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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eyes and Eye Prints

John Marine | 7:55 PM | | |
The eyes have it. As a saying goes, "eyes are the window to the soul." What happens, then, when you adorn clothing with either a big eye design or with certain eye prints? You end up with one of the most interesting- and to some, creepy trends. This blog post takes a look at eye prints in fashion. It includes my own thoughts on the whole eye print deal. Buckle up for another fashionable ride here on "StyleSpace by JBM."

--- Eyes and Eye Prints in Fashion ---

Time to set the mood. Here you go:

eye print fashion
^ from: - All eyes on me. Eyes and eye prints can either be fun or creepy depending on who you ask and who wears what.

eye design
^ from: - This sweatshirt is dominated by one big eye design.

Eye prints freak me out, especially in patterns. I can tolerate eyes more than I can skulls, but eye prints can be freaky- and I don't mean freaky in a fun or stylish sense. There is something about seeing a bunch of eyes in a pattern that freaks me out. It is a feeling of (literally) being watched. Designers try to make this look trendy.

Such eye prints can't all be bad if done stylishly. There is just a certain method to sporting such eye designs on clothing and accessories.

--- Eyes and Eye Prints in Fashion: Final Thoughts ---

If you want to freak me out and give me the creeps, go right ahead wearing eye prints. I actually can tolerate a big artistic eye on garments. I provided a few examples in pictures of a big eye stylized. However, eye prints really and truly gross me. They can gross me more than some lip prints. I absolutely would not recommend any sort of garment or accessory that has multiple eyes on it. Eye patterns can be (I can't believe I'm using this word in this context) cute in the sense of "all eyes on me." Other than that, I get freaked out seeing eyes adorn an outfit. At least they are better than skulls as far as print patterns are concerned.

I actually think big eye designs are okay. Eye prints and eye patterns, not so much.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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That concludes my latest blog post.

I tried to find some items to please those of you who wouldn't mind shopping for relevant items with eye designs. Unfortunately, I could not find enough to properly showcase in this blog post. I always try to maximize my topics and my discussions as much as I can. This time, I can only do so much for you all. Therefore, I will disregard finding any items for you and just offer you readers my discussion question to this blog post. And here is my discussion question...

What do you think about eye designs and prints in fashion?

Go ahead and answer this one if you care to start a discussion. This has been another post of "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine"- my non-traditional fashion blog. I thank you for reading... now go have yourself a nice day/night! But first, get social with me:

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John Marine said...

I am definitely not into prints simply because they're trendy, but I sometimes love a bold unexpected print. I''m a big fan of lip prints, but they have to be done well.


John Marine said...

I swa that eye-print dress and must admit I ws temped, but I looked very short and I am rather tall, so I had to pass. I like the print, thought. :)Take care!

John Marine said...

I agree with the below (first sentence). I am a fan of small, delicate prints, but I can also find myself liking unusual ones. :)

John Marine said...

Yep, I completely agree with you. I saw this and knew right away this was something I could resonate with. The first time I saw the eye print, it was on Rebecca of The Clothes Horse--I completely love her eclectic outfits and stunning photos, but the eye print made me cringe a little. But to each her own is my philosophy. Like you said--if it makes you happy to wear eye prints, it's no burden to me. Fashion is extremely interpretive so everyone's definition of stylish is different!

John Marine said...

Love the first one :)

You are welcome
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