashes to one's eyes. Just like false eyelashes, though, ear cuffs can dramatically add character to one's ears and even add personality to outfits. A lot of ear cuffs are pierceless, but there are those that do pierce your ears.

Blogging Insight.

I can only think of one post I've seen that has featured ear cuffs. This is the only post I can think of to provide blogging insight... so take it or leave it:

"Cutely Spiked" (.a little princess.) « a golden spiked ear cuff.
(ADDED: August 20, 2013) "Simply Burgundy" (Style Cassentials) « a snake ear cuff.
(ADDED: September 20, 2013) "STAY GOLD!" (SerialKlother) « a jeweled ear cuff.

So you now have some insight on ear cuffs.

--- Ear Cuffs: Final Thoughts ---

Not every fashionista can sport them on their ears, but I like them. Don't love them, but I think they are very nice. The E! Network show "Fashion Police" had a "Gotta Have It... Make it Stop" debate over ear cuffs, and they approved of them unanimously. I like ear cuffs as long as they don't look like they are trying to dominate the sides of your head. One can really make a statement with these. Are you going to make your own statement with a chic or artistic pair of ear cuffs? It's your call.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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--- Ear Cuffs Online ---

Maybe you want to buy your own ear cuffs if you enjoyed my post. Let me help you! Use these items below to get yourself some ear cuffs. Your business would be appreciated even though shopping is voluntary and optional:

POPSUGAR Shopping.

Other Sources...

More ear cuffs for you all online:

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What do you think about ear cuffs? Feel free to comment and thanks again for reading!

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John Marine said...

I have a snake one that I wear sometimes. I love that it's fun, edgy, and different!

Here's a link to an older post with me wearing it:


John Marine said...

As a convert to the midriff-baring trend, I appreciate this post. I think showing skin is all about level of comfort. A high-waist with a crop top shows a perfect sliver of skin that is modest but cool!


John Marine said...

I love them. Fun edgy and very cute. And some of them are very nice to my geek side as it reminds of Banjoran earrings of Star Trek

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