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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Septum Rings

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Body jewelry besides on ears or navels usually freak me out. Trending of late are septum rings. You may probably know already how I feel about nose rings without even reading the rest of this introduction. Whether or not you agree with my thoughts on septum rings entirely depends. I will try to introduce septum rings to my audience as best as I can. So welcome to "StyleSpace by JBM" and another blog post of mine!

--- Septum Rings ---

Let me provide an example of what I am bound to discuss in this blog post. Take a look:

septum ring trend
^ from: - Give your face some appeal by wearing a septum ring on your nose.

Fashionable types who decide to wear septum rings are looking to make their own style statement. If one looks to make a statement with facial jewelry, going with septum rings is one way to make a statement. Certain celebrities and personalities such as Jessica Biel have made nose rings trendy. The look became trendy as of 2014, so this is not exactly a new trend.

In their defense to most people, septum rings aren't supposed to be cute. It doesn't make them overly stylish, either. Facial jewelry personally either freaks me out or just doesn't look right to me personally. I've seen this trend being described in ways ranging from edgy to (believe it or not) fun and flirty. I've even noted some of my favorite fashion personalities sport nose rings. The practice of wearing nose rings take on a number of different traditions and status symbols in other cultures. I am certainly not one to question cultural matters and fashion. But for a lot of people, this whole nose piercing deal is primarily to try to look cool.

--- Septum Rings: Final Thoughts ---

No way would I ever recommend septum rings as something that would make certain individuals look better. They can be a turn-off to me as almost any piercing that isn't on the ears or on the navel. These nose rings are not stylish in any sense to me. They are about as unappealing to me as almost any other facial jewelry that isn't an ear piercing. If you enjoy such jewelry to your nose or any other facial piercing other than any ear piercing, then go right ahead. Researching this topic, there was even a site that talked about women with "beautiful" facial piercings well. Like... there's a such thing as beautiful facial piercings or beautiful examples of facial piercings? No way in Heaven or Hell one can ever look beautiful with facial piercings that aren't ear piercings. And even still, I am not into piercings much at all except either on the ears or on the navel (which exceptions). Remember how I mentioned someone described septum rings as fun and flirty. Please. Calling septum rings "fun and flirty" like putting "beautiful" and "gladiator sandals" in the same sentence- THERE'S NO SUCH THING!!! It was an article on Huffington Post that described septum rings as "fun and flirty," by the way.

My job here is not to agree with or praise any and all fashions, but to critique and discuss fashions and trends in my own way regardless of what anyone thinks. I am well aware that not every fashion or trend is appealing to me. I do try to at least feel like I have a general appreciation for most or all styles of fashion. Even with that said, I am not at all enthralled at all about septum rings. Except for certain cultural means of these piercings, I will NOT be recommending anyone get one of these nose piercings, nor will I be praising one's looks because of having a certain nose piercing or wearing some septum ring. If these sorts of things please you, go right ahead and wear this style with pride. Even still, this is a style I disapprove of and fail to find the least bit charming. I find it to be totally terrible and almost as bad as any other kind of facial piercing. A real turn-off to me, for sure.

You want to make your face look stylish? Wear earrings. I have no problems with headbands or hair bows. Floral crowns and certain other headdresses are charming. I'd rather see a stylish pair of earrings or any other facial/head jewelry or accessories to frame one's face and head rather than almost any facial piercing- especially and including septum rings. Leave stuff like septum rings to those who wear them for cultural reasons and cultural functions, and not to mention the edgy/Goth/punk/hardcore set.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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Most of the main points of this blog post have been made, and so this post is over.

I hope you were able to find something to enjoy about this post. Willing to discuss septum rings?

Are you a fan of septum rings? Would you wear a septum ring (or have you worn one before)?

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